X-POSITION: David Continues "All-New X-Factor's" Corporate Retreat

Big developments are in store for the Marvel Universe's resident corporate-sponsored mutant team in "All-New X-Factor." Writer Peter David has assembled his team of Polaris, Quicksilver, Gambit, Danger, Cypher and Warlock as the Serval Industries-sponsored superteam, and events continue to go at a steady pace with X-Factor offering asylum to young girl Georgia Dakei and Gambit's extracurricular activities landing him in a decent bit of trouble.

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This week, Peter David returns to X-POSITION to answer reader questions about the makeup of the book and its team, the arrangement Polaris has with Serval CEO Harrison Snow, the upcoming appearance of Scarlet Witch and much more. Plus, get some insight into the corporate structure of the team -- including paychecks and holiday parties.

Justin starts off this week with a question about Polaris and her arrangement with Serval and Harrison Snow.

Hey Peter-

Thank you for keeping X-Factor going, in all its incarnations. Are Polaris and company being naive not to think they'll someday be put in a situation where what they believe as heroes conflicts with what Serval asks or expects them to do? Or are they ready for that eventuality? Obviously Polaris did her homework on Serval and believes them to be on the up and up, but can a for-profit corporation truly be altruistic? On the one hand heroes being allowed to do whatever they feel is right is what led to the Civil War a few years back. On the other hand, I don't know that I'd trust any private civilian corporation to have control over people with powers like Polaris, Quicksilver, etc.

Believe me, Justin, X-Factor is quite sure that they are prepared for any eventuality. Polaris has already shown that she and the team are ready to walk if they're in an impasse situation with Harrison Snow and Serval. And Snow knows it, too. So it's very much in Serval's interest to keep the members of X-Factor happy as much as possible. Which is not to say that there might not be a falling out at some point, but that won't be happening anytime soon.

Next up is Steven B, who wants to know about an old familiar face from the past of X-Factor.

First off, I LOVE the All-new team! It has the character-driven chemistry that the other X-Factor books had in spades and holds true to the quirky fast-paced read!

I can't help but inquire about one of the former team after recent events in Thunderbolts... Will Guido's recent freedom from the throne of hell have any interplay with the All-New X-Factor? I can't help but feel lost without reading about Madrox and the crew every month but it was very welcome to see the reappearance of Monet in X-Men and Guido.

Aside from a possible appearance by Wolfsbane and Longshot, I don't have any immediate plans to revisit the previous team, Steven. I very much want the new incarnation to be its own book.

X-POSITION: David Goes Corporate with "All-New X-Factor"

Carter is hoping to gain some insight into the team's roster choice.

Why did you choose Polaris, Quicksilver, Danger, Gambit, Cypher, and Warlock to be the members of X-Factor? What was the process?

Editor Jordan D. White presented me with a list of heroes who were available, and I assembled the team the same way I put together the previous one: I selected what I thought would be an interesting and potentially explosive cast. I was looking for personalities that I thought would both mesh and conflict.

Justinian wants to know more about Scarlet Witch and Polaris' upcoming interaction in the pages of "All-New X-Factor."

Hello PAD I am very happy to hear Wanda is coming over to ANXF. Is this your first time writing Wanda? And, what did you find interesting about the potential for Wanda and Lorna interacting?

They're a pair of sisters, Justinian, so that alone makes it interesting. And they're sisters who have worked together but never actually spent any time bonding. On an emotional level, they're strangers, so I figured it would be intriguing to have them try and make up for lost time. Except that neither of them is the most emotionally stable of individuals. So what could possibly go wrong? And yes, it's my first time writing her.

The upcoming press conference in issue #12 sounds very exciting. Will this be the issue where we get to see how the public and/or the super human community responds to having a corporate super hero team?

No, that's going to be issue #14.

X-Factor fan Derek has a question about character and a question about family.

As an LGBT person the relationship between Shatterstar and Rictor was a highlight of the previous run as their relationship felt very organic which not all gay relationships comics necessarily have. Are there any plans to introduce any gay characters to the book?

No immediate plans, Derek. But on the other hand, I didn't think of introducing a gay character (so to speak) in the previous incarnation. I wanted to bring in Shatterstar to give Rictor something to do. And when I brought them face to face, the kiss just happened naturally in the course of the story. And boy, did that take off. So I don't really consider a character's sexuality as having any relevance to introducing them. If it arises out of the tale, then that's fine.

Excited to see Luna pop up. I think it's interesting that her power allows her to cut through Quicksilver's bravado. One of the most controversial moments for me of House of M, perhaps unintentionally was that Wanda and Pietro also erased Luna. The extent of Pietro's involvement in the reality warp has been contradictory. Her erasure struck me as really dark and made me wonder do you think Pietro really loves his daughter or does he see her too much as a reflection of himself?

I think he loves her very much, and as a matter of fact, Luna will be coming into the book for a few issues.

What age physically and mentally are you treating Cypher post resurrection? He was 14 when he died, I think?

I see him as 17 or so.

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Madrox is on Kenny's mind, and he hopes for a little more info on his possible upcoming appearance.

You mentioned at last week's convention that Madrox was going to be appearing in another X-book. Can you say which and if it is a one shot deal or he's joining up with team? Sorry, I feel like he is your character and need to ask you. Throughout the years Madrox has become my all time favorite character.

Can't tell you that, Kenny, sorry. But I can tell you this: it may not be the Madrox that you're expecting.

Matt wants to know whether the X-Factor team gets paid.

Does everyone on the team get paychecks? Working in a big bureaucracy with people from lots of countries, I can only imagine how the legal team has to deal with issues of Warlock's nationality or even Danger's very existence. Somehow I can't see Gambit paying taxes.

They absolutely get paychecks. Why not? They're working jobs. But that doesn't mean, Matt, that they're actually spending them on anything. Danger and Warlock in particular.

Finally, Quicksilverfan hopes for some insight into the corporate day-to-day activities that the X-Factor team might have to attend.

Will X-Factor ever get to partake in the joy of corporate minutiae like "Business ethics training", company-wide meetings, powerpoint presentations, office holiday parties and the like? I would really like to see Gambit and Quicksilver in those settings and see their frustration play out with hilarious results.

They absolutely do, QSfan. We've already had several references to them having to attend meetings and such. And yeah, their first holiday party should be pretty interesting.

Special thanks to Peter David for taking on this week's questions!

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