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X-POSITION: Editors Nick Lowe & John Barber

by  in Comic News Comment
X-POSITION: Editors Nick Lowe & John Barber
“X-Men: Messiah CompleX” hardcover on sale now

“The times, they are a-changin’…”

Bob Dylan’s quote continues to be prophetic, at least for the X-Men. While the X-teams were put through the ringer in Marvel’s “Messiah CompleX” — in which a new mutant child was born, putting the extinction of the race in question — the fallout continues to shake the core of each mutant bearing an “X.”

With everything that is going on, how is a fan to keep track of all the changes running through the books of Marvel’s mutant universe? Why, with the help of the X-editors and X-POSITION!

After looking over the questions sent in by you, our devoted readers, editors Nick Lowe and John Barber volunteered to stand on the firing line and offer some answers.


Our first set of queries comes from Daniel Bowen, who is obviously following several of the X-books…

1) There have been rumors that mutants such as Magma and Domino will officially join the X-Men (I thought I noticed Domino on the cover to “Uncanny X-Men” #500). Anything you can confirm or deny about upcoming members?

Nick Lowe: For your Magma fix, look no further than “Young X-Men” right now. She’s got some splainin’ to do since she and some of the other New Mutants started a new organization. And Domino — she’s got a stop-off in “Punisher War Journal” before she hits the City by the Bay.

“Young X-Men” #2 on sale this week

2) When will Mike Choi and Sonia O’Back start their first arc on “X-Force”? Not that I don’t like Clayton Crain — I think his art is great — but Mike Choi is one of my favorite artists.

John Barber: Issue #7, to give Clayton a little extra time to get ahead on the next arc. We couldn’t be happier to have both those guys on the book, and — based on your first question, Daniel — I think you’ll be impressed with what happens next in “X-Force.”

3) “X-Factor” is one of my favorite titles at the moment (along with the other X-books) and “She-Hulk” is great, so I was wondering if Peter David will be getting any other Marvel projects soon? Maybe an X-book or another title in the Marvel Universe?

NL: Peter’s plate is pretty full right now, Daniel, but you never know where he’ll pop up next!

Hey Daniel, try “X-Factor: The Quick and the Dead” out in stores this Wednesday for some additional Peter David-goodness.

Up next is Blair R. Campbell, who was curious about an upcoming creative team that many fans have been anxiously awaiting.

How often do you expect the Ellis/Bianchi “Astonishing X-Men” to be released? Monthly? Bimonthly? Somewhere in-between? And how long will their run be on the book?

NL: We expect it to be released in comic shops and any place that likes goodness in general! The plan is for “Astonishing” to be monthly and for them to be on it for a big chunk of issues.

Al Green began his set of questions for the editors with a multiple choice option — intriguing…

1) Please answer — as an Iceman fan, your plans for the character over the next twelve months will do which of the following: a) Make me giddy with excitement? b) Whet my appetite? c) Leave me wanting?

NL: Hey Al Green! You will not only see Iceman in “Uncanny X-Men” #498, but also popping up in “Uncanny” moving forward, in “Secret Invasion: X-Men” and other various places. We love Bobby, too.

2) Just to clear up any confusion — is “Legacy” a permanent change to the once adjective-less “X-Men” book? Or will it revert once the “Legacy” story wraps?

NL: “Legacy” pertains to the big story arc in “X-Men.” It’ll be on the book as long as it fits. We don’t currently have plans beyond “Legacy,” but we’ll let you know when it’s going to change.

Page from “Young X-Men” #2

3) Will Mike Carey be writing any other upcoming X-books besides “Legacy” in the coming months?

NL: Mike’s writing “Secret Invasion: X-Men” as well as a story in the “Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust?” one-shot.

As long as we’re talking about Skrulls and aliens, EC sent in an email that reminds us there are mutants in outer space too.

1) I’m probably going to be hated for asking this, but with everything that’s occurred with Vulcan, the Shi’ar Empire, and the Starjammers — and with all the Abnett/Lanning Marvel outer space craziness (not to mention the current “Secret Invasion”) — is there any chance of seeing “Emperor Vulcan” evolve into something bigger? Like “Annihilation” bigger?

NL: Be careful what you wish for, EC.

2) Why is the Imperial Guard always getting chumped?

NL: They always show up late to work. That kind of thing ends up biting you in the you-know-what all the time.

Marc Tarazevits asks…

1) Not to spoil anything but are there any plans for Mystique after Jason Aaron and Garney’s “Wolverine” run ends? And does Jason Aaron have any other X-Men-related projects coming up?

JB: Jason’s got a Warpath solo story in the “X-Force: Ain’t No Dog” one-shot that’s sure to impress, and that might not be the only X-Force member he’ll be writing…

Page from “Young X-Men” #2

NL: Plus he’s got plenty of awesome stuff coming up from Marvel. Particularly interesting is “Secret Invasion: Black Panther!”

2) I loved the Fraction Nightcrawler/Scalphunter story in “Divided We Stand Book One.” Will we be seeing any of the other fallen, cloned Marauders anytime soon?

NL: Actually Marc, turn around. Prism is right behind you!

3) What’s in store for the “Wolverine: Origins” title? With the new “Wolverine” movie just about a year away, what can we expect in this book? I’d love to see more of what happened with Weapon X, and characters like Wraith, Silver Fox, and/or Maverick?

JB: Right after the origin of Daken in “Son of X” (in issues #26 and 27) we’ve got an amazing new artist we’ll be announcing real soon. And it sounds like you’re thinking along the same lines as Daniel Way and the rest of us are…

Christmas may be coming early for you, Marc!

OBrian wrote in because he also had a character he was hoping to see soon.

As Blink seems to have been the driving force of “Exiles” for so long, are there any other plans for her currently (now that she is not part of the revamp)? Any chance she will be showing up in the regular X-titles?

NL: There’s no plan for that right now, but Assistant Editor Will Panzo loves her more than his mother (which makes her cry regularly), so I don’t think she’ll be gone for long.

Tell Will not to mention that in his Mother’s Day card (don’t forget, it’s this Sunday!). And now that I’ve dispersed that public service announcement, Marcus Martin was curious about the implications of recent events in the Marvel U.

Page from “Young X-Men” #2

1) I was wondering about the X-Men’s new status as heroes of San Francisco. Shouldn’t the X-Men be worried about Tony Stark and S.H.I.E.L.D. coming down on them — both because they are an unregistered team and because Cyclops lied to Stark about the X-Men’s retirement?

NL: The whole registration thing is kind of complicated. Because of what happened with the O*N*E after “House of M,” all the mutants are registered. They aren’t, however, part of the Initiative. Make sense? As for what the ramifications are with the X-Men and Stark, that sounds like a good story, doesn’t it?

2) My second question concerns the X-Men’s involvement in “Secret Invasion.” I know that the X-Men are getting a miniseries during the event, but what if the main “Secret Invasion” miniseries proves that one of the X-Men is a Skrull? Where will the repercussions truly take place?

NL: I can’t answer this one too openly — Bendis would kill me if I spoiled it. There is big stuff happening in “Secret Invasion: X-Men” that will shock you, but I won’t say what…

Please, Nick? You’re not afraid of Bendis, are you? Nick? …Nick? Maybe he’ll return for these next questions from Mia Navidad.

1) With the X-Men’s move to San Francisco, will X-Factor still be involved in any of the upcoming X-related get-togethers, such as “Secret Invasion: X-Men”?

NL: Sadly, X-Factor has its own Secret Invasion stuff going on, so they aren’t going to be able to get to San Francisco for the X-Men’s part. But “X-Factor” is a core X-book and plays into all our over-arching plans in a big way.

“X-Factor” #33

2) I don’t know if you’re willing to answer this, but is the “goddess” in “Uncanny X-Men” a pre-existing character?

NL: Yes she is. But it’s been a while since you’ve seen her.

An answer that leads to more questions — I like it!

The X-Pert has all sorts of queries about characters; although, if they’re the X-Pert, shouldn’t they already know the answers?

1) Any chance Husk will be seen in an X-Men capacity anytime soon? And is she still in a relationship with Archangel?

NL: You see Paige briefly in “Secret Invasion: X-Men.” She’ll be around, but not in a huge way right away.

2) Will Dazzler actually be rejoining the X-Men, or just supporting them? (Please say she rejoins them!)

NL: She plays a big part in “Uncanny.”

3) Why is Pixie joining the main team before Surge, Hellion, Mercury and X-23? They have been New X-Men longer than her, haven’t they?

NL: It’s not always about seniority, X-Pert. There are reasons Pixie’s going to play a big role in “Uncanny.” Strategic reasons. And we like her best. So there.

Red Lotus lobs the final question grenade of the day — beware of shrapnel…

1) Will any of the X-Men oppose the direction that the team is going to take after “Uncanny” #500? Why or why not?

“X-Factor” #34

NL: Cyclops has really stepped up to the leadership plate of late. When you see what his master-plan is, it’ll be clearer if he’s making good steps or mis-steps. But you have to believe if the choices he’s making aren’t working for mutants and X-Men as a whole, people are going to have to stand up.

2) Who are the top five characters that we should keep an eye on for the rest of the year?

NL: Jeez, that’s a tough one. We’ve already discussed some of them: Cyclops, Siryn, Pixie, Beast, Rogue…

3) Are their any plans to explore what happen to Apocalypse at the end of “Blood of Apocalypse”?

NL: We may not have an immediate plan for Apocalypse, but, knowing him, he probably does.

4) Is Nick Lowe a Skrull?

NL: I’m a Kree, actually.

Wow. That explains so much. Thanks Nick and John!

And that concludes our little question barrage on the X-editors. Next week, writer Marc Guggenheim will be joining us to discuss the joys of mutants in puberty and “Young X-Men” #2, (in stores this week. You know the drill: read it, think on it, write up the questions, and shoot them our way by this Friday. Put “X-Position” in the subject line as well…pretty please?

Now discuss this story in CBR’s X-Men forum.

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