X-POSITION: Daniel Way and Marjorie Liu

"Like father, like son" is one of those comments that can be viewed in a positive or negative light, depending on the dad. When your fathers are the Hulk and Wolverine though, odds are that that phrase isn't being used in a complimentary manner. Such is the case for Skaar (Hulk's son) and Daken (Wolvie's boy). Recently, they emulated their dads all too well in a fight reminiscent of Wolverine's first appearance in the Marvel Universe ("Incredible Hulk" #181). There were no winners in this battle...except the readers who were clamoring for this throwdown!

When it comes to the Daken half of the equation, writer Daniel Way knows plenty about the similarities between lil' Logan and his dad - after all, he created the character in "Wolverine: Origins." Currently, Way pens the adventures of the hero/villain in "Dark Wolverine," along with co-writer Marjorie Liu. And when Way isn't busy with Logan and his family tree, he's turning the Merc with a Mouth into a pirate in "Deadpool." Seriously.

Got questions? X-POSITION is here to try and help with answers. Both Way and Liu have joined us for some fun. Let's throw a few queries in the direction of these two highly capable writers and see what happens...

Hunter Lambright starts things off today, and he wants to know about timelines:

1) I just got done with my reading for this week, and I was curious as to what the chronology is with "Incredible Hulk" #603 and "Wolverine: Origins" #41. Which issue comes first? The two seem to contradict each other a bit in regards to their occurrence, so I was hoping you could clear that up for me.

DANIEL WAY: Uhh...little help, editors?

Wow. The first question out of the gate and we're already confounding our guests. Thankfully, "Incredible Hulk" assistant editor Jordan White is available with an assist.

JORDAN WHITE: The way I see it, "Wolverine: Origins" is the first meeting between Banner, Skaar, and Logan, and "Incredible Hulk" takes place sometime shortly thereafter. Logan just tracks the duo down again when he finds out that: a) they tussled with Juggernaut, and b) Daken is coming for Skaar. That, or Marvel continuity has been irrevocably shattered.

2) First off, I recently bought your first volume of Deadpool's latest series in TPB form. Congratulations on making Deadpool funny for me for the first time! I was curious, do you think the success in this series has something to do with the way you've meshed Deadpool with the Marvel Universe? Or is it simply that it was the right time for the character?

WAY: A little of both, probably. From the outset, I was determined not to wall Deadpool off in his own universe - interacting with only "Deadpool" characters - because we've seen that that just doesn't work. As far as it being the character's "time," well, that's where the voodoo comes in.

Sure, voodoo...and some affection from Executive Editor & X-Men Group Editor Axel Alonso.

AXEL ALONSO: Hey, what's not to love about Deadpool? He's a walking Deus Ex Machina. He can break all the rules, and you don't hold it against him. And deep down...he's you.

3) We've seen Daken playing all the sides of the table for himself, but what will his role be in "Siege?" The "Siege of Asgard" seems to be a little out of his range, so I'm wondering what his stake in it will be...

MARJORIE LIU: His stake will be quite personal. Life-changing, even.

Taimur O Dar was also curious about Daken's future...and some of those upcoming events you mentioned.

1) Is there any possibility of Osborn's Dark X-Men team showing up in Daken's title since he used to be a member?

LIU: Anything is possible, but currently there aren't any plans for that...I don't think.

2) Daniel, I've loved your past year's worth of Deadpool, especially how you've used him in "Secret Invasion," "Dark Reign," and "Nation X" events. So I've gotta know - any tie-in plans for the other major upcoming events like "Second Coming," "Siege," or "DoomWar?"

WAY: With Deadpool, you can't rule out anything. And with his popularity soaring like it is, I can almost guarantee you'll be seeing him in all corners of the MU.

Okay, with that in mind, MarvelSam was wondering what he'll find in the corner on the left...

1) It seems that Deadpool is jumping from character to character at the moment, with his obsessions ranging from the X-Men to Spider-Man. So I was wondering if Deadpool would be teaming up with any villains in the near future. The Deadpool/Thunderbolts crossover was fantastic, and I'd be interested to see Deadpool's reaction when he realizes Black Widow was really Natasha in disguise!

WAY: Right now, Deadpool is trying out this whole "hero" thing. Expect some very unexpected guest stars as he bounces around the MU on his dubious quest.

ALONSO: For example, in "Deadpool Team-Up" #898 this December, Deadpool teams up with the Zapata Brothers - the two tough-as-nails Lucheradore bounty hunters.

2) I was wondering if you had any plans to bring a younger version of Sabretooth into the "Dark Wolverine" series? Maybe Sabretooth had a kid too? I think it'd make for an interesting storyline, especially with Sabretooth gone. Maybe younger Sabretooth could end up befriending the original Wolverine! Thoughts?

LIU: No immediate plans, sorry. Though I must admit that I've always been a Sabretooth fan - er, well, the Age of Apocalypse version, anyway. He and Blink were fantastic together.

3) After "Dark Reign" concludes in 2010, I wanted to know what plans you had for the character of Dark Wolverine/Daken. Will the series revert to "Wolverine," with the focus back on Logan? Or will Daken escape New York, and the series begins to focus more on his origins and what he likes to do outside of New York City?

LIU: Daken isn't going to disappear anytime soon, and I can pretty much guarantee that he'll be leaving New York City. As for the rest, there's a big difference between what Daken likes to do and what he needs to do. Up until now, he's been playing games - running his own little social experiment. That's never going to change...because it's fun for him. But the time when he can simply coast and play is going to end. Fast.

4) The current "Wolverine: Origins" issues all seem to be focusing around the same villain - Romulus. Although it makes for an interesting read, I wanted to know if you had any plans to bring Nuke back into the series? Now that he goes by the name Scourge and has the Thunderbolts and Norman Osborn covering his back, a re-encounter would make for an awesome read!

WAY: As a huge Nuke fan, I couldn't be happier that he's back. But, other than in flashbacks, you won't be seeing him in "Origins."

As long as MarvelSam brought up Romulus, Aspbros had a few questions about the character and recent events:

1) With regards to the recent issue of "Origins," Logan walks away from Romulus - really? Wolverine seems so much smarter than this. What do you feel is the justification for this?

WAY: For essentially his entire life, Wolverine has done what Romulus wants him to do. In that scene, Romulus wanted Wolverine to kill him. What better revenge could Wolverine have? Stick around and find out.

2) I have to confess, I have mixed feelings about Romulus in general. There's a part of me that finds him interesting, but part of him feels like a bad 80's remix (especially all the funky claws). Wolverine's origin was just starting to feel more clear than it has in decades (especially with him getting his memories back), but Romulus seems to muddy it all up. Has he come across as you intended?

WAY: For the most part, yes.

Cathereen is up next, and she's taking a look at some of the X-characters through lenses that are extremely XX...chromosome, that is.

1) This is a question for Marjorie - as a woman, do you feel you view Wolverine differently than guys? A lot of Wolverine books (in the past, anyhow) have been all about him being a tough, macho killing machine. While that can occasionally be fun, it feels one-note after awhile. How do you see Logan and what draws you to him?

LIU: Does my gender affect the way I see Wolverine? Probably. I'm sure of it. But I honestly can't tell you what those differences might be. I just write. I don't analyze. Of course, having said that, I'm also viewing Wolverine through the eyes of all the writers who have built his character over the years - and that's an influence that just might be more powerful than my gender.

As for the rest, I see Logan as the pure distilled essence of the rugged individualist - one of the most dangerous men in the world, whose lethal qualities are tempered by a common sense approach to right and wrong. He'll go through hell and back to help a friend, and yet he's a cold-hearted killer. I mean, I could go on...but suffice to say, he's a fascinating character.

2) And how about Daken? He seems like a big testosterone machine. What makes him special to you and how is his attitude different than Wolverine? How about someone like Deadpool?

LIU: When I imagine a testosterone machine, the first thing that comes to mind is an out of control seventeen-year old boy who is desperately showing off for his friends; or some dude who doesn't have confidence but pretends to be something special by talking loud, picking fights, and treating women like it's 20,000 BC (and there's a cave and bone-club that needs swinging). But, having pondered this issue far longer than I really need too - and after gazing upon old photos of Clint Eastwood, Cary Grant, and Johnny Depp - it's only fair to commend all the other fine, upstanding, testosterone machines in the world; whether that testosterone is raging, quiet, or barely there.

But, I digress. Daken is sophisticated...and masculine. He's got confidence, intelligence, and - unlike his father - he takes delight in manipulating others, whether for his own amusement or actual gain. Daken has tons of testosterone, and he knows what to do with it.

Deadpool, on the other hand, is just nuts - crazy, a lunatic. Deliciously so.

Uh, yum? Batmangorilla wants to know about the future, but is also hoping for a look back at the past.

1) I have a question for Daniel Way about his "Wolverine: Origins" run - you've mentioned that you had a clear end in mind when you started this book. With that in mind, is this book ending soon or do we still have a long way to go?

WAY: If all goes according to plan, 'Origins' will end at issue #50. I think.

2) Also, does the "Dark Wolverine" comic make your work more difficult or easier as you don't have to deal with Daken in "Origins?"

WAY: As some of you may recall, the original plan was for "Origins" to run 60 issues. But with Daken breaking out on his own, in his own book, I've been able to accelerate that pace.

3) For the "Dark Wolverine" team, will we see more of Daken in his off-time soon (i.e. out of costume)?

WAY: Guaranteed.

LIU: Read issue #81.

4) And regarding "Deadpool," when are we going to get a clear origin story for Deadpool and what he ultimately spends his money on?

WAY: Deadpool's origin has already been told, and I have no plans to go back to it. To answer the second part of your question - money, to Deadpool, is a means to an end. We've seen what happens when he has money but nothing to spend it on: he shuts down. Literally. Deadpool is a reaction; when there's no action, he ceases to exist.

ALONSO: Hey, a guy's got to have his mystique, doesn't he? We'll get around to filling in some of the blanks. As for Wade's finances, I don't think he spends his money so much as he blows his money. He's not the kind of guy who keeps a savings account.

And that's the last of our questions from you, the fans. But before we go, we're going to try a little something new. As you know, our special guests come every week and kindly answer your questions, but these folks are more than just living X-Men wikis. Therefore, in an attempt to get to know our visitors a little better, I'm going to ask them a question to give us a peek "Behind the X," so to speak.

This week's question is a somewhat leading one, but when you hear that someone is engaged in a benevolent activity, you naturally want to let others know. Soooo...Marjorie, I've heard you're involved with a group that is attempting to make the upcoming holiday season a bit brighter for some folks that could use a little cheer. Care to share some details with our readers?

LIU: Thanks, George. There's a wonderful organization called Support Our Soldiers, which for years has been sending books overseas to our troops. Its founder, Kelley Granzow, is beginning to put together care packages for the holidays and is trying to gather small items to include in the boxes...such as books! If you've got gently used books or comics that you wouldn't mind parting with, please send them to:

Support Our Soldiers

c/o Kelley Granzow

P.O. Box 624

Brice, OH 43109

If you have more questions, you can email Kelley directly at kelleygranzow@yahoo.com. S.O.S. has 300 soldiers this year, 128 of which are in Afghanistan. The deadline is late November.

WAY: My brother is in the Army and just got back from Iraq. Programs like these mean so much to our soldiers. And if you can't send a book, just send a letter. Anything.

On that thoughtful note, we conclude this week's campfire X-chat. Next week, writer Peter David joins us to answer your questions about "X-Factor" and "Wolverine: First Class." And considering all the revelations in "X-Factor" #50 (in stores this week), I'm expecting an In Box full of email.

Unfortunately, due to unforeseeable delays with this X-POSITION, I need your questions even sooner than usual, so email me now with an "X-Position" in the subject line. Don't wait! I have already collected a bunch of questions from CBR's X-forums (a great place to visit), but I could always use more. So send those treats my way, and I'll try not to leave you with any tricks. Have a Happy Halloween!

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