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Dark Wolverine

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One of the challenges of writing comic book superheroes is continuously finding creative ways for them to escape dangerous situations. Of course, this task becomes much easier if the character you are writing can't actually die. And between "Wolverine: Origins," "Dark Wolverine," and "Deadpool," writer Daniel Way has been blessed with the trifecta of un-killable Marvel Comics characters.

Wolverine, his son Daken, and Deadpool each have a mutant healing factor that allows them to recover from just about any injury. But even though all three have similar abilities, all three respond to life - and the threat of death - in very different ways.

Daniel Way joins us for today's X-POSITION along with his "Dark Wolverine" co-writer Marjorie Liu ("NYX: No Way Home"). They stand ready to do battle with all the questions you've sent their way. Gee, let's hope they heal as quickly as the characters they write - snikt!

CBR: Our first email comes from Matt, and he starts things off with a blast from Deadpool's past...

I've been a big fan of Deadpool's supporting cast since the end of Deadpool's first series. I know you wanted to focus more on Wade alone initially, but will we see Agency X back in the picture any time soon?

DANIEL WAY: With Deadpool, there are no impossibilities. So, yes.

If there are "no impossibilities," Caitlin Kydd hopes you might be willing to tackle the following situation:

How do you think Deadpool will react when he finds out that his Irish Rose (a.k.a. Siryn) had a child duplicate of Madrox that has now disappeared from the face of earth? Will this be addressed in your book at all?

DW: That was such a big thing in Peter David's book that I'd be hesitant to touch it. If, however, the right opportunity presented itself...

Ooh! Guillermo has an idea for just such an opportunity!

Any chances of a Deadpool vs. Madrox battle? It could be like the sword fight massacre in the "Kill Bill" movie, but with dismembered clones instead of masked gangster wannabes...

DW: I love the idea - Multiple Man vs. Multiple Personalities. I'm starting to think I should touch base with the X-Factor team...

MARJORIE LIU: I would love to see you write that.

With the recent events of "Deadpool: Suicidal Kings," will Deadpool still hang out with Outlaw and develop more of a relationship with her in your book?

DW: Again, with Deadpool, anything is a possibility. I really dig Outlaw, but it wouldn't do the character any favors to bring her into the book just to bring her into the book - there needs to be a reason. If, in the future, that reason comes to mind, I'd love to do it.

Will Deadpool keep his cool teleporter?

DW: It is cool, isn't it? But here's the thing: having a teleporter makes it too easy for Deadpool to do what he does. A lot of the entertainment value in watching Deadpool crash through the Marvel Universe is wondering how the hell he's gonna pull it off. Have you noticed in recent horror movies how they always figure out a way to get rid of the cell phones? Same reasoning.

As long as Wade is "crashing" through the MU, Vince Giorgio was wondering if we'll see him get involved in a large upcoming event.

Will Deadpool be a major player in the "Dark Reign" conclusion?

DW: In his mind? Yes.

Captain Fur gives us the warm and fuzzies by sending a special email Marjorie's way about her recent miniseries "NYX: No Way Home."

Here is a question for Marjorie - WWCRR? When Will Cecilia Reyes Reappear? Seeing her in "NYX" felt like a sudden exotic drug-induced high, and it looked like the girl has issues - I mean big fat issues. Could we see some follow-up to them?

ML: Trust me, getting to write Cecilia Reyes felt like an exotic drug-induced high. She's one of my favorites, partially because she's so...real. And yes, she has issues - in my mind, she saw and did things in order to survive that will haunt her for a very long time. I sincerely hope that I have a chance to return to her character.

What other thoughts do you have regarding Cecilia? How do you view her character and what do you feel drives her?

ML: I think she's driven by a desire to do good. She's tender and tough, and frequently angry at the world for not being a better place. Shit happens, but you won't catch her whining about it. She just picks up the pieces and keeps on going. I thought that she was a perfect fit for "NYX," because she's a mutant who doesn't care about having powers. She is totally competent in other ways, and "NYX" was all about being a person first and not an ability. As a writer, you can make any character have a force field or stop time. But that's meaningless without the rest.

ScullyOne agrees and hopes you'll have more opportunities to do that kind of personal exploration with another character you're currently writing...

I'd like to know if there's any chance for more Daken solo-stories in the future, since "Dark Wolverine" is such a success...

DW: We're actually talking about that right now. What would you like to see?

ML: I'd like to see more kittens. You can't go wrong with kittens. Or sex.

Taimur O Dar is also curious about Daken's future - and his future name.

A lot of readers are curious as to whether or not "Dark Wolverine" will be retitled once "Dark Reign" ends? On a similar note, any chance of Daken stepping out of his father's shadows and finding a new moniker in the not-too-distant future?

ML: I don't think there are any immediate plans to give the book a new title. As for the rest of your question, stepping from the shadows of one's father is always a complicated matter, but in Daken's case, he didn't even meet his real father until he was around sixty years old. I don't believe that he thinks there's a shadow over him at all.

Daken feels like his own man. He is totally confident. As far as he's concerned, the only thing he shares with his father is a healing factor and some claws. I also don't think you'll find him taking on a new moniker in the future. He's Wolverine because that's what Osborn wants him to be, and it suits his purpose - for now. He'll shed that skin when it's time. Names are ultimately meaningless to Daken - code names, especially.

As long as we're chatting about Daken, Kal Jafar wanted to add a few questions to the queue...

I was wondering if Romulus or any of his lackeys would be appearing in "Dark Wolverine," or will they be sticking to "Wolverine: Origins?"

DW: A crossover is planned between the two titles, beginning in...February, I believe?

ML: Maybe April. I'm not sure, actually. All I know is that leading up to that crossover, Daken will be spending some time... getting into himself.

Is Daken going to get his own rogues' gallery?

DW: Eventually, yes.

ML: Yup. Although Daken, in some ways, is his own worst enemy. He is both hero and villain of the story, which will be explored more fully in the next arc.

Any chance of X-23 appearing in "Dark Wolverine?"

DW: There will be developments in an upcoming X-related story that will make that a distinct probability.

ML: Given Daken's feelings toward his father, I think dealing with siblings, clones - or any of Logan's proteges - will have to be on the table at some point.

They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, but Andre4000 was curious about apples that come from labs...

Daken is the son of Wolverine; X-23 is a clone of Wolverine. Who do you think is more like Wolverine? How would nature vs. nurture work in the case of these two individuals?

DW: X-23 is more like Wolverine now, whereas Daken is more like Wolverine, say, sixty years ago.

ML: There's no good answer when it comes to weighing the importance of personal experience over innate qualities - talk about getting deep. Here, though, you've got two kids who share similar genes, but were raised in radically different environments. Both are ruthless, and both are killers. But that's where the similarities end. They are totally different animals.

Robert Cummins wanted to know more about another "animal" that's been stirring up trouble for Wolverine and his kin.

I've been rereading all my recent Wolverine comics trying to learn as much as I can about Romulus. There were a couple things I've read that have me really wondering though. Technically, X-23 is genetically a Hudson... and we now know that Romulus doesn't leave Hudsons alive unless he has plans for them. Would you say it is likely he has plans for her and that we might see this play out in your book?

DW: It is very likely that he has plans for her, but X-23 is being kept quite busy in "X-Force" right now. Perhaps later on down the line...?

We first met Romulus in the "Evilution" arc of Wolverine's main series. In that story, Sabretooth is shown to be afraid of Romulus. I know you didn't write this story, but do you know what it is about Romulus that Sabretooth fears?

DW: The only thing that a psycho like Sabretooth fears is what's in his own head. Those thoughts are embodied by Romulus, a killer's nightmare made real.

The final email of the day comes from Chris Mc, and he wanted to know how deep 'Origins' will be delving into the past.

I'm a big fan of "Wolverine: Origins." With the third act starting, inquiring minds want to know if and when we'll see more about Wolverine's ties to Sabretooth and his days with Team X.

DW: We're done with the Team X stuff, but a huge revelation is coming regarding Sabretooth in the current arc, "Romulus." If you thought you knew why Wolverine chopped Sabretooth's head off... well, you don't.

Today's fun is over, but there's good news for our readers: if you had a Wolverine question that you forgot to send in this week, you've gotten a reprieve, of sorts - next week's guest will be writer Jason Aaron ("Wolverine: Weapon X"). So type up those queries quickly, send them to me as fast as your electronic courier can carry them, and put an "X-Position" in the subject line. Life doesn't offer you many second chances, so grab this one and run with it!

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