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When dealing with certain characters, a writer may find themselves limited in the things they can do with their protagonist. There just may be certain situations that wouldn't seem correct for hero "X" or heroine "Y." For example, you'll probably never see the Silver Surfer battling gangs in south-central Los Angeles; nor will Namor chase after cattle thieves deep in the heart of Texas.

For a character like Deadpool, though, there is no situation too crazy or abstract. The merc with a mouth seems right at home battling alien Skrulls in outer space, fighting zombies in Europe, or acting like a pirate, as he will n the upcoming "Wave of Mutilation" arc.

"Deadpool" writer Daniel Way joins X-POSITION today to answer your questions about the diverse Wade Wilson as well as his other Marvel series "Wolverine: Origins" and "Dark Wolverine." Ready to roll? Let's take a tumble...

CBR: The marvelous Marcus Martin wrote in to ask about Daken's plans and was hoping for some meta-fun...

With you co-writing "Dark Wolverine," it makes me wonder if Daken will met up with any of Wolverine's allies (from "Origins") over the course of the series?

DANIEL WAY: Since Wolverine's allies are basically Daken's enemies...yes.

As Daken will be in "Dark X-Men," will "Dark Wolverine" crossover with that book in any way? Will characters in one book appear in the other (aside from Daken)?


In the past, Deadpool's been known to make wacky meta-type references of other Marvel Universe events. Will that ever happen while you're writing him?

Already did it - at the beginning of the "Horror Business" arc, when Deadpool is flipping through the channels and is pissed because everything's about Skrulls. Too subtle?

Will the "Wolverine: Origins" series have any ties to the "Wolverine: Weapon X" series, as they both deal with Logan's fight against Weapon X?

No plans at the moment.

Well, maybe you have some plans for a certain character Masterkev is fond of...

You have utilized Wolverine's "surrogate daughter" Jubilee in "Wolverine: Origins" in the past. Do you have any plans to bring her character back to the fold as one of Logan's allies? How do you think she could be best used?

The last time Wolverine reached out to Jubilee he almost got her killed, so the plan is for Wolverine to keep her safely out of the line of fire. Things are about to get really bloody around Wolverine; he doesn't want any of that blood to be hers.

As Deadpool is a bit schizophrenic, Andre4000 wonders if you , Daniel Way, ever feel... bipolar?

How do you get yourself in the mindset to write Deadpool? Do you watch the "Three Stooges" and "Clockwork Orange" at the same time, and then go from there?

First, do a rough outline of the story. Then, I write whatever comes to mind. Shockingly, it seems to be working.

While I love the carefree nature of Wade, is there more to him than I'm missing? Do you feel he's like one of those clowns that's laughing on the outside, but crying on the inside?

Yes. And you'll see some of that at the end of the "Bullseye" arc. And, now that I think of it, at the end of the "Wave of Mutilation" arc.

Asher is having great fun reading your books, but wanted to know about the direction things are heading...

First off, I wanted to say that I really enjoy your work on "Deadpool." I'm a huge fan of the character and I like your take on him. I have a few questions, though. Do you have an overarching story in mind for the character, similar to what Joe Kelly and other previous writers have done? Or are you going to let him sort of riff on whatever's going on in the Marvel U?

Yes. The first year involved him proving that he's the best mercenary in the world. He eventually does that; but only to himself. But what he realizes is, that's not enough. The second year will be about Deadpool's quest to be something new, something he's never really been before - a hero.

Can we expect to see any of the old crew (Sandy, Agent X, Lil 'Rhino, Monty) again?


Lastly, regarding the Romulus plot in "Wolverine: Origins" - what long term payoffs can we expect to see from that plot thread? Daken's getting his time in the spotlight now, but Romulus and the rest seem to be ignored by the MU at large, and I haven't really noticed that they've had any kind of lasting effect...

Romulus is neither a plot nor a plot thread - he's a character. If you're asking whether Wolverine's quest for his ultimate revenge will result in a long-term change, the answer is "yes."

Taimur Dar realizes that Deadpool can feel "two of a mind," so he was curious: if Deadpool has two ongoing series, will that make him "four of a mind?"

Your "Deadpool" title continues to rock, but now there's going to be a new ongoing "Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth" title written by Victor Gischler. I was curious if you have been in contact to coordinate the directions of your separate titles and how your book will differ from Gischler's?

I've yet to speak with Victor, but I'd love to. Odds are, I'll see him in San Diego next month. As far as my involvement with the sister title; there's none. Since we have a common editor, I don't foresee any problems with redundancy.

Frankly, I like not knowing what Victor has up his sleeve - it allows me to read the book as a Deadpool fan, like you do.

Any chance of Fantomex or any other Weapon Plus characters showing up in "Wolverine: Origins"?

Nuke. First issue. BOOM!

Will we see Wade's reaction to the death of his beloved Bea Arthur? I don't suppose even Yelena Belova (Black Widow II) can take her place...

Yes. In an upcoming issue, Deadpool will have a taco-induced hallucination, imagining himself to be in Heaven. He'll meet Bea, and thank her for being a friend. Together, they'll travel down a road and back again. He'll tell her that her heart was true, and that he considers her a pal and a confidant.

That concludes this week's X-POSITION counseling session, but hold onto your seats - in seven days, we're heading back to the future with Brian Reed, the writer of "Timestorm 2009/2099: X-Men." Think of the futuristic possibilities, type them up, and email me faster than you can say "flux capacitor." Put an "X-Position" in the subject line, and I'll give your letter a gold star. Don't let me down!

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