X-POSITION: Duggan's "Deadpool" Jumps From 2099 to Sabretooth Slash-fest

There are big things in store for Deadpool in 2016 -- and that's not even taking into account his solo feature film. Gerry Duggan's epic "Deadpool" run has jumped mouth-first into the new year with a fleshed out supporting cast of underappreciated Marvel misfits and a new flashforward storyline set in the year 2099. As if that wasn't enough, DP's got a big showdown coming up with a certain clawed mutant that he has a major beef with. No, not Wolverine -- Sabretooth.

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This week in X-POSITION, "Deadpool" writer Gerry Duggan joins us and answers your questions about everything from Wade's relationship with Shiklah to the upcoming "Deadpool" film and what's in store for Madcap.

CBR News: Welcome back to X-POSITION, Gerry! Let's start this round of X-PO with a question from Justin.

With your first set of "Deadpool" tales, the inventory issues usually tied into or set up a forthcoming issue or arc in the main book. Will we see something like that with Deadpool 2099? Obviously there's a connection between the two time periods, but I'm wondering if either the two Deadpools will ever meet or if one era is foreshadowing events in the other. As always, thanks for taking the time to answer!

By structure both physically on the schedule and in terms of story, the flashback issues were the vertebrae of the previous run. The intent was always to do a 2099 flashforward issue, but in kicking it around we found we had too many wonderful ideas to make it a single issue. So the first five inventory issues will be the 2099 story, before we return to the past again. The story of 2099 has more connective tissue to the run then people might suspect. Story will be reflected a bit in each time period. By the by, [co-writer Brian] Posehn and I know what the first flashback issue is. At this rate, it's a 2017 book.

Next up, we have a relationship question from Kamose1234.

With all of Deadpool's relationship drama in his solo series, I'm particularly curious about the future of his marriage to Shiklah and if, like other comic book matrimonies, this one is maybe headed for a divorce?

Well, we met Warda, the daughter of Shiklah and Wade, and so we know they're at least on again, off again. Obviously some very serious stuff has gone down between Deadpool and Shiklah by the time the calendar flips over to 2099, but you'll get to enjoy the wild ride. I think it makes sense that Wade's marriage is as turbulent as the rest of his life. The good news is there's more Shiklah ahead. The bad news is maybe they're gonna be bumping heads. The other good news is they're going to be bumping other body parts, too. My parents were married for 17 years, divorced for 17 years, and then they got back together a decade ago. Life and relationships have their highs and lows. Deadpool's highs are higher than yours, and his lows are subterranean.

Deadpool's acquired a healthy supporting cast, and Liam has a question about them.

Wade's new Mercs for Money are certainly stepping more and more into the spotlight, especially with their limited series on the horizon. What went into choosing who would be on Wade's team and how much research did you do for the lesser-known characters like Solo and The Terror? Also would you love to see a Mercs for Money movie?

We whipped out the Marvel Universe Handbook and looked for fun, under-utilized characters. Not a sexy answer, but the truth. Issue #7 reveals a big secret behind the creation of the group courtesy of the very talented Phil Noto. I'd love to see a mercs film.

One particular Merc, Madcap, has stolen the spotlight. Alucard 2099 has a question about the ally/antagonist.

Okay, Madcap is terrifying! What went on behind the scenes when you were writing him to be working against Deadpool? It is madness and brilliance at the same time, I take my hat off to you.

Thank you, I accept your hat on behalf of many collaborators including [Ben] Acker/[Ben] Blacker/[Evan] Shaner who wrote the annual that revealed Madcap was stuck in Deadpool's head. I would never have come up with that, and [editor] Jordan D. White and I started talking about how messed up that would be. Preston couldn't handle that for too long. Madcap had a rough go of it, and the gift is a serious bad guy in the rogues gallery now. There's more terror ahead. Credit [artist Mike] Hawthorne with how scary he looks now.

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Psimitar has a question regarding your run and it's possible relationship with the upcoming "Deadpool" feature film.

With the Deadpool movie coming out in a few weeks, are there any plans to bring some of the characters in the film into the comic book? Specifically Vanessa (who is still alive according to Deadpool #27, right?), Ajax or Angel Dust.

I'd love to bring in a lot of those characters, but I also am mid-story. I'd hate to tack towards a film at the expense of what I'm currently writing. The good news is that new Deadpool readers have a lot of great comics to discover with the cinematic characters, and I can continue telling this story that has become a quite large one over the last few years.

The next arc will feature Sabretooth in a big way. thedeenslist wonders what will factor into the conflict between Wade and his clawed adversary.

I was happy in my brain space to read that upcoming issues will see Deadpool going to war against Sabretooth (with that excellent Allred cover). Can you tell us what the impetus of this war will be? Will Wade be going against Creed have anything to do with Sabretooth murdering Vanessa waaaaaay back when? Because that is some serious unfinished business.

Well, that will come up for sure, but Wade begins to uncover details of Creed's involvement in the fire that destroyed the people that were very likely his parents. Creed isn't the same man he was back in "Deadpool" #34, but this battle will aim to settle several grudges. I hope the action and the resolution will both surprise. Deadpool has never wanted to kill anyone as much as he wants to kill Creed. One of my favorite comic book covers is "X-Men" #212 -- the Logan/Creed battle from Barry Windsor-Smith. I'm hoping this next arc will live up to that comic battle, that I still love from decades ago. That's what we're aiming for. This arc is packed with not just a lot of action, but a lot of tragedy. Wait until you see what the great Matteo Lolli has been laboring on in secret.

There's also one "Deadpool" mystery that fans have been wondering about for a long time. Here's shibori78 with the question:

Hi Mr. Duggan. Thanks for giving us a thoroughly enjoyable run. My question: Will we ever learn the identity of the mysterious woman who appeared before Deadpool when he was temporarily dead? It's been driving me bonkers! Is it safe to assume it's Death?

I know who I thought it was, but some of your thoughts are pretty interesting, too. The idea is to return to that moment one day, at the end of all things.

DeadpoolFool wants to know more about your long-term plotting.

How far have you plotted in advance? It's honestly amazing how many things you've foreshadowed in past issues that we haven't even seen play out yet. Ellie having the X-gene, the mysterious woman Deadpool saw when he died fighting Washington in issue #6 of the previous series, Shiklah's planned war with the human world, etc. I can only assume there's some kind of master plan at work and that you're around for the long run.

I think your question was answered partially above. We have more Deadpool story than we know what to do with. I think we have a basic sense of where the story is about 50 issues from now. It's not where Deadpool is now. In 2099 you will see several glimpses of the future by way of the past. Because we work so far ahead we can plant seeds for eagle eyes. We showed you Zenpool a year before you met him again. You'll see a bit more of that in the coming 2099 stories. Some of your questions will be answered sooner, some later -- or perhaps not at all.

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Next up is a question from Ambaryerno about potential guest stars.

Are there any characters in particular you'd love to bring in for a guest spot? Wade certainly had an interesting relationship with Wolverine, so any chance of an encounter with Old Man Logan or X-23? Especially the latter now that Laura has taken up the Wolverine name, something they both (well, for one issue in Wade's case) have in common.

Yeah, we have a great idea for an Old Man Logan/Deadpool/Steve Rogers reunion. It's on hold for the moment while the stars align. It's not a sequel to "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly" as much as it is a spiritual ancestor. X-23 meeting Wade might happen sooner rather than later.

And lastly this week, Sad Superman wants to know if you have any future plans for one of DP's previous supporting characters.

Hey Mr. Duggan, huge fan of your "Deadpool" run. Wade and Evan's dynamic in the last volume of your run was pretty great. Any chance of seeing more of it in the future?

I inherited that relationship from [Rick] Remender's writing on "[Uncanny] X-Force," and hoped I did it proud. I think there is more Evan and Deadpool down the line, but not immediately.

Thanks for buying Deadpool. The next arc versus Sabertooth and guest-starring Magneto and the X-Men has been gloriously illustrated by my "Hawkeye vs. Deadpool" collaborator Matteo Lolli. You won't want to miss it. I'll be back to answer questions next week about the "Uncanny Avengers."

Thanks to Gerry Duggan for taking on this week's questions!

Next week, Gerry returns to X-POSITION to talk about "Uncanny Avengers." Have a question for Gerry? Go ahead and send 'em in via e-mail with the subject line "X-Position." But get 'em in quickly, because the deadline's Friday. Make it happen!

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