X-POSITION: Duggan Marvels at the "Miracle" of "Deadpool," Looks Ahead to "Civil War II"

A lot has happened since we last caught up with Gerry Duggan here at X-POSITION. For one thing, a little film called "Deadpool" was unleashed on the masses -- and has since gone on to make all the money. On top of that, the approach of "Civil War II" has picked up momentum and we've learned that "Deadpool" will get a tie-in issue. And things haven't been easy for the Avengers Unity Squad; they've fought to survive "Standoff" and we now know that Rogue has a real reunion with Gambit in the months ahead.

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This week in X-POSITION, "Uncanny Avengers" and "Deadpool" writer Gerry Duggan answers all of your questions about everything from "Civil War II" to the success of the "Deadpool" film and what's in store for Rogue, Cable and the rest of the Avengers Unity Squad.

CBR News: Welcome back to X-POSITION, Gerry! Let's begin this week with a few questions from Jeanpaul123 about members of "Deadpool's" supporting cast.

Is Ellie (Deadpool's daughter) still a mutant? We never saw anything more about that plotline.

Technically, if Butler was right, she will be a mutant. Issue #10 of "Deadpool" goes to press this week and has more on this thread.

Will we ever find out why Slapstick can't go back to his human form? Before being in "Deadpool," he was in the Initiative and he never addressed any problems with the gloves he got from the Scientist Supreme of Dimension X.

Stay tuned for more Slapstick news.

With "Civil War II" on the horizon, Alucard2099 wants to know how the event will impact "Deadpool."

Since Deadpool was left out of "Secret Wars," is Wade's part in "Civil War II" going to be up and centre like his role was in "AXIS"? He got some shine in that event and I liked it even though he got his head torn off...

Just going off their past usage, I suspect [Rick] Remender enjoyed writing Deadpool more than [Brian Michael] Bendis, but you never know. There will be ["Civil War II"] tie-in issues of both "Deadpool" and "Uncanny Avengers."

Since last we conversed, "Deadpool" has become a gigantic hit at the box office. millsahmose wants to know if that's affected your work at all.

In an X-POSITION last year you said that the Deadpool movie "will be what the movie will be" but now that the film has been out for a while and given its reception and the records it's broken, has it personally affected you as the writer of Wade's main adventures? Specifically given how you're writing the solo series for the lead character of the highest-grossing X-Men film?

Interesting question. I inherited a popular character, and it's been quite a ride the last year or so. Like so many of you, I loved the film. It's a testament to the perseverance of [Rhett] Reese/[Paul] Wernick/[Ryan] Reynolds and [Tim] Miller. To put their effort into perspective, I've recently become the writer with the most Deadpool comics credits, but those guys have been wrenching on the character a couple of years longer than I have. I've been a part of several films that never made it to the screen, and let me tell you in all honesty: every film that gets produced is a miracle. To have a great film made is like a miracle on a unicorn steed with a flaming sword. There are so many things that can go wrong. I really admire the collaborators that delivered that film. My life hasn't changed much. I did notice an uptick in convention appearances I had to decline for schedule, and my parents don't have to explain what I do for a living to their friends after the film.

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Switching over to "Uncanny Avengers," millsahmose also has a question about Wade Wilson's self esteem.

In issue #8 of "Uncanny Avengers," Deadpool had a heated outburst at Tony Stark over Steve Rogers decision to make him an Avenger and finally voiced his frustration at everyone's disapproval of his membership. One of the things Wade has always dealt with is people's opinion of him; would you say that despite his newfound popularity and Avengers membership, this matter [of caring about people's opinions of him] has not gone away?

Everyone cares what people think of them, no matter how well a person hides it. Rejection is part of life, but it still sucks. Deadpool is more durable than us, but his nerve endings are the same. Just because we torture these characters doesn't mean we don't love them.

Next, akiresu wants to know if we'll see more of Hellion, a character that's very popular around these parts.

Was the appearance of Hellion merely a cameo for cameo's sake, or can we hope to see payoff from his appearance -- be it either payoff in his characterization or in terms of the mutant/inhuman "conflict"?

Much more down the line.

And xhx23x has a Q about everyone's favorite time-traveling cyborg.

Will there be any reaction from Cable to whatever happened to Cyclops?

I would think so. Stay tuned.

And now there are a few questions about Rogue and her relationships with both teammates and a certain upcoming guest star. First, one from Kusanagi...

Rogue seems to have started to warm up to Deadpool. Any plans for taking it further, or perhaps making it just a solid x-friendship?

When you write Deadpool, it helps to have someone that's driven crazy by him. I thought it would be fun to set the two of them far apart at the beginning of the story.

And now one from rogueisbae.

What can we expect from Rogue and Gambit's "reunion" in #9? And are there any further plans for Remy in future "UA" books?

Good question but I'd rather you be surprised for what we're cooking up for Rogue over the next year.

We close out this week with, well, not a question but a comment from James Robinson -- yeah, Marvel Comics writer James Robinson.

Gerry. My darling. How is it that when I'm feeling creatively lost or forlorn -- that my creativity is a weak, flailing thing, casting its atrophied limbs about in the abyss of mediocrity -- all I need do is think of you? I think of the blinding light of genius that shines forth from you and about you, and suddenly nothing seems quite so bad. If Disney made an animated movie of your exploits, you'd be a combination of Jiminy Cricket, Tinkerbell and Basil, the Great Mouse Detective -- but with a better singing voice. May your bold creative heart never dim, mon brave, nor your wrists develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from typing too much.

Thank you for your kind words, my friend. I don't know how you find the time to drop me a missive between "Squadron Supreme" and "Scarlet Witch." These are two of my favorite ongoings right now. I've told James this, but for everyone's benefit: his collaborations helped bring me back into comics when I was a lapsed reader, and "Starman" is coming back into press this summer. If you've not had the chance -- check that series out. A classic. Now if only "The Golden Age" would return to print, life would be perfect.

Well, thanks for the questions everyone. Glad so many of you are enjoying "Uncanny Avengers." Some really big fun stuff is coming up. I think my collaborators are aware that you might only get one crack at a big Avengers book, so we're gonna leave everything on the page. Hopefully we manage to surprise you. Hope you're having as much fun as we are.

Thanks to Gerry Duggan for taking on this week's questions -- and James Robinson for dropping us a line!

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