X-POSITION: Duggan Takes "Deadpool" Through "Original Sin"

For the current Marvel Comics event, everyone has an "Original Sin" -- including the Marvel U's resident Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool. While it shouldn't surprise anyone that the character's done some pretty terrible things during his lifetime, writers Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn throw a wrinkle in the formula by keeping the focus on Deadpool's family to help fill in some of the blanks of his past. In fact, Deadpool's not even the one who discovers the "Original Sin" secret -- it's Agents Preston and Adsit, Wade's allies at S.H.I.E.L.D., who have to figure out a way to break the news of whatever that secret might be.

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In order to help stoke the coals on the "Original Sin" fire and tease the future of "Deadpool," Gerry Duggan joined X-POSITION to discuss everything involving the Merc with a Mouth, including the reasoning for giving Adsit and Preston insight into the secrets of the "Original Sin" arc, the fun of mysterious origins for characters, the interruption of Deadpool and Shiklah's domestic bliss and more.

mr_infinite kicks things off this week with a few questions about the upcoming "Original Sin" tie-ins.

I'm looking forward to the effect "Original Sin" will have on Deadpool, and it was especially intriguing to see that it's Agent Preston and Agent Adsit who find out the secret of Deadpool's family rather than Deadpool himself. That said, what kind of secrets does Deadpool find out during the course of "Original Sin?"

Having Deadpool's Original Sin(s) discovered by Adsit and Preston give us a bit more dramatic possibility. Ignorance is bliss. This is one chapter of Deadpool's life that he would not want to revisit. Characters with secrets are fun to write.

Also, I know fans are always trying to get you to address Continuity (with a capital C), but is there anything from Deadpool's past that you're looking to address or clear up further down the line?

X-POSITION: Duggan Takes "Deadpool" Past "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly"

I think our unifying theory of Deadpool is "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly." Now you can believe whatever you want. Mysterious origins are good for characters, I actually have no interest in a concrete "THIS IS THE WAY IT WAS" origin for Deadpool, and not because I'm not fond of him -- quite the opposite. That isn't to say that we won't give up some juicy details. If you are interested in Deadpool's past, read vol. 3 of our current run, and DO NOT MISS this current arc illustrated by John Lucas and Val Staples. We're revealing not one but two secrets. The first has its roots in his childhood and his early days as an adventurer. The other is more recent and could possibly answer some questions about his daughter. The really cool thing about our "Deadpool" run tying into "Original Sin" is that the next "inventory issue" will carry real weight. I think Scott [Koblish] & Val are going to surprise some people with "Deadpool" #34, which takes place in the early '90s. The effects of these issues will create more turbulence in Wade's life. That will be very crystal clear from the first page of Mike Hawthorne's first issue back. "Deadpool" #36 begins with a conversation that you probably never expected Deadpool to have.

Batman#22 wants to know whether readers will have the opportunity to discover more about Deadpool's daughter.

Hey Gerry! I know you won't spoil anything on the upcoming Deadpool "Original Sin" Tie-in, but are there any hints you can give us about Deadpool's daughter? I was stoked to hear about in the solicitations.

If you're interested in Deadpool's daughter, you should read these issues. We know she was born, we know she lived, and she might have died with her mother in "The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly." Her fate will be revealed.

Next up is Providence, who hopes to know more about Shiklah and her role in "Deadpool" moving forward.

First of all, you guys are doing a great job. I absolutely loved Deadpool - The Gauntlet. Shiklah has become one of my new favorite characters. Is she going to become a regular member of the cast and will we see some back story?

Thank you. Shiklah is now officially a part of the supporting cast. We have several possible roadmaps for her, we think there are some fun Deadpool and Shiklah stories to tell.

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cc008 is next, and wants to know more about the structure of the series and how it relates to uniting Deadpool's past.

Hi Gerry, we all know Wade's past is convoluted with a lot of different theories. The way you and Brian wrote "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly," you gave us the ability to decide for ourselves which events in Wade's past were canon and which were "simulations." Allowing all of Deadpool's stories to remain relevant in some way. Will the events in "Original Sin" allow readers to do something similar or are the revelations more concrete? And what's it like revealing the tragedies that make Deadpool such a tragic character? You and Brian are doing an awesome job. Keep up the great work!

Thanks for the kind words. As you pointed out, Vol. 3 is designed to be the Deadpool rug that tied the room together, but this new story, while not revealing everything, does reveal a devastating secret from his past. It's pretty much the worst thing we've done to poor Wade. [Editor] Jordan D. White's fingerprints are on this story, in fact the elevator pitch is his. I hope through the 30-ish chapters of our run -- I hope we've succeeded in making him a very tragic but sympathetic character. [The] "Original Sin" story is a hand grenade that is the seed for a big story we've talked about doing later -- but it needs to simmer for a while. The earliest we could get to it is probably around issue #50. There was a time, not long ago, I wasn't sure if we would get to issue #5, let alone #50.

Veritas hopes to discover more about Deadpool and Shiklah's life as a married couple.

It's tough to believe that Deadpool is married! Considering the upcoming "Original Sin" tie-in is all about Wade's family in the past, what can you tell us about his future domestic life with Shiklah?

Their domestic bliss is interrupted by life, as happiness often is. They genuinely care for each other, and that makes it easy and fun. I think everyone on the Deadpool team was shocked at how fast Shiklah began appearing in cosplay form. We're grateful at the response to her, and have some big, and hopefully fun ideas for her.

cora reef wants to know more about the humanity of Deadpool and how the writing team accomplishes bringing that to the forefront.

Dear Mr. Duggan,

One of the things I've enjoyed about your "Deadpool" run with Brian Posehn is how the character has successfully become more believable as a human while still maintaining the crazy aspect of his history. How did you and Brian approach building up that level of humanity in Wade, and how does it continue through "Original Sin?"

Thank you, we're glad you're digging the book. I think if there's some secret, and I hope this doesn't sound like we've disappeared up our own asses, but Brian and I try to write for Wade Wilson, not Deadpool. Wade becomes Deadpool. Maybe someday there will be a comic called "Wade Wilson, The Insufferable Deadpool." It would be fun to give Wade top billing.

Conternally Efused is up next with a question about the challenges of "Original Sin."

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Congrats on "Hulk!" I've also really been digging your run on "Nova." In terms of "Deadpool," what do you see as your biggest challenge on the book going into "Original Sin" and why?

Thanks! For anyone enjoying "Deadpool" and "Nova," I'm writing "Hulk" beginning in August with a story called "The Ω Hulk." It's a bit like an "armor wars" that rumbles through the gamma-family. I laughed out loud writing some of it, which is always a good sign. (I laugh at really bad stuff happening. Brian does too, by the way. What is wrong with us?) To answer your DP question, it's to not fall out of balance with the comedy and horror during "Original Sin." We have '70s Dazzler and a deep, dark secret. Conflicting tones to balance.

Also, I like that Agent Preston is still a big part of the book. How much will her family be involved in the title?

For a while -- she's still supporting as an LMD now. Glad you like her.

Wrapping up the week, Phil wants to see a very specific part of Deadpool's identity.

Any chance of playing up on Deadpool's Canadian-ness some more? I'd love to see him take on Alpha Flight.

It's almost like we just made "Deadpool" #34 just for Phil.

Special thanks to Gerry Duggan for taking on this week's questions!

Next week's column marks the return of Greg Pak, who is set to craft a new adventure for Ororo Munroe with "Storm."

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