X-POSITION: Daniel Way Digitizes "Deadpool"

In 2008, Deadpool re-emerged in a new solo title during Marvel Comics' "Secret Invasion" crossover, bringing the hurt to the Skrull empire with a unique take on his inner voice. More than four years later, series writer Daniel Way ends his long run at the character's solo series with "Deadpool" #63 on October 23.

However, Way isn't done with the character just yet -- Deadpool makes an appearance in the writer's Marvel NOW! series "Thunderbolts" and in an upcoming solo video game from Activision, which Way is scripting, previously announced at Comic-Con International 2012.

With Way's "Deadpool" run nearing its end, the writer spoke with X-POSITION to answer your questions on everything from the unsolved mysteries of the series, his work on the upcoming video game, his take on "Thunderbolts" and looking back over a truly epic run with the character.

Dan's concerned about Deadpool -- specifically how he's staying alive at the moment without a vital piece of his powers.

Deadpool no longer has his healing factor, but that used to be the only thing that kept cancer from killing him. How is he still alive? Will his healing factor return for Marvel NOW!?

Daniel Way: Good question! All I can say is, pay very close attention to the last few issues.

For the Deadpool video game are we getting a new story or is it based on an arc in particular?

Not only is it a new story, it's a new kind of story. To the best of my knowledge, there's never been a game quite like the one we're working on, and the reason is simple; there's never been a Deadpool game before. This game will change your life.

cora reef continues the discussion about Deadpool's first solo foray into the digital world with a question about character.

Hi Daniel! I'm especially interested in the upcoming "Deadpool" game. I've been a big fan of your work on the character from day one and want to know how faithful the game will be to the character. What kind of things can we expect to do in the game that makes it feel like we're interacting with Deadpool?

It can't be any more faithful -- Deadpool himself is writing it! And he's doing, I have to say, an incredible job. Much better than I ever could. Ever.

Marcus has a laundry list of questions about everything from Deadpool's interaction with the greater Marvel U to Way's upcoming Marvel NOW! series "Thunderbolts."

Before I begin, I would first like to say that I enjoyed your take on "Deadpool." You brought a fun and interesting outlook to the Merc with the Mouth.

1) Will Cable and/or Hope and/or the events of "Avengers Vs. X-Men" be mentioned in your final issue of the series?

Thanks! And sorry, but no. Deadpool will be way too busy to focus on anything other than what's happening all around -- and to -- him.

2) I hear you're also on "Thunderbolts" for Marvel NOW! I have to ask whether we'll see the likes of Songbird and/or Moonstone during your run in the title.

Art from "Deadpool" #62 by Ale Garza

It's very possible. I really enjoyed writing Moonstone in "Dark Wolverine."

3) Why did you decide to go with the team that you did for "Thunderbolts?"

Some characters came with the package but, with the others, it came down to figuring out what Ross/Red Hulk would need and which character could -- and would -- serve that purpose. The approach was fairly basic: Who would Ross tap for this mission?

4) What is your take on Deadpool's new ongoing creative team coming into Marvel NOW!?

I couldn't be happier! I've had conversations with both Brian and Gerry and believe me when I tell you that these guys GET the character. I can't wait to read "Deadpool" as a fan again.

Since you're also writing the "Deadpool" video game, how is writing a video game different than writing a comic book?

So many differences -- too many to list here. But one, in particular? Sound. It's the one thing we don't have at our disposal in comics.

Renaldo has questions about the end of "Deadpool" and how it feels to wrap such a lengthy run.

1) With your swan song looming, how did it feel finally bringing full-circle, the culmination of many quirky but violent "Deadpool" arcs?

To be honest, it felt pretty damn amazing. I really don't know what else to say. It was a dream come true.

2) You've done the "death" of Deadpool and even extended his "family" (in a weird way at times haha). When writing this unconventional character, where'd you get your inspiration and inner wacky voice to script Wade?

I remember reading, waaaay back in the day, an interview with Adam Yauch [of the Beastie Boys] that he did during the recording of "Paul's Boutique." When asked what his "approach" to the album was, he replied, "Put the dumbest rhymes over the freshest beats." So... that.

Art from "Deadpool" #63 by Matteo Lolli

3) We've seen recently in Jeph Loeb's "Sabretooth Reborn" that there were some "retcons" regarding Logan and the origins of the Weapon X project, so did any of this ever trickle down to Deadpool's original process?


4) Did you or the editors assemble the new Thunderbolts with Ross, Punisher, Elektra and Wade? How do you plan to differentiate this from other dark books like X-Force and also, from previous T-Bolts iterations? The core line-up was already established and approved before my pitch, but I've been given the latitude to add a few surprises here and there. As for your second question, the biggest difference, obviously, is that this team isn't composed of villains, but of anti-heroes. And the exploration of that difference is actually a fundamental part of what makes this book what it is.

5) Did you make the push to keep Wade and use him with this new team?

No, that was actually a call made higher up the food chain. I'm not complaining, though!

6) Lastly, we've seen teasers for the RED LEADER. Can you elaborate on what inspired this character and the origins?

That's really a tough one to answer at the moment -- can I get a pass? I promise to answer as soon as I can.

Okay -- but only if you answer as soon as you can! zennypenguin has questions about looking back over your time with "Deadpool" and looking forward to crossover potential with "Thunderbolts."

Looking back over your time as ongoing writer of "Deadpool," is there anything that stands out as your favorite moments?

Too many to count, my friend. I do have to say, though, that having a fan approach me wearing a full-on meat suit was definitely a life-changing experience.

Why did you decide this was a good time to leave the book?

I was supposed to leave after the "Dead" arc, truth be told. When Marvel asked me to stay on for longer, though (due to a shift in the publishing schedule), I had to ask myself if I had anything else to say with the character. I quickly realized that I did, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to do so.

Cullen Bunn has recently worked on both Deadpool and Venom, who will both show up in "Thunderbolts." Any chance of a collaboration between the two of you?

A very good chance, actually -- we're already making plans!

What was the difficulty in developing a character like Deadpool, who's just so off-the-wall crazy?

I wouldn't say it was difficult, but the important thing that I knew I had to do, from the very beginning, was to not focus overly much on the "crazy" part. Part of Deadpool's appeal is his chaotic nature but without a baseline for comparison, or some other type of counterpoint narrative, the reader is given no chance to really identify or enjoy it -- in other words, the stories always had to have more of a hook than "crazy Deadpool doing crazy things."

Finally, Krel ends our session with a question appropriately about endings.

How is it possible to wrap things up for a character like Deadpool? What was the challenge in trying to bring things to a suitable conclusion before Marvel NOW! picks up?

As a writer, there's an urge -- particularly when you've worked on a character for a long time -- to end your run with something "shocking"; something that leaves the reader unsure of the character's future. It's a selfish urge, really more about the creator than the creation. "Without me, what hope is there for this character?" That's not at all the statement I want to make on my way out. What I wanted -- and what I think I've accomplished -- is to converge the main themes that I've explored during my run and bring them to a satisfying, entertaining conclusion. All that being said, well... you're gonna be shocked.

And now, our "Behind the X" question: What is your favorite Mexican dish? (If it's Chimichangas, that's okay.)

I'm actually not fond in the least of the chimichanga; in my opinion, it's overly complicated and ridiculously indulgent. Which is why it makes perfect sense for Deadpool to be such a fan, right? No, for me it's the humble taco. Al pastor, from a truck (of course), the tortilla christened with just a bit of that bright red grease. Hot sauce and a squirt of lime juice and I'm all set.

Thanks to Daniel Way for his stellar answers for this week's X-Position!

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