X-POSITION: "Deadpool Kills..." with Cullen Bunn

Whether he's exploring the origins of Jimmy Hudson and bringing Quicksilver back to the Ultimate Universe in "Ultimate Comics Wolverine," or setting Deadpool on a quest to kill everything in the "Deadpool Kills..." series, writer Cullen Bunn has a diverse set of work on his hands. Beyond Deadpool and Ultimate Wolverine, Bunn's Marvel NOW! title "Fearless Defenders" contains a whole roster of some of the Marvel U's strongest female heroes.

This week, Bunn rejoined X-Position to take on fan questions about Deadpool's upcoming quest to kill off his alternate-reality counterparts, bringing Magda into the Ultimate Universe, his plans for the roster of "Fearless Defenders" and the possible ramifications Project Mothervine might have on the greater Ultimate U.

cora_reef kicks off this week's X-Position with questions about the eventual plans for the "Deadpool Kills..." saga.

Dear Mr. Bunn, It seems like Deadpool is about to kill everything that it's possible to kill -- how much longer past "Deadpool Kills Deadpool" do you have planned for the story?

That's an interesting question... and one that I would've answered differently even a few weeks ago.

When I put together the outline for "Deadpool Kills Deadpool," I envisioned that as the end. I didn't see any way for the "Kills" series to continue. This book will tie up a lot of loose ends that go all the way back to "[Deadpool] Kills the Marvel Universe." It most certainly closes some doors on the wild kill spree tale I started working on during some of my earliest days at Marvel.That said -- I never expected there to be a second series, let alone a third. So who knows?

After the first series, I started trying to figure out a way to one up the concept. That gave way to "[Deadpool] Killustrated," a series I don't think anyone expected. And after that book, I wanted to do something equally unexpected and unusual.

I've already started to daydream about what could possibly be next, so never say never.

I've been a big fan of "Ultimate Comics Wolverine" so far, especially how you've brought back Quicksilver. Will we get to find out more about where he's been?

I was really excited to bring Quicksilver into the story, especially in the role of the heavy. For me, he's a character who could be very dangerous -- because of his powers, because of his narcissism, because of his conviction. The last issue of the series is pretty packed, but you'll get a little more of a look into Quicksilver's way of thinking. By the final pages you'll see that there are big plans in store for him.

As a fan of your original "Wolverine" run, it's cool to see you tackling the Ultimate version. How did your approach differ when taking on the Ultimate version?

With my core universe stories, I took Wolverine to some really off-the-wall places. I've had him facing Texas Chainsaw-style families of killers. I've had him preventing Lovecraftian horrors. Writing for the Ultimate Universe, though, I tried a more grounded approach. It's much more of a spy story -- with mutants.

The character of Jimmy helped set the story apart from other things I've written, of course, because he's so different from the 616 Wolverine. In many ways, I see this story as a stepping stone for Jimmy to become a little more like the superhero I know and love.

Marcus is up next, with some actual questions about which Deadpools our Deadpool will take on in "Deadpool Kills Deadpool."

1) Given that the next "Deadpool Kills" title has the likes of Deadpool trying to kill alternate versions of himself, wouldn't it be a bit of a good thing for the multiverse to be without Deadpool?
So it would seem!

But with so many possible realities, a Deadpool is bound to show up at some point, right?

In "Deadpool Kills Deadpool," though, we'll see a situation where Deadpool faces that very question. At the same time, though, he's tossed into an adventure where only Deadpool himself can save all of existence.
2) Outside the members of the Deadpool orps and the main Marvel Universe Deadpool, will any alternate worlds be visited as Deadpool tries to kill off his alternate selves?


This story will feature more versions of Deadpool than you can shake a stick at. Some of them you've seen before. Some of them you might not have expected in a story this dark and bloody. And some of them will be completely new to this book. There's one -- showing up in the second issue -- that I'm particularly excited about.

We'll be visiting more than a couple of alternate worlds, too. This story features "our" Deadpool. It's within core continuity. But Wade is gonna be struggling to save not just our world, but the entire multiverse.

3) In next issue of Fearless Defenders has been told to have many of Marvel famous female guest star in the issue. Will any of the women guest staring in the upcoming issues be a part of the main team?

I can't give that away!

I can say, though, that many of the women appearing in issues #5 and #6 will have (at least) recurring roles in the book. By the end of issue #6, you'll see Valkyrie map out how she envisions this iteration of the Defenders working alongside this iteration of the Shieldmaidens.

4) Given that this is an X-Position and that Dani Moonstar is a former mutant, will any future members of Fearless Defenders be any of the X-Men or an all-new mutant all together?

Again, issue #6 will show that some members of the X-Men have a big role to play in the future. Will any of the X-Men be taking a regular spot in the book? Not immediately. But you will likely see some other mutants showing up.

You'll definitely be seeing some new heroes, too, but they might not be mutants.

Jack wants to know more about Black Box's inclusion in "Ultimate Comics Wolverine" and what's coming down the line for Ultimate Magda.

Hi Cullen, I'm a big fan of Black Box and I think it's so cool that you've brought him to the forefront in "Ultimate Comics Wolverine." Why did you choose Black Box as the only mutant from Utopia to accompany Jimmy Hudson?

First of all, I liked his powers, and I thought they played perfectly with the idea of hidden messages and data embedded in the holographic recording that Jimmy's father left behind. Beyond that, I also thought he made a perfect foil for Jimmy, who is more action-oriented and rash. He served as a great "window" character for the readers. I also thought he was a little unexpected, which I like.
Also, Ultimate Magda! How much more of a role is she going to play in the series moving forward?

EXCLUSIVE: #1 art by Salva Espin

There's some really cool Magda stuff in the next issue. Some really cool revelations.

Editor Mark Paniccia and I had some really wild conversations about Magda during the early stages of brainstorming this series. Some of those ideas were so big they might've blown the doors off the Ultimate Universe.

Maybe after the series wraps I can share some of those with you.But there are some interesting things still afoot in relation to the story of Magda -- some of them stemming from those aforementioned wild conversations.

Will "mother is calling her children home" continue to play a role in the rest of the Ultimate Comics universe?

I would certainly hope so. Project Mothervine has huge ramifications on the Ultimate Universe, if you ask me. There are plenty of stories to mine there.

Emerald_616 wraps up this week's X-Position with a question about everyone's favorite Fearless Defender, Dani Moonstar.

1) I love Dani's costume redesign! I nearly squeeed aloud when I saw it in issue #4. Since Dani has Asgardian connection and Valkyrie is the Asgardian lead of the book, is Magma in the plans since she's friends with Dani and Hippolyta is part of her Pantheon? In other words, 2 Greco-Roman to even out 2 Norse.

I don't have any immediate plans to even out the Norse and Greco-Roman pantheons on the team. As far as she's concerned, Hippolyta is more than enough for the team. That said -- I think you'll be seeing Magma in the book sooner rather than later. I'm interested in her interaction with Hippolyta.Plus she's awesome.

2) Will there be Atlantean representation in the book at any point?

It's a Defenders title. There almost has to be, right?

Finally, here's this week's Behind-the-X question: If you had to choose between living in the Marvel Universe or the Ultimate Universe, which would it be and why?

Tough one -- although I think I would have to go with the Marvel Universe. I think from a completely selfish point of view, I'd have a better percentage chance of becoming a superhero (or a super villain) in that world.

A special thank you to Cullen Bunn for taking on this week's X-Position questions!

Next week, the Deadpool train keeps rolling as "Deadpool" co-writer Gerry Duggan answers all your questions about fake flashback issues, S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent spiritual possession and necromancy, and the upcoming team-up with Wolverine and Captain America. Got a question? Send me an e-mail with the subject line "X-Position" or if 140 character questions are more your speed, try Twitter. Either way, make sure those questions are in by Friday! Do it to it!

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