X-POSITION: Duggan Teases a Return & Surprise Romance in "Uncanny Avengers"

Between "Civil War II" and the recent, shocking revelation in "Captain America: Steve Rogers" #1, life is not going to be easy for the stars of "Deadpool" and "Uncanny Avengers." Not only is the Merc with a Mouth coming into conflict with his Mercs for Money team, but his indestructible foe Madcap is coming back for more. And now that Steve Rogers has been revealed to the audience as a HYDRA mole, his Avengers Unity Squad will no doubt have a role in the fallout.

EXCLUSIVE: Cable & HYDRA Cap Battle On "Uncanny Avengers" Cover

This week in X-POSITION, "Uncanny Avengers" and "Deadpool" writer Gerry Duggan answers all of your questions about everything from Deadpool's "Civil War II" conflict to Cable's new A.I. and the Avengers Unity Squad's abundance of leaders.

CBR News: Welcome back to X-POSITION, Gerry! Let's begin this week with a question from Alucard2099 about Deadpool and magic.

Will the events from "Deadpool: Last Days of Magic" be explored further in the ongoing series? I loved it and I was wondering about the "curse" which was planted on Wade. Was it mere lashing out or was there magic involvement and will it further darken Wade's future?

That's the thing about curses -- are they real or imagined?

Something to think about -- ! Next, Kamose1234 has a Q about Wade Wilson's offspring.

At the end of "Deadpool" #12, Wade's rescuer was revealed to be Ellie who I noticed, unlike Warda, doesn't hold a grudge against Wade. She also doesn't talk in yellow balloons and hasn't picked up her father's superhero mantle. Can we expect to see why Warda, despite her dislike of Wade, has more in common with the present day and future Deadpool than Ellie?

Lots more to come -- many answers and more questions are inbound. Really having fun with the "2099" arc. [Scott] Koblish and [Nick] Filardi have been great, huh? I think we stick the landing -- hope you agree.

MiddlePegasus has a question about an upcoming addition to Deadpool's line of comics.

It looks like "Deadpool's" "Civil War II" tie-in will maybe lead to the launch of the "Mercs For Money" ongoing. Was the rift between Wade and his Mercs always the plan for this arc, even before Cullen Bunn's series was announced?

Well, we make plans a year or so out, then we make back-up plans for those plans. In terms of what we'd planned out for the mercs, and for the series written by Cullen, I think all our first choices fit well with the way that they came together, and are threatening to fall apart. "Civil War II" represents a collapse of a sort for Deadpool. Though, as much as he loses, I think he'll pick up a surprise or two.

And speaking of "Civil War II," YeahX3 noticed something about the cover of one of "Deadpool's" tie-in issues.

Just looking at the cover for "Deadpool" #17, it looks like we're gonna get more Madcap action. What can you tease about that confrontation?

Deadpool is in a lot of trouble. There's not much you can do to end Madcap. He feels no pain, and his regeneration is at least equal to Wade's. Madcap returns, and there will be some very painful consequences.

Switching gears to "Uncanny Avengers," Psimitar has a Cable question.

With "Civil War II" on the horizon, when can we expect you to reveal how Cable got the Belle A.I., and when can we expect to see what Cable's been up to in the future with Stryfe?

There have been some surprising developments in that story that Tom [Brevoort] and I cooked up. You may see Stryfe turn up in some surprising places, and it's bad news for Cable, but good news for Cable fans.

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Oh, that's intriguing! And continuing with our "Uncanny Avengers" Qs, ChronoRogue wants to know more about the team's leadership.

What are the main differences between the leadership styles of Rogue, Cable and Captain America? How are their views and differences going to cause the conflict that you've been hinting at with them?

Cable has the take no prisoners approach, but Rogue is the leader that doesn't need to yell or intimidate. Rogers has an inhuman amount of experience, but he's of a course a wild card on the team, given the story that Nick [Spencer]'s been wrenching on.

Yep -- and speaking of that, here's a question from Ambaryerno.

How will the recent shocking reveal (*cough*retcon*cough*) about Steve Rogers impact the Unity Team going forward?

Nick's got a big story to tell, and The Unity Squad is Steve Rogers' team. I think it's safe to say that characters will begin making some surprising decisions. I don't think anyone could predict the next year or so of "Uncanny Avengers." The surprises begin with our "Civil War" tie-ins and will continue for quite a while.

Muffinman wants to know if another member of the team will continue to get attention.

I have absolutely loved the work you have been doing on "Uncanny Avengers." Your characterization of Rogue has been spectacular. Will we get to see how she is dealing with Wonder Man still inside of her or the emotions of thinking that he is possibly lost forever? Will the possibility of bringing him back purge Rogue of her ionic strength and flight or will she continue to be that sassy southern scrapper?

We haven't forgotten about Simon Williams. We just need the proper space to tell a story. I inherited Rogue as a flying/punching/power-absorbin'-warrior-leader, and for me, that's the most fun version of her. I'm really enjoying writing Rogue, glad you're digging the adventures. All the pieces are in position for a very big year for her.

And Calintz also has a question about everyone's favorite Southern superhero.

In the future will we get to see Rogue in a relationship that doesn't involve Gambit or Magneto? I liked what you tried to do with Johnny and wished that would have played out but as life goes.

Yes, a relationship seems to be slowly developing for her. I've already enjoyed people beginning to notice.

And we close out this week with a question from Jackraow21.

Will Pepe Larraz be the permanent rotating artist on this book with Ryan Stegman? His stuff is stellar!

Isn't Pepe wonderful? He's drawing the conclusion to our tale of Pym and Ultron at the moment. I hope more "Uncanny Avengers" is in his future. Between Pepe, Ryan and [colorists] Richard Isanove and David Curiel -- it's a murderer's row of talent on "Uncanny Avengers."

Thanks to Gerry Duggan for taking on this week's questions!

Stay tuned to CBR for updates on next week's X-POSITION guest!

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