X-POSITION: "Deadpool's" Gerry Duggan Gets the Last Laugh

Deadpool's days are numbered. After settling down with Shiklah, getting his life sorted out a bit and ensuring a safe home for his daughter Ellie, the other shoe is about to drop on the ol' Merc With a Mouth. Yep, he's going to die in "Deadpool" #45 (AKA "Deadpool" #250) and things will never be the same again. Because he'll be dead. But first, Wade Wilson will have to take on the combined might of the Roxxon Corporation and Omega Red -- and even if he wins, he still loses because, again, the whole "dying in three issues" thing!

Death Comes for Wade Wilson in Duggan's "Deadpool" Finale

This week, "Deadpool" co-writer Gerry Duggan joins us once more at X-Position and answers your questions about everything from wrapping up his fan favorite run alongside co-writer Brian Posehn to the future of Ellie and Evan -- and Duggan even drops a hint about the fate of a certain cyborg, time-traveling, gun-toting mutant messiah.

CBR News: Welcome back to X-Position, Gerry! First up, we have a question from Yabanzik that tackles the issue of closure.

Hello Mr. Duggan! First of all, I really like your "Deadpool" run (and the "Nova" series)... In the past few months Deadpool is getting closer to inner peace and a feeling of closure (as shown by the very fact that he has friends that don't try to kill him, a marriage that lasts, a daughter he saves and other things that you know and there's no reason to tell you about). But, there's one thing that I think that needs a closure, and that's the thing that you wrote about in "Original Sin." When will Deadpool learn about his parents? When will he get closure surrounding his parents' murder? You can say that him raising Ellie is a kind of a symbolic closure to him killing his parents, but it just doesn't feel perfect.

Gerry Duggan: Few things in life end perfectly. Thanks for your kind thoughts. You'll have to be patient. I would like everyone to know that we haven't forgotten anything any of the loose threads. Also, Deadpool is arguably not raising Ellie. He's trusting the Prestons to provide what he cannot -- a home. Recently, we've begun to show that free of the mind-wiping drugs that Deadpool is starting to recall something terrible. I'm actually glad he's dying and doesn't have to live with what we revealed to readers in issue #34.

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Continuing on this topic, TruDivination has a question about Ellie's true nature.

What are your plans for Ellie being a mutant? Will this come at all come into play before "Deadpool" #250?

Not exactly. [Editor] Jordan [D. White] and the team have had some fun discussions about how that might play out. However, as you know in issue #250, Deadpool dies, so...

Ellie's not the only supporting player fans are asking about, as evidenced by this question from Alucard2099.

What will be the fate of Evan and Ellie? And why hasn't the faculty of the Jean Grey School come looking for Evan since he's been missing since "AXIS"?

I know where their stories go, but you're going to have to be patient.

While your "Deadpool" run has certainly had its fair share of drama, it's also been laugh out loud funny. Mitch G. has a question about the jokes.

What is your favorite gag from the "Deadpool" run from Brian Posehn? How about from yourself?

Honestly, I think the funniest gags are in the roast -- with large contributions by [artist] Scott Koblish. It is truly without mercy. We shipped 50 pages of that comic this week, and I'm glad we don't have to follow issue #250. The back-ups are wonderful, too.

Barry has a question about the crossovers "Deadpool" has participated in.

How has your writing been affected by having to accommodate the big crossover stories ("Original Sin" and "AXIS") and did this change your original storylines?

These are opportunities for us. "Original Sin" gave us some really wonderful threads to explore, and "AXIS" gave us another facet of Deadpool, which really depressed Wade. Those were not big events that we had to accommodate, they were opportunities for us to advance our story, and hopefully pick up some readers who somehow resisted our charms when we launched. I can't stress this enough -- we would not have tied into any event that didn't make sense for us to have been a part of.

Next up, RLAAMJR has a question about Wade Wilson's looks.

Can't Mr. Fantastic or somebody else fix Deadpool's face so he can look good?

Mmmmaybe? But, that's been explored -- and done well. I know you want a nice face for Wade because you're a good person, RLAAMJR, but Wade's looks are a big part of his character. If we fix his face, he might not feel the need to make with the jokes so much.

Deadpool's made a number of real buddies over the years, and Psimitar has a question about one of them.

Now that Cable has been freed from his X-Force obligations, is there any chance he'll appear in "Deadpool"? A lot of Cable fans want to know what's next for him.

Well, "a lot of Cable fans" will be very happy someday. Soon. But that's not my announcement to make. I'm only permitted to hint.

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EJHomewood has an alternate reality scenario for you to weigh in on.

You and Brian Posehn have done an amazing job writing "Deadpool." It has been a lot of fun keeping up with the series in its current form. That being said, if you absolutely had to choose new writers to pick up the mantle and send Wade off on new escapades, who would you choose and why?

Well, if we weren't killing him off in spectacular fashion, there are a lot of great writers that would outshine us. We inherited Deadpool from Dan Way's long and successful run, and before him Deadpool had many fine men and women that were his caretakers. Jordan D. White and [Marvel Editor-in-Chief] Axel [Alonso] have great taste, and Jordan's comedy nerd roots run pretty deep. "Deadpool" #250 has stories from Matt Selman, Mike Drucker, [Ben] Acker/[Ben] Blacker and [Paul] Scheer/[Nick] Giovannetti. These are all names that have already proven they write great comics. If Deadpool were continuing I would pitch Jordan a couple of names, including a few funny female writers that are not known to comics readers.

With your run on "Deadpool" coming to a close, tjsonofander has a question for you.

Do you actually know/care what happens after "Deadpool" #45/250 or is it just

Feel free to respond in the form of a GIF.

Lastly, cc008 has a question that goes beyond your "Deadpool" finale.

Gerry, congratulations on an outstanding run on "Deadpool." It really has been a pleasure to read since issue #1. Every writer that's penned Deadpool seemed to have their own unique take on certain characteristics, attitudes, and personalities of Wade Wilson. What do you hope people remember most from the run you and Brian have had?

Thanks very much. I hope this doesn't sound like our heads have disappeared up our own asses, but I think everyone that collaborated on this run contributed to "Wade Wilson, The Insufferable Deadpool." Sure, we gave him a lot of Deadpool problems, but we didn't try to reinvent the wheel -- we were inspired by the great old tradition giving Marvel characters as many "real-life" problems as we could. Granted, Wade's issues were more horrifying and/or funny than most characters receive -- but those two flavors were our sweet and sour. Hopefully the comedy and horror of this book was well balanced. Comedy is hard, and it's subjective. We didn't try to make everyone laugh, we tried to make ourselves laugh.

Thanks for your kind words, and as a final thought today -- I'd like to thank everyone that edited these comics, the artists, the bullpen. There were so many excellent contributions along the way. Often your favorite part of a comic had nothing to do with Brian or myself.

Finally, "Deadpool NOW!" might end up the longest running NOW! volume, and that's because you fans showed up. So, on behalf of all the writers, pencilers, inkers, letterers, colorists, editors, and the unsung Marvel staff -- thank you for the chance to collaborate on a long, and hopefully successful, run.

See you on Battleworld, or see you in hell!Gerry

Special thanks to Gerry Duggan for taking on this week's questions!

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