X-POSITION: Duggan Makes "Hawkeye Vs. Deadpool" "The Odd Couple"

Deadpool is certainly in the midst of a busy time of his life. While he was previously dealing with the logistics of his wedding, the Merc With a Mouth quickly transitioned into "Original Sin," and the battle to get his daughter back. Now that he's accomplished one of his major missions, Wade Wilson is already branching out into the greater Marvel Universe -- specifically in "Hawkeye Vs. Deadpool," where he joins forces with the Avenging Archer. Meanwhile, "Death of Wolverine" is quickly approaching its conclusion, and as a member of the Weapon X program -- as well as an ally of Wolverine's in "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" -- Deadpool is sure to have some kind of reaction to the X-Man's death.

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This week, "Deadpool" and "Hawkeye Vs. Deadpool" scribe Gerry Duggan joined X-Position to answer your questions about Clint and Wade's team-up series, Deadpool's capacity as a father to Ellie, the popularity of Deadpool within the Marvel Universe and much more. Plus, discover how Duggan crafted "Hawkeye Vs. Deadpool" based on popular multi-camera sitcom scripts!

Up first is James, who wants to know more about Deadpool's capacity as a father and his relationship with Ellie.

Deadpool seems to be slipping into a father-like role with Ellie pretty quickly. What kinds of fatherhood challenges are in store for him as their relationship continues to develop?

We got to see them together in "Hawkeye Vs. Deadpool" #0 and you'll see Ellie in the "AXIS" tie-in arc that Mike Hawthorne is currently pencilling. She's a supporting character, and for those that are current, you know we dropped another bit of information about Ellie at the end of "Deadpool" #34, that is a thread that won't be pulled for many years, if it's ever pulled at all.

TJ wants to know more about the possibility of other new characters getting introduced to "Deadpool."

Will we be seeing any new characters any time soon?

I know that creating and killing characters is often something that has to get the green light for continuity's sake, but if feels like the series is ready to introduce a few characters into the marvel universe, seeing as how Deadpool himself was created as practically cannon fodder and has endured it well.

I hope our run will be remembered for a bunch of new supporting characters, [editor] Jordan D. White and Marvel have said yes every time we wanted to make a new toy for the toy box. There are some new characters on the drawing board now. Including new enemies.

Skin-conscious Tom B. is next, asking about the dermatological problem of Deadpool's healing factor.

Will Deadpool's skin ever be repaired??

It's not on my current to-do list. Wade's grotesque appearance is too much a part of his character for me. Additionally, it's been done, and done well, not too long ago -- Dan Way had a story late in his run that saw a handsome Wade. It's fun, check that out.

Sean wants to know more about the process of combining "Deadpool" and "Hawkeye" into a single comic book.

"Hawkeye vs. Deadpool" was so much fun! How did you approach mashing two of the most unique comics Marvel produces into a single installment?

It's the power of "The Odd Couple!" I'm writing this series a little bit differently, the scripts look like a comic script, but spiritually they are multi-camera sitcom scripts. For the uninitiated, that would be like "Seinfeld," or "Frasier," not "Arrested Development" or "Curb Your Enthusiasm." What it means for the comic is that I'm trying to keep the locations grounded. Wade, Kate and Clint will interact with S.H.I.E.L.D., but not up in the sky on the helicarrier -- it will be down on the ground. Clint's apartment is Jerry's apartment. We're all hanging out there. There are running jokes, surprise visitors, and because it's Deadpool and Hawkeye -- corpses, brainwashed drones, a Macguffin, and hopefully lots of fun and action. You can do that kind of stuff as long as you remember to ground it. There are very real stakes for the Marvel Universe.

As much as I want to have fun with the wide-screen action that Kate, Clint and Wade experience, I also want to stick around for the scene after the danger is over -- the part at the end of "Die Hard" where everyone is hanging around Nakatomi Plaza and talking about what a crazy night that was. I love that stuff. "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" is another movie that I return to a lot. It's such great writing, and filmmaking. If my scripts end up being no good, but I aimed for those kinds of experiences, I can sleep at night.

The Statue Of Liberty can only be tipped over once. After that, writers have to find new ways of exciting people. It's a fun challenge to come up with bigger action set pieces, Deadpool killing Ultimatum's Air-Carrier is a good example (and one that seems to have long term consequences, at least until recently). The big fight between Clint and Wade that trashes Clint's place happens off-panel between the first two issues. That made me laugh. The "Versus" of our title is still there in spirit. They're in conflict basically every panel of the series. [Editor] Sana Amanat has been wonderful to work with, and very supportive of some ideas most editors wouldn't want to lean into in a big mini-series like this. [Artist] Matteo Lolli, [colorist] Cris Peter and all the folks working on the book are having a lot of fun, and I think that's translating into a fun comic. It's all I could want.

The reaction to issue #0 was very gratifying. Seeing panels up on Tumblr with over a hundred thousand comments and reblogs is something new to me. Hawkeye and Deadpool have very different universes/fan bases/morals -- that's why they work -- cause they shouldn't. All this is a very long way of saying, in a comic where anything can happen, it's been fun leave the 70MM lens off the camera and go in close. Thanks to the fans of both for supporting this series. [Matt] Fraction and his collaborators have struck gold every time out with character driven pieces in Hawkeye. (Boy, am I going to miss that book, but wow, am I excited to have it on my shelf forever.) I'm grateful that those same fans seem to be enjoying our Odd Couple.

Now that Clint and Wade have started a new adventure together, is there any chance some of that might bleed into the core "Deadpool" series?

Yes. Maybe.

Ingar wants to know more about the appreciation of Deadpool amongst the creative team.

Now that you are writing other characters in the Marvel Universe, like Hawkeye and Nova and Hulk, has it made you more appreciate the unique nature of Deadpool?

I appreciated Deadpool from the get-go. He's been very good to me. I know I haven't reciprocated with kindness, but everyone on the team loves him.

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Next up, Matt is wondering what level of popularity Deadpool has achieved within the Marvel U.

Deadpool's been pretty high profile within the Marvel Universe over the last couple of years. I know that the MU is supposed to be a lot like our world, so knowledge of superheroes is a sort of slippery slope (For years, [Marvel] said that the common person thought that Galactus was a hoax, if they knew him at all), but what the heck does the man on the street think of Deadpool? Is he sort of a Dennis Rodman level celebrity? Is he on the FBI's most wanted list? Is he on an urban legend TV show like bigfoot?

We talk about that a lot. I try to always remember how much of a freak out there would be when you saw one of these characters in public. In the background of Hulk we have people trying to take selfies with the Hulk in the background. I think Deadpool in a public space would inspire fear from most people. For obvious reasons, there have been several reports of police stopping DP cosplayers in public. It's hard to tell a prop gun from a real gun, even up close.

cora_reef has a query about Agent Scott Adsit and the status of the inventory issues.

Dear Mr. Duggan,

Now that Scott Adsit is voicing Baymax in Big Hero 6, is there any chance the Marvel Universe version of Baymax will meet up with Agent Scott Adsit in the MU proper?

No plans at the moment, but never say never. There is a fun thing I can't talk about yet regarding our Scott Adsit and the 616 Adsit...

The inventory issues are about to catch up with the present! What will you do for between-arc issues once the decades catch up to the now?

I think we'll bounce around. The inventory issue that we're collaborating on now is timeless, but it's our most knives-out effort yet. It's a parody of the promotional comics of yore. Brian [Posehn] and I each collect "Quik Bunny & Spider-Man VS Thirst" and "Spider-Man and AIM Toothpaste beat up cavities." "Deadpool" #40 will fit right in that weirdo collection. It will also have a very special guest star -- Scott Koblish just turned in the cover to us and it's brilliant.

Finally, bairdduvessa wraps up this week's X-Po with a lead-up about death in comics and a question about the cola wars.

Gerry, due to Deadpool's status as someone who is practically immortal, I wonder how he will deal with the "death" of Logan.  I've been thinking about death in comics a lot lately.  Seeing as how he is a comic character who breaks the fourth wall, and specifically his current run's inventory issues, we have been able to get a glance of how Deadpool would have been written in different time periods.  The late '70s and early '80s saw a lot of comic book character deaths...mostly in the DC universe, but death was something being addressed more and more in the time period.

If I had to pick just one Deadpool script to survive off my hard drive I would pick the one for the "Death Of Wolverine: Captain America & Deadpool." It's got some gags from the first page onward, but it also has the heart I think it needs. Scott Kolins is turning in the best pages I've ever seen from him. Levels of detail that are positively "Darrowesque." Wade will feel Logan's loss, but he'll grieve in his own way. The comic feels like an epilogue to "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly" including a glimpse of the beer that Logan offered Wade after they escaped North Korea. I hope fans of the current run will pre-order it. Both covers to the over-sized comic are wonderful too -- including one from Declan [Shalvey] & Jordie [Bellaire].

So I find that I have to ask this question...during the cola wars of the 1980s, would Deadpool have sided with RC? Or Moxie? Or was he into one of those unnameable, forgettable brands such as the one named for cocaine?

All I know is during the cola wars, Deadpool had the highest body count.

Special thanks to Gerry Duggan for his answers to this week's X-Position!

Next week's guest is still being lined up, so stay tuned!

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