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X-POSITION: Duggan Teases Exotic Locales Ahead In Uncanny Avengers

by  in CBR Exclusives, Comic News Comment
X-POSITION: Duggan Teases Exotic Locales Ahead In Uncanny Avengers

Between the unfolding “Civil War II” and the upcoming “Death of X” and “IvX,” there are plenty of rough times ahead for Marvel’s heroes — specifically their mutants. The mutant members of the Avengers Unity Squad (Cable and Rogue) have taken matters into their own hands and set out on a quest to find a cure for the M-Pox plaguing their community. This has led to a schism within the team, one that will continue to unfold alongside “Civil War II.” And that event’s also having an effect on “Deadpool,” an effect that — as writer Gerry Duggan reveals below — will be felt for a long while.

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This week in X-POSITION, “Uncanny Avengers” and “Deadpool” writer Gerry Duggan answers your questions about everything from Deadpool’s marriage to Rogue’s mission and more.

CBR News: Welcome back to X-POSITION, Gerry! Lot of Qs this week — let’s kick things off with a Deadpool one from The Big G.

On the Piscina De Muerte, it seems that the Wade and Shiklah marriage is hitting the rockiest of bottoms…is there any hope for them?

Gerry Duggan: I think so. They are in a skid now, but they’re obviously back together in the future because their daughter is pretty young in 2099. Imagine either one of those characters in a marriage, now imagine them in the same marriage. My parents were married for 17 years, divorced for 17 years but they’ve been back together for a few years now. We’re bringing crazy back!

EXCLUSIVE: "Deadpool" #21 interior artwork by Matteo Lolli

EXCLUSIVE: “Deadpool” #21 interior artwork by Matteo Lolli

Next up, Alucard2099 has a proposal for a DP team-up.

I was wondering if you would ever consider writing a Deadpool and Moon Knight series together? There were a few issues in which both of them interacted and tore each other to pieces. Would love to see your take on those two, whether as allies or foes.

That would be a lot of fun. At the moment, we’re plotted pretty well into the future without much Moon Knight, but that would be a story. I’ll see if there’s something worth pitching.

EXCLUSIVE: "Deadpool" #21 interior artwork by Matteo Lolli

EXCLUSIVE: “Deadpool” #21 interior artwork by Matteo Lolli

And now here’s some high praise from cc008.

When you and Brian started writing “Deadpool” in 2012, did you ever believe you’d become as highly regarded and impactful as a Deadpool writer that you are now? You’ve got to be close to writing the most “Deadpool” issues, if you haven’t already written the most. Not to mention the mini-series, one-shots and “Uncanny Avengers.” How long do you think you can keep it up? Because we are certainly enjoying (but also being gut punched along the way) the ride.

Hi, Mom. Well, thank you, CC008. You’re very kind. Yes, I think earlier this year I became the writer with the most Deadpool credits. And no, I didn’t think I would have a long run on any comic. I was just happy to be asked to write “Deadpool” at all. For a while I’ve been one of the more visible creators on the book, but there have been so many folks that are responsible for the run, beginning with Axel [Alonso], Jordan [D. White], Heather [Antos] and all the editors and production at Marvel, to [Mike] Hawthorne/[Terry] Pallot, [Scott] Koblish, [Matteo] Lolli and all our artists/inkers/colorists. It’s a murderer’s row of talent that is carrying me around.

As for how much gas is in the tank, we have some big, fun plans with some long threads. I try to write every issue like it’s my last. I don’t think about how long or when to ask for an end. I know I’m happy, and as long as Marvel and the fans are, I’ll have more Deadpool stories. I honestly think our best Deadpool stories are still on drawing tables right now. I’m really proud of the “Deadpool” that is at the printer now. As always, I’m writing to make myself happy, but I do hope you guys dig them. I thank the fans for making us a success. Cheers.

EXCLUSIVE: "Deadpool" #21 interior artwork by Matteo Lolli

EXCLUSIVE: “Deadpool” #21 interior artwork by Matteo Lolli

Right now, Marvel’s embroiled in a civil war, and Xelossik wants to know how that will play out in “Deadpool.”

How will the ramifications of “Civil War II” affect Wade’s life?

Well, that’s the big question, and we nailed it. The wheel of change will grind on, and some very big shifts are going to take place in his story in the next year. By spring, Deadpool will be in a very new, very dangerous place. Hope you like more funny gut punches.

Now, Jeanpaul123 wants to ask you something scary and something uncanny.

I am actually scared/excited for the future of Deadpool and mostly about Ellie. It terrifies me what Madcap could do to her. My question is, do you have something in mind for her mutant power or has that thought crossed your mind yet?

Her mutant power is all locked-in and has been for a while. You’ll get to experience it sooner rather than later. As for Madcap, he scares me too, and he’ll scare you even more beginning in “Deadpool” #21. We’re heading for another dark place, and Wade makes a very interesting (horrifying?) choice during the next phase of Madcap’s War on Wilson.

EXCLUSIVE: "Deadpool" #21 interior artwork by Matteo Lolli

EXCLUSIVE: “Deadpool” #21 interior artwork by Matteo Lolli

Now that Janet/Wasp is back at the “UA” team, will we find out what happened to her and Havok at the end of “AXIS”? Before “Secret Wars,” an evil Havok took Janet as a hostage and escaped with her and we never got an explanation of how she escaped.

Love Janet. Wish I had more page count in “Uncanny [Avengers].” Some mysteries persevere in life. I know how she escaped. It’d be a fun story to return to someday. Thanks.

Here’s a Q from MiddlePegasus about “Uncanny Avengers'” art.

I love how great this book has looked! Now that Pepe Larraz is the fulltime artist on “Uncanny Avengers,” have you tailored any of your stories to really fit in with Pepe’s style, now that he’s the regular artist?

I try to write all my scripts for my artists. The next issue of “UA” in Tokyo is his best work. Though, I think if you asked Pepe, the issue with the team in the snowy mountains that follows Tokyo is his favorite. It’s Pepe’s book now, I’m just holding onto his cape.

"Uncanny Avengers" #15 interior artwork by Pepe Larraz

“Uncanny Avengers” #15 interior artwork by Pepe Larraz

Circling back to Wasp, Captain M wants to know more about her relationship with Rogue.

Hello! Super thankful that you gave Wasp a place in this awesome book. In the first “Uncanny Avengers” team, she and Rogue didn’t see eye to eye. Wasp is a long-time leader of the Avengers and Rogue is this team’s current leader. Can we expect some conflicts between these two amazing ladies?

Thanks for the support. I think you’ll be happy.

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Toad fan Slicknickshady wants to know if we’ll see more Mortimer Toynbee

Hey Gerry! Wondering if you have any long term plans for Toad?

I like Toad, but at the moment, I need pages for the largish team I have on “UA.” Never say never though.

"Uncanny Avengers" #15 interior artwork by Pepe Larraz

“Uncanny Avengers” #15 interior artwork by Pepe Larraz

After looking at solicit info, Psimitar has a Cable Q.

In the next few solicitations regarding the Unity Squad dealing the Hand/zombie Banner, Cable seems conspicuously absent. Will he be a part of this story arc, or is he elsewhere following up on finding an M-Pox cure?

Yes and yes.

With a few big X-events coming up, zwalker1 wants to know about Rogue and the team’s role.

Will Rogue play a role in the upcoming “Death of X” or “IVX,” and will “Uncanny Avengers” cross over into either of those events?

“IVX” is going to be great. As a fan I’m really excited for that one to hit. It’s going to register on the Richter scale. Watch and see.

"Uncanny Avengers" #15 interior artwork by Pepe Larraz

“Uncanny Avengers” #15 interior artwork by Pepe Larraz

And we’ll close out this week with xhx23x, who has a request.

Mr. Duggan. Love all you’re doing with Rogue, Cable and Deadpool. What do we have to do to get a roadtrip mini about the three of them, and what would be the plot of that story?

Tell Marvel you want a Cable VS Rogue VS Deadpool story on the road. I think each character would have their own agenda is the main beat, but they would each have different agendas. Each would think the others were along for the ride on their mission.

Special thanks to Gerry Duggan for taking part in this week’s X-POSITION!

Keep checking back with CBR for information about the next installment of X-PO!

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