X-POSITION: Daniel Way and Marjorie Liu

Currently in the Marvel Universe, the killer known as Daken is working for a government agency, the assassin Deadpool is working on joining the X-Men, and our favorite clawed hero Wolverine is busy breaking criminals out of jail. Do things sound a bit backwards? Well, if you're seeking a culprit, you need not look any further than writers Daniel Way and Marjorie Liu.

Between the pages of the assorted books they write individually and together ("Dark Wolverine," "Wolverine: Origins," "Deadpool," and the upcoming "X-23" one-shot), they've turned the lives of various mutants upside-down and inside out. The two scribes join us today to answer your emails right here on X-POSITION. From the characters they write, they're familiar with lots of slightly off-kilter people, so I have a feeling they'll do just fine with our special brand of X-fan. Let's begin...

Aspbros wrote in about his favorite merc with a mouth and wants to know what his thought process is in his desire to join the X-Men.

I love what's going on with Deadpool. The bit with the chicken ruled! A few questions though:

1) I'm a bit confused. Why does he feel it's essential he join the X-Men? Is he looking for a family or a job?

DANIEL WAY: Neither. What Deadpool is looking for is a quest; a journey that will take him to a new and different level. He's taken the gun-for-hire path as far and as high as it will go, and it's taught him that, for him, the thrill is in the "getting," not the "having" of anything. Convincing the Marvel U that he is a hero seems impossible, right? Well, that's why he's doing it.

2) How is he confused that X-Men don't kill. He's got to know that would be part of the X-deal, wouldn't he?

WAY: Not when he's seen guys like Wolverine gut people from spit to spleen.

3) Why wouldn't Cyclops want to recruit Deadpool for X-Force? Even with his instability, he'd make a good asset...

WAY: X-Force specializes in controlled, low-profile ops. Deadpool is neither controlled nor low-profile.

4) Whose craziness is more dangerous - Norman Osborn's or Deadpool's? Why do you think so and what's the difference between the two?

WAY: Deadpool seeks chaos; Osborn seeks control. Both of them are willing to go to any lengths to achieve their goals. Which is more dangerous? Couldn't say.

Speaking of dangerous, Marius665 is wondering about a clawed individual that we haven't seen for quite some time...

My question is for Daniel Way - during your run on "Wolverine: Origins" was there ever any plans to explain who/what the Native was? She was introduced some time ago, and all we know about her is that she has bone claws similar to Logan's and was in the Weapon X Program when Logan broke out. I don't believe you ever referenced this character (unless I missed it)...

WAY: I considered it, but ultimately jettisoned the idea because, once I brought in the Native, I'd be on the hook for addressing all of the Weapon X characters...and there are just too many.

Sami Dawed has some praise and a question about a possible relationship in the offing...

I'd like to say thanks for sticking with this "Dark Wolverine." I've loved every single issue so far, and I wanted to know if Daken's relationship with Moonstone be explored more?

MARJORIE LIU: Not in the immediate future - as in, no - though I don't think it can be ruled out entirely. Small world, right?

Daken and Moonstone sitting in tree, K-I-L-L-I-N-G. Ick.

Moving on, Providence has queries for each of our guests:

1) First of all, I'm loving "Wolverine: Origins." Now that the series is almost coming to an end, did you have the ending planned out beforehand? And how much has it changed since variables like Skaar couldn't have been planned out from the very beginning?

WAY: I've always known how the series would end, but I can tell you that one particular element - and a key one, at that - has changed since I originally outlined the series.

2) Marjorie, as you're writing "Dark Wolverine" and the "X-23" one-shot, are there any plans for these 2 characters to have more interaction beyond what little they had in "Utopia?"

LIU: I'm sure it's likely, though I think it's also safe to say that we don't want to simply throw them together simply for the sake of having them on the same page. There has to be the right story. And I'm convinced that, eventually, we'll find a good moment and a compelling reason for the two of them to be together in the same book.

While two is good, Chickrockguitar believes three is better...

I have a question for Marjorie Liu - many of us are excited for your "X-23" one-shot. It's not even out yet, and many fans are desperate to know if there will be anymore X-23 from you after this issue? How about some X-23 in "Wolverine"? She's family to both Logan and Daken. It's about time there was a trio team-up!

LIU: Again, no plans in the immediate future for X-23 to join Logan and Daken in the pages of "Dark Wolverine." And let's wait for the "X-23" one-shot to come out first, right?

Thinking about the one-shot, JB sees sparks...or is that merely one of the characters we can expect to find in "X-23?"

Jubilee decided not to visit Utopia in "Nation X" #2. Instead, she left a message for Wolverine: "Dear Logan: Wish you were here." It has been mentioned that she will show up in the "X-23" one-shot and also a short story by Marjorie. What capacity will Jubilee be used, and are there any other (possibly long-term) plans to use her alongside Wolverine, Laura, or Daken from either one of you?

LIU: I can't speak for Dan, but I love the character of Jubilee. I mean, really, she's one of my favorites. So yes, I leapt at the chance to write her in both the "X-23" one-shot and the short story that's coming out as part of the Women of Marvel initiative.

In the one-shot, Jubilee's role won't be huge, but it will be vital in explaining why X-23 and Wolverine are in New York. You'll also get to see her interacting with X-23, which was a kick to write. The short story, on the other hand, is loosely connected to the one-shot - sort of a "between the pages" look at Wolverine and Jubilee together. As for long term plans? None at the moment, but never say never.

Andre4000 has several questions about the upcoming one-shot. I have a feeling this is going to be a popular issue with our readers...

I'm very excited about the "X-23" one-shot that's going to be written by Marjorie, and I have a bunch of questions:

1) What is this one-shot about? Is it a story from her past? Or does it deal with everything presently going on with the character?

LIU: First of all, thanks! The one-shot is about Laura finding her footing in the world. She's been seen as a very physical character in the past - all action - and that'll be true here too, but I go deeper into her head, exploring the circles of abuse she's often found herself in and why it is that, despite all her power and strength, she still allows herself to be controlled by men. So it's not really a story about her past, though the past is referred to. Instead, it's more of a commentary on the present and future of the character.

2) How did this one-shot come up? Did you express a desire to write this character? Or were you approached?

LIU: This came up, actually, while I was still working on "NYX." My then-editor, John Barber, asked if I'd be interested in tackling X-23 for one issue. I said "sure," and away we went! But then it all sort of fell to the wayside until late 2009, at which point I dusted off the script and polished it up.

3) What do you like best about X-23? What makes her interesting to write as a character?

LIU: I don't even know where to start. Do I talk about her abuse, both sexual and physical? Do I discuss her use as a killing machine? Do I point out that she's never really had a chance to be a kid, because every time she finds herself in a situation where that might be possible, she's taken away from it? This is a teenage girl who was raised in a lab, made to be a weapon (basically, brainwashed) and yet, she overcame her conditioning to become someone who wants to live a better life - a girl who wants to do better. There's so much to explore in her character.

4) The NYX version of the character (including her stint as a prostitute) always seemed inconsistent with the present version of X-23. Do you plan on reconciling the two?

LIU: I try, yes.

Wrapping things up today, Andrew has a theory. I think it's a fairly solid one, but let's see what you have to say...

For my part, I was absolutely 100% convinced that Romulus was, in actuality, Dog from the "Origin" miniseries. All the signs were there:

--Dog is Wolverine's half-brother and may well have his healing and long life.--Romulus has been a part of Wolverine's life as far back as Wolverine can remember.--Romulus was responsible for the deaths of some of Wolvie's true loves - just as Wolvie was responsible for the death of Dog's unrequited true love, Rose.--Dog has not been seen in normal Marvel U continuity (to my knowledge) since "Origin," so there's no retconning needed.--And the biggest sign for me is that Romulus' body was shown but never his face - presumably because it would be a face that readers would recognize (a face with crossed with three parallel scars would be a good hint to his identity).

So needless to say, when the reveal was made and there were no scars to be found I was quite surprised. So, I have to know, have I spent a couple years believing a completely false theory? If Romulus is not Dog, is there any hope of seeing Dog re-introduced to regular Marvel U continuity? He's Wolverine's half-brother for crying out loud...

WAY: Sorry, but Romulus was never going to be Dog. Will Dog show up again? I can almost guarantee it.

Sounds promising. I hope you take some consolation in that answer, Andrew.

And now it's time for this week's "Behind the X" question, where we get to know our X-writers on a more personal level. If the two of you wouldn't mind, could you please tell us what the worst job you've ever had was and why?

LIU: I don't mind hard work, so I really can't complain about any job I've ever had. It's a paycheck, right?

WAY: When I was fourteen, I used to clean up the cutting tables and troughs at a small slaughterhouse. Before school and after, I'd go through the place with a high-pressure hose and a bottle of bleach. One day, the owner and his son were out back, standing next to a steer that was (I guess) really sick. There was a little kid (the owner's grandson, I believe) riding around on his tricycle.

I'm standing there, waiting to get paid while the owner and son talk. Suddenly, the owner's son reaches into his truck, pulls out a shotgun, puts it in the steer's ear and pulls the trigger. The steer collapsed, blood running out of every orifice in its huge body. The little kid tried running over the steer's head with his tricycle - he couldn't pull it off. So he rode away, leaving three narrow trails of blood in his wake. I got my forty bucks and never went back.

Um, wow. It suddenly seems very clear why Way was chosen for the books he writes in the X-Universe. Those X-Editors sure are smart. How smart? Well, you'll get a chance to find out next week as they join us to answer your questions in next week's X-POSITION.

You all know the drill. Think up questions about your favorite X-book (all X-books are game), type up that email, and send it to me just as quickly as you can. Putting an "X-Position" in the subject line will spare you from my wrath (or I may just force you to watch an "iCarly" marathon). I'm waiting...

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