X-POSITION: Duggan Discusses Expanding Deadpool's Influence To "Uncanny Avengers"

Gerry Duggan likes Deadpool -- a lot. Not only is the prolific Marvel writer continuing on as the writer of "Deadpool's" solo ongoing series post-"Secret Wars," a position he's held for closing in on three years, he's also bringing the Merc with a Mouth over with him to the new volume of "Uncanny Avengers." And of course we can't forget "Mrs. Deadpool and the Howling Commandos," the book that kept Duggan's feet firmly on Planet Wade through the mega-event "Secret Wars." There are big things coming up for Deadpool, Shiklah, Rogue, Quicksilver and the rest of the Avengers Unity Squad, and Gerry Duggan's the man with the plan.

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This week, "Deadpool," "Mrs. Deadpool and the Howling Commandos" and "Uncanny Avengers" writer Gerry Duggan returns to X-POSITION and answers your questions about everything from Rogue's place on the new Avengers lineup to Shiklah's future and the pressure of writing a future movie star.

CBR News: Welcome back to X-POSITION, Gerry! To get started, John C has a question about "Deadpool's" supporting players.

In the interview, you mentioned Steve Rogers will be a new supporting player [in "Deadpool"], but will we see Weasel, Blind Al, Bob, or any of the other old characters make an appearance in the new "Deadpool" series?

Deadpool will be haunted by his past. How's that for vague? Hey, at least I didn't say "Keep Reading!"

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With a big movie coming out, Kamose 1234 wants to know if "Deadpool" the film has affected how you view "Deadpool" the comic.

Now that the Deadpool movie is awaiting release, do you feel you have more responsibility?

Not in the slightest. The movie will be what the movie will be; I wish them all the luck in the world. I know from personal experience how difficult making a film is. I've had only a few successes and many misfires. Ryan Reynolds certainly has my attention the way he inhabits the role. We've all got our fingers crossed for them. Speaking on behalf of my "Deadpool" editors and collaborators: we're only focused on making fun and unexpected Deadpool comics. It's the best job a writer can have.

You're currently writing the adventures of Shiklah, Deadpool's wife, in a "Secret Wars" series. Alucard2099 has a question about that book's ramifications.
Is "Mrs. Deadpool & The Howling Commandos" going to be in continuity with the new "Deadpool" series you are writing?

Every story counts. We have big plans for Shiklah, and elements of her solo series will indeed be felt eventually on the other side of "Secret Wars."

Duggan Talks Adding Deadpool, Inhumans and More to "Uncanny Avengers"

You're also writing Deadpool in "Uncanny Avengers," a development that The Mighty Yabanzik has a question about.

As the subtitle showed us, each part of the Uncanny Avengers represents a population section -- and Deadpool represents himself. So, my question is, what is Deadpool's place in the Unity Squad? Why is he part of it (except you wanting him to be a part of it)?

Deadpool was not on the initial roster list I brought to [editor] Tom [Brevoort]. After a few discussions, it became evident that we had earned his roster spot over the 60-ish issues we contributed to Wade's story prior to "Secret Wars." The events of [the "Deadpool" storyline] "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly" propelled Wade down a new path, one that continues today. When Logan died, Steve called Wade. They handled a situation together in "Death Of Wolverine: Deadpool & Captain America." Yes, they're Weapon Plus alums, but they had become friends. The Uncanny Avengers is important to Rogers, but he's diminished. His days of leading the fight are over, and with Logan gone, it created an opportunity for Wade. I think fans that are skeptical about Deadpool's roster spot will feel much differently after "Avengers" #0. Wade's performance and effectiveness on the team is a much different issue, and that approval from fans -- and his fellow Avengers -- will have to be earned.

weezer17 also has a couple questions about "Uncanny Avengers," specifically how the book will be changed for a post-"Secret Wars" world.

The "Uncanny Avengers" title originally spun out of the discord between humans and mutants during "Avengers vs. X-Men." Given that "AvX" was years ago, I expected that, once "Secret Wars" came to an end, the title would just end... So I was surprised to see that the series will still be around in "All-New All-Different Marvel." What I found more surprising was that, on a team that was originally set up to help humans and mutants work together, there is only one mutant out of the eight people on the team now... It seems that, given the events of "AXIS," the Unity Squad did not achieve its intended goals. My two questions are: How do you plan to move forward human-mutant relations during your tenure on Uncanny Avengers?

Perhaps it might be more fun for everyone to set them back?

Will we see more mutants join the team in the future?

Hey, keep reading!

The cast of "Uncanny Avengers" pulls from all over the Marvel Universe, including X-Family and Avengers alum Quicksilver -- who Nora B wants to know more about.

I'm a massive Quicksilver fan and I was just wondering what you plan on doing with our beloved speedster?

I'd rather not tell you so you had to buy the comic, but I'm aware that this is the one book that you can get your Quicksilver fix, and we're aiming to deliver. He's a bit "unburdened" at the moment. Imagine being Pietro. He's just learned he's not the son of Magneto. Imagine how that must feel!

You're also introducing a new character in this book -- Psynapse. Agent of Attilan wants to know if there's anything you can tell us about her.

Who is Psynapse and what are her power sets?

She's an Inhuman that [artist Ryan] Stegman and I came up with. She's a bit like a cleric class in a D&D campaign. She can do things that help or hurt the people around her. As for her exact powers, we're going to roll then out in the pages of the book. Speaking of Stegman, he's been turning in such amazing work. His illustration and storytelling have never been better.

There are some Uncanny Avengers that haven't made the jump to the latest volume, and Captain M has a question about one such hero.

I thought Wasp was a great addition to the first "Uncanny Avengers" team. Why was she not included on this team? Super excited either way.

Tom and I just had a chat about Wasp the other day. I think the worst thing we could do is grab a character and then not have the page count to deliver a worthwhile story. Just because you haven't seen a character in a promo piece, doesn't mean we don't have plans... we have plans all over the place.

Lastly this week, jen has a question about everyone's favorite southern X-Man-turned-stalwart-Uncanny-Avenger.

Thanks for taking fan questions! Big time Rogue fan here and I just want to know if Rogue will get some time to shine. I gotta say, we Rogue fans were spoiled before "Uncanny Avengers." Rogue led her own series ("X-Men: Legacy") for about 50 issues! She used to have gorgeous covers and big time story lines. The last few years in "UA" have been rough. From her faceless design to being a secondary plot device, "UA" has not been kind to Rogue. Will Rogue become a more central character this time out? Will you be exploring the impact of the Wonder Man powers? And last, will Rogue remain co-leader of the team?

Rogue is an important character. She's got a heavy cross to bear in this series. She's in a leadership role, and she's going to have some personal problems right out of the gate that I don't quite want to comment on. I have some very interesting plans for her, on the battlefield and off. When we first meet Rogue eight months later, she'll be dealing with the high price of saving lives. On a personal note, she's always been one of my favorites, and readers who are in for the long haul will get to enjoy big stories that move all these characters forward.

Thanks again for adding "Uncanny Avengers" to your pull this October. Be sure to pick up "Avengers" #0. Our story in that issue sets the table for the fun that will follow.

Thanks to Gerry Duggan for taking on this week's questions!

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