X-POSITION: Duggan on the Dark and Funny in "Deadpool"

Although Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn's run on "Deadpool" has been full of humor, the writing duo also has plenty of drama inherent in the series -- most of which manifested itself during "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" -- and Duggan isn't through bringing the dark and the funny just yet. With "Original Sin" ramping up Deadpool's family issues and the Merc With a Mouth's recent marriage to Shiklah, there's a lot of potential for more ridiculous adventures with a healthy dose of drama.

X-POSITION: Duggan Takes "Deadpool" Through "Original Sin"

This week, Duggan joined X-POSITION to check in about "Deadpool's" current run -- about to hit 36 issues -- some of his favorite team-ups during the series' history, what to look out for in the "Death of Wolverine: Deadpool & Captain America" over-sized issue, and more. Plus, he reveals how he thinks Deadpool fans should greet one another on the street!

cora reef is up first with questions about potential Deadpool team-ups.

Dear Mr. Duggan,

It's been really interesting to see Deadpool team up with Disco Dazzler. What other character team-ups do you think would present some of the most madcap situations in the series?

Gerry Duggan: No lie, we've gotten to write every character that we've asked to do. My favorite odd couple to write has been Deadpool and Captain America. Hawkeye and Deadpool bicker the entirety of the five issues that I'm writing for the miniseries. The Punisher would be a fun team-up to write. Right now you can enjoy that from Acker & Blacker and crew in "Thunderbolts."

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J.D. is next with a question about long-term "Deadpool" planning.

Currently yours and Brian's Deadpool run is going to be an astounding 36 issues. How long are you planning to be on the book, and what has it been like writing this book for so many issues?

Thanks for the kind words. It's been fun, and it's been an honor. The people that deserve the credit are the readers, for pre-ordering it. Our predecessors on the book were trying to tell stories and not sure how long they might have before the need to wrap up because sales became a problem. You guys have made it a healthy book, and that in turn gives us a lot of freedom to play the long game. We're currently plotting and scripting different chapters through what would be our 45th issue. I think the darkest and the funniest material is still ahead.

Oh, and please -- anyone that is a fan of our book should request a copy of "Death of Wolverine: Deadpool & Captain America." It's an over-sized spiritual epilogue to "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly" and it's my favorite script in a long time. Old Man Rogers & Deadpool share an adventure and the story might have a long tail. You can pick it up without having read our Deadpool, but I think it might resonate more if you've been enjoying our run. It has covers by Ed McGuinness & Declan Shalvey and interiors by Scott Kolins. You've been warned. Big fun, big action and some really big time character bits. I found it to be very satisfying, but it being a one-shot -- it might not be at your comic shop for you if you don't pre-order it.

Tim wants to know more about Deadpool's possible journey into Comic-Con International.

Hi Gerry,

We've already seen Harley Quinn go to Comic-Con. What would happen if Deadpool went to Comic-Con? Who do you think he would most want to meet from Marvel?

I think the merchandising guy.

mchayle hopes for more insight into what Deadpool's family life will look like coming down the road.

Will Deadpool raise his daughter, if so will Shiklah be the best step-mother? I'd think so.

Deadpool has another woman in his life that might be better suited as a mother. Shiklah will have some big moments moving forward. Bombs start dropping in issue #33, and they don't stop for a while. Ellie began creeping into the Marvel universe with Deadpool #9, and we have a road map for her continuing story. Don't forget, we've seen where her grandmother is too. Deadpool tricked out her assisted living bunk.

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We have a Twitter question from @nafroberts, who has a food-related inquiry.

What's Deadpool's favorite donut?

I think he goes for the holes.

Grant wants to know more about the Original Sin of one of Deadpool's supporting cast members.

We've already started to see the "Original Sin" of Deadpool, but what do you think is the Original Sin of Agent Adsit? What's his big secret?

"Deadpool" #33 and #34 are pretty much the most messed up things we've ever done to Deadpool -- and Adsit is involved. As for what Agent Adsit's Original Sin is, let's ask Flesh-Adsit, the star of Disney's "Big Hero 6," Mr. Scott Adsit. Scott?

Scott Adsit: Agent Adsit is the bastard son of Uatu and Madame Web. He has omniscient precognition, but he's cosmically lazy.

Duggan: There you go.

mr_infinite has a rather entertaining question about a Deadpool fantasy fight.

You've become an adept at balancing humor with drama in "Deadpool," especially recently. How important do you think that balance is to Deadpool as a character and to the series as a whole?

Thank you for the kind words. I think humor is important to weave into most stories in a tone consistent with the material. I have tried to put some funny moments into Nova and the Hulk too. My "A+X" story was an action-comedy (I hope) and I think some of my funniest gags might be in the upcoming "Hawkeye Vs. Deadpool" miniseries. No matter how dark or serious a tale, there is usually time for a quip. Your characters like a pressure release, and so do readers.

Who would win in a fight and why? Deadpool, or Deadpool's weight in Chihuahuas?

I'm going with the dogs, because I don't think Deadpool would want to shoot that many small dogs, even horrible, annoying ones like Chihuahuas.

Finally, Guacamole Cowboy is hoping for some guidance as to a way to greet fellow "Deadpool" fans.

First of all, I'd like to thank you for all the great work you have done on Deadpool. It is consistently the most fun and funny title on the shelves, but what's even better is that you are able to achieve that while adding depth and emotion to Wade I never imagined. Great job!

Too kind, and again, we are just trying to continue the work of our predecessors. You said it yourself -- we're writing for Wade, a man who happens to put on a mask and becomes Deadpool. The chapters we have coming up will be fun for you, but trying for Wade.

Anyways, with Deadpool's ever increasing popularity I've noticed an increase of Deadpool swag on the streets? Just the other day my neighbor was wearing a Deadpool tee-shirt. So, I yelled out to him "chimichangas" just to let him know I was down with the DP, but I only got a confused stare in return. So, I was wondering, since Deadpool doesn't have an official catchphrase, what should Deadpool fans say to each other in passing to let each other know they are down with the DP?

"Hey! What's your blood type?!" would freak me out.

Thanks! And keep up the amazing work.

Thank you. If you're digging Deadpool, please give my other comics a shot. It's not too late to pre-order the start of my Hulk run in August, it's got an amazing Alex Ross cover, and Mark Bagley interiors. It's an "Armor Wars" for the Hulk family. The other comic I'm excited about is "Nova" -- the tone is different, but I think it's a fun comic that readers of our Deadpool will still enjoy. If you think we're being hard on Wade, wait until you see how I'm punishing Sam Alexander. Back to writing "Hulk" #9 -- thanks for reading my comics, 2014 has been a fun year, and I think 2015 will be even better.

Special thanks to Gerry Duggan for taking on this week's questions!

We're taking a break next week as CBR heads off to Comic-Con International in San Diego 2014 -- but be sure to keep your eyes peeled for all the latest X-Men related announcements. We'll be back next week to gather questions for the first post-Comic-Con X-Position, so make sure to check back with CBR!

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