X-POSITION: "Extraordinary X-Men's" Lemire Plans the Fall of Kingdoms

While the "Extraordinary X-Men" team may still be embroiled in the currently unfolding "Apocalypse Wars," hints of what's in store for the team have been revealed. Following their run-in with Apocalypse, Storm's X-Men team will brush up against Magneto's "Uncanny" squad in "Civil War II: X-Men," written by Cullen Bunn; "Extraordinary X-Men," however, will throw the team fully into the world of magic as they struggle against an ancient evil.

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This week in X-POSITION, "Extraordinary X-Men" and "Old Man Logan" writer Jeff Lemire answers all of your questions about everything from Storm and Logan's romantic tension to Nightcrawler's disposition and the potential return of a few mutants.

CBR News: Welcome back to X-POSITION, Jeff! Let's begin this week with a question from Askani's Flame about Nightcrawler

Will we see the return, in some way, of the Nightcrawler's personality? I was excited to see him on your roster, but thus far he is a shell of the character he used to be (understandably due to his predicament) and I'm looking forward to seeing him be a part of/contribute to the book more. Will we see the swashbuckling hero we know and love soon?

I love Nightcrawler too, and I think you'll really like the next arc, "Kingdoms Fall," in which Kurt really starts to get back to being himself. It took him some time to recover from what he went through, but in this next story you'll get to see a more swashbuckling upbeat Nightcrawler.

"Extraordinary" has also focused on a few X-Students, which leads into the first of two Qs from Will of the Geeks.

Hey Jeff, which X-students are your favorites?

I think it's pretty obvious that I love Glob, Ernst and Anole. I also really like Goldballs too. And I believe we will see him very soon, but I cannot tell you where, as that's still top secret.

Loving "Old Man Logan" so much. Since you're the writer for it and "Extraordinary X-Men," I figure you'd know for sure what's the deal with this. In both "Old Man Logan" and "Extraordinary X-Men," I got hints that Storm still has feelings for Logan, but that Logan just doesn't reciprocate. Is this the case?

Logan's true feeling for Storm will be revealed in the next arc, "Kingdoms Fall." At that time you'll learn how he feels about Storm and what he intends to do about it. Logan has loved and lost more than anyone, so even if he did have feelings for Storm, he may be reluctant to give into them.

Next up, akiresu_ has a question about one of those teen mutants in particular.

In their futuristic travels, each of this batch of X-Kids managed to find some development (externally or internally), but Ernst seemed to be the same voice piece for Martha that she was at the beginning of the arc; any plans for the youngest old woman?

I feel that Ernst and No-Girl really go together. They are almost like two sides of a coin. So the fact that No-Girl has evolved will also force Ernst to change as well. The question is, if No-Girl no longer needs Ernst as much, how will Ernst react?

xhx23x has a question about "Extraordinary's" hellish location.

Hi, Jeff. Will we ever get to see why Limbo was the choice for X-Haven? We got a glimpse of the magic people moving it there, which seems to imply that it wasn't a rushed decision. Was there any other location they considered in story?

I always wanted to move the team to Limbo. I have big plans for the more mystical aspects of the X-Men and situating the team there really opened those up for me. A lot of that will come into play in "Kingdoms Fall," which will be drawn by Victor Ibanez.

Speaking of X-Haven, some mutants turned down the chance to go there -- and Uncanny Gaysian has a question about those characters.

We've seen that a couple of Cullen Bunn's "Uncanny X-Men" teammates aren't too keen on X-Haven's utility to mutantkind, but do you plan on visiting other characters who refused to take refuge in the demonic dimension? Or perhaps those who were forbidden from joining up with some of mutantkind's most vulnerable members?

We will indeed see that not all Mutants wanted to go to X-Haven, and what happened to many of them. Those answers are coming soon and again, goes back to that top secret story I alluded to above.

Anduinel noticed something on Twitter and wonders if it might factor into one of your books.

On your Twitter a while back, you teased about research you were doing. This came along with a photo of "Alpha Flight" #40 and "UXM" #166, comics that feature the Plodex and the Brood. Is a trip to space in the cards for the "EXM" crew? Or possibly dealing with alien invasion on top of the demons on their doorstep?

Hmmm... not for all the X-Men. But maybe one of them. In his own book... which I also write.

The X-Men's "Civil War II" tie-in is launching soon, and Jeanpaul123 wants to know about your books' connection to the event.

Bunn will be writing "Civil War II: X-Men" while you will continue with "Extraordinary X-Men." My question is, will the "Civil War II" tie-in affect the "Extraordinary" team?

I will indeed continue with "Extraordinary." Cullen had a much stronger grasp of the "Civil War" story and a great idea for how to get the X-Men involved. He's an awesome writer and will be writing both teams in the tie-in, so we will also see the "Extraordinary" team's involvement in "Civil War II" in that series. I'll be doing the big magical story I've discussed here in the pages of "Extraordinary" when "Civil War II" is going on.

So "Civil War" will affect our team, and you can see that in Cullen's series. And you can also enjoy a story not connected to "Civil War II" in the pages of "Extraordinary." The best of both worlds.

Speaking of magic, Kyle has a question about Marvel's resident sorcerer supreme.

Jeff, I am enjoying the hell out of "Extraordinary X-Men"! I love that Magik has taken on the role of teacher by taking new mutant Sapna as her apprentice in the mystic arts. With "Last Days of Magic" going on in "Doctor Strange," is there a possibility for a crossover between the two titles?

There will not be a direct x-over with the "Last Days of Magic" story. The culmination of Magik and Sapna's story will be told in "Extraordinary X-Men" #13-16. I would love to have Magik interact with Dr. Strange again sometime down the road though.

Kamose1234 has an "Old Man Logan" question, specifically about the hero's adversaries.

Old Man Logan has sought out and encountered characters in the Marvel Universe who've expressed surprise at his "return" but the Reavers are the first outside the X-Men who've come after him (with evil intentions.) Going forward can we expect as the elderly Wolverines existence becomes less a secret more villains coming after him for revenge and or maybe more heroes?

Yes to both. We will see Logan take on a pretty wide variety of villains in the coming arcs. And we will also see him work with a few unexpected heroes. I wish I could say who, but I'm not spoiling it here.

And we'll close out this week with one more "OML" question from sparechange.

With the next arc of "Old Man Logan" dealing with Logan's past (future?) in Japan, it seems a bit more than coincidental that you've also recently brought Sunfire, Japan's #1 hero, back into the X-Men fold. Does Sunfire tie into "Old Man Logan" plans, or is he just going to play a role in "Extraordinary X-Men"?

Sunfire will be involved in "Extraordinary X-Men" only, but keep an eye out for a Sunfire Easter Egg in the "Old Man Logan" story.

Thanks to Jeff Lemire for taking on this week's questions!

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