X-POSITION: Duggan Readies Rogue for Big Moments in "Uncanny Avengers"

Let's go on and get the spoiler alert out of the way. If you haven't read "Uncanny Avengers" #5 yet, then you might want to do so before venturing into this week's X-POSITION.

If you did read the issue, then you know that the Rogue and Gambit reunion advertised on the cover didn't play out exactly how fans expected. Instead of the erstwhile couple having a legit reunion, it was revealed -- to the audience, not to Rogue -- that Gambit was actually the Red Skull using a deceptive mental projection. So yep, the Red Skull's still out there, his plan still in motion, and he's more than willing to mess with the heroes in a deep way in order to win the day.

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This week in X-POSITION, "Uncanny Avengers" writer Gerry Duggan joins us and answers your questions about everything from Gambit's surprising appearance to Rogue's role on the Squad and the future of the mash-up team.

CBR News: Welcome back, Gerry, for another week of X-Position! Let's get things started with a question from Ron about one mutant in particular.

All I want is a book with Gambit in it. Is there any hope for that?

Yes. Yes, there is. Maybe even more than one.

And anyajenkins wants to know a bit more about Red Skull's mental trickery.

How did Red Skull even know about Gambit? The Professor's telepathy, I'd guess. Does that mean the psychic defenses he talked about aren't all that great? He can still read their minds and project illusions, what other limits are there?

He plucked Gambit from Rogue's mind. It would put anyone off their game. He's wanted to get in and out before anyone noticed -- let alone the Unity Squad.

We'll keep the Rogue questions coming with another one from Jiraiya about her role in future issues.

That touching Rogue moment you referenced in "UA" #8 -- will Rogue finally have a bit of relief and some good news, or are we being possibly being set up for another bait and switch?

Rogue is a big part of this first year. She has big moments in "UA" #8 and #9.

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And xhx23x wants to know how Rogue will respond to a certain difficult teammate.

I like the interactions between Deadpool and Rogue in the first arc. Will their relationship/friendship/dynamic be further explored as we go on?

Yeah, I have some fun plans for all these characters. As time goes on, they'll see each other differently. I tend to torture the characters I love. It's fun to bounce these characters off each other.

Fawaz has a question about Rogue's implied love life.

It's implied in the earlier issues of "UA" that Rogue and Johnny Storm were in a relationship. Can you expand on the process behind why you decided to make those two date and break up off panel? With him currently in a relationship with Medusa, it seems that's a lot of dating in a short period of time.

During the eight-month gap [following "Secret Wars"] the two had a short thing before Johnny settled down with Medusa. I like friction. ["Uncanny Inhumans" writer] Charles [Soule] was kind enough to accommodate it for me.

And now we move out of the Rogue portion of the Q&A with a question from DarkMagnus.

Any possibility of Emma Grace Frost joining the team? I mean she is a good friend of Rogue and telepath of the highest order.

You never know.

R. Smith has a couple questions, the first one focusing on Cable's current status quo.

The "Split Second" mini kind of reset Cable a bit and restored his powers and cybernetics, but there are still unanswered questions. Does he have his telepathy or just the psychic flashes? Is his techno-organic virus is back or not?

We'll learn more about Cable as 2016 grinds on. Right now he's got TK, precognitive flashes, and that arm seems straight up robotic.

With Steve Rogers confirmed as being de-aged and back to being Captain America soon, will he still be a part of this team? And how will Rogue deal with both Steve and Cable now in the field possibly undermining her leadership? Should be fun.

I hope it's fun, too. Rogers isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Neither is Cable or Rogue.

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Speaking of Cable, Jackraow21 wouldn't mind seeing Cable take on one member of the X-Men.

You've hinted before at a run in with the "Extraordinary X-Men." Anything more you can say about that at this point? And is a throw down between Cable and Old Man Logan imminent?

You never know who is gonna throw a surprise punch. Deadpool vs. Sabretooth is going down right now. The events of that story will reverberate beyond that book.

And we'll close out this week with a question from Timdogg about the previous issue's cliffhanger.

My "Uncanny Avengers" question pertains to Hank Pym/Ultron. When you took over "Uncanny Avengers" from Rick Remender, was it always the plan to pick up his Pym/Ultron story from "Rage of Ultron?" What's it like to inherit a juicy story nugget like that?

I owe Rick a lot, not just for the Pym lead, but yeah -- this story has been very fun. I think we managed to save a lot of surprises into the first five issues. We'll find out what life is like for Pym after being merged with Ultron in the graphic novel. There are some threats on the horizon that Pym and his tamed machine could help take down.

Thanks to Gerry Duggan for taking on this week's and last week's questions!

Next week, "Extraordinary X-Men" and "Old Man Logan" writer Jeff Lemire returns to X-POSITION to answer your questions! Have a question for Jeff? Go ahead and send 'em in via e-mail with the subject line "X-Position". But get 'em in quickly, because the deadline's Friday. Make it happen!

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