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For years, fans followed the X-Men's Wolverine without knowing much, if anything, about his past. He was a man of mystery, even to himself, as the Weapon X experiments which laced his skeleton with the metal adamantium also set up mental blocks to much of his memory. Wolverine was a man whose past was a blank slate; that is, until M-Day occurred.

After the Scarlet Witch used chaos magic to rewrite reality, Wolverine's memories were restored. The character suddenly realized he was over a hundred-years-old and that he had much to account for. For writers of the character, though, this meant something different: the potential for Wolverine stories had now opened up greatly, as there was over a century of back-story that needed to be told and explored.

All of this and more is occurring now - including the discovery of a long-lost son - in the pages of "Wolverine: Origins," written by Daniel Way with art by Steve Dillon. Recently in the book, Wolverine tangled with fellow mutant Deadpool, which gave readers a taste of how Way handled the fan-favorite "mercenary with a mouth." The story was so well received, Marvel announced in April that Deadpool would get his own series with Way as the writer.

Wolverine and Deadpool are both characters with very "vocal" fan-bases. We at X-POSITION have heard you, and we've wrangled up Daniel Way to answer your questions. With a bit of luck, he will try to satisfy you with regards to your queries, concerns, and maybe even take a stab at one of your hopes or dreams (as long as those hopes or dreams involve violence and mutants).

EXCLUSIVE: Page from "Wolverine: Origins" #26

The question we're beginning with today (courtesy of Philip A. Moore) is, ironically, about the end.

1) Do you have an ending in mind for "Origins"?

Yes. It's a story arc titled "What I Do," and it's brutal.

2) Will we ever see any Wolvie stories dealing with Vietnam?

You've already seen some Vietnam stuff in the "Born In Blood" arc, where it was revealed that Logan was playing both sides against the middle, escalating the conflict.

Marcus Martin is next, and he's hoping to see a few visitors from the Marvel U show up in "Origins."

1) In the Deadpool arc, we had Wolverine kind of feeling bad for Deadpool because he was somewhat responsible for his condition. This makes me curious about Wolverine's relationship with the Hulk and the recent events of "World War Hulk." So I was wondering if we will ever see his reaction to the battles of their past?

Funny you should mention his relationship with Hulk, actually...

I mean, would Wolverine feel sorry for the Hulk because they are so similar in certain ways? And do you think we will ever find out the real reason why Wolverine went after the Hulk in his first appearance anywhere in "Wolverine: Origins"?

Yes. And sooner than you think.

2) There was once a miniseries which showed Wolverine meeting Ben Grimm and Carol Danvers. It was titled "Before the Fantastic Four: Ben and Logan," and it showed them before they were superheroes. Is there any chance at all that "Origins" will ever touch upon that info?

There is a possibility, yes. Especially right toward the very end of the series.

3) With his recent reappearance in the Marvel Universe, I was wondering if we are ever to get a confrontation between Wolverine and Nick Fury over their past together?

At this point, I'd say that Wolverine would have to get in line for that. But, to answer your question, yes. You may remember a scene with Cyber and Nick Fury during the "Swift and Terrible" arc...?

Overall, it sounds like Wolverine needs to prepare for some guests.

Our first Deadpool questions arrive thanks to X-POSITION regular Red Lotus. Let's see if you what details Way will share...

1) Are you planning on using any of Deadpool's past supporting characters in his new solo series?

Yes, but not immediately.

2) How much of an influence will Deadpool's first series and "Cable and Deadpool" have on your work?

My ideas for this "Deadpool" series were directly influenced by both Deadpool's first solo series and the last few issues of "Cable and Deadpool."

3) Are you planning on using any other X-Men in any of the upcoming arcs (of "Origins" or "Deadpool")?

Yes and yes...particularly, in "Origins." Which X-Men, you ask? Well, how about all of them?

4) Any news on the artist of "Deadpool" yet? Maybe a hint?

Here's a clue: it's Paco Medina.

Hm. One more clue and we're sure we can figure it out.

Reader Paul C. sent in the longest list of questions this week, so he wins the prize...of going last. Congrats!

1) What is it like working with the legend that is Steve Dillon? Can you tell us more about his replacement?

I'm sure you have an approximation of how cool it is, right? Just triple that and you have the reality. The best part is when he calls me up from his local pub (which is also, by the way, his studio) just to chat. You know you've done something right in your life when Steve Dillon wants to chat with you.

And no. But soon...

2) There wasn't any "Wolverine: Origins" in the latest batch of solicits. Is the book running behind?

Not in the traditional sense. We're just allowing for the incoming artist to finish up some other obligations. Though I'm sure he could've double-timed it and made the schedule, I think we'd all rather have it later and right than just right now.

3) Your next story arc appears to be only two parts in length. Why the change? Can we expect more shorter story arcs as well?

In the case of "Son of X," the story dictated the length of the arc - it's as simple as that. Tell me, do you prefer shorter arcs?

4) What makes you think that your take on Deadpool is going to work where others have failed in the past?

Good question. I think we'll survive because we're going to bring Deadpool right into the heart of the Marvel U as opposed to sequestering him in his own "pocket universe" where he can easily be ignored. No, our Deadpool will be front and center...or, well, a little bit off-center, actually...

5) Are you still on "Origins" for your intended sixty issues, or is there another figure in mind?

I may "call an audible" at some point, but, as of right now, we're still on track for sixty issues. Might have a special or a spin-off somewhere along the line though...

6) Where did you come up with the idea of giving Wolverine a son? Are you pleased with the way things have turned out so far regarding the son (despite some reader controversy)?

The worst thing that could've happened was that I reveal Wolverine has a son...and no one cares. Controversy is a good sign and, honestly, the character was built to be controversial. Yeah, I'd say I'm pleased with the way things have turned out thus far...but the future looks even better. I'd say it's about time for Daken to meet some other Marvel characters - what do you think?

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But before you run off, be sure to make note that we'll be back next week with one heck of a guest -- or should I say "guests?" That's right, the X-Editors will be here to answer your questions on all things X-related.

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