X-POSITION: Daniel Way

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I'm a schizophrenic,

And so am I...or am I?


The character of Deadpool has an ongoing dialogue with himself throughout his ongoing Marvel Comics series, but does that make him a person with a loud subconscious, a schizophrenic, or just a good conversationalist?

The "merc with a mouth" is a mystery of monstrous proportions, but thankfully we have his writer Daniel Way joining us for today's all new X-POSTION. He will endeavor to answer your questions on all his books: "Deadpool," "Wolverine: Origins," and the upcoming "Dark Wolverine." Ready for some ramblings? Then let's rumble...

CBR: Monolith gets the ball rolling with a couple of continuity queries.

I'm quite enjoying "Wolverine: Origins." It's impressive to see someone take up the challenge of mapping out Logan's history with as much detail as you have done. I do have some questions about the timeline though...

Silver Fox has been dead/not dead many times over the years. You've stuck with her original death in the cabin. Do you have any plans to address who that Hydra woman was who showed up in the 90's claiming to be Silver Fox?

Daniel Way: Hate to be rude and answer a question with a question, but have you ever heard the story of Pandora's Box?

Was Daken born (and Itsu killed) in the 1930s or 1950s? It seems to vacillate...

The Forties, actually.

Ah, the King Solomon-like wisdom of Daniel Way!

Marcus Martin is up next, and he wanted to know more about the darkness of Daken...

Does Daken have any moral compass, or does he truly not care about the innocents that he now tries to protect in his father's costume?

Daken will help innocent people, but only if it ultimately benefits him as well. So he kinda has a moral compass...it's just that the needle always points toward himself.

Since Wolverine has a son and Hulk has a son, will there ever be a future fight between Daken and Skarr, where Skarr comes to Earth looking for his father?

You never know. If Skaar were to show up and start a ruckus, it would definitely warrant the Avengers (Dark or otherwise) getting involved.

Will there be any future crossovers between "Deadpool" and "Dark Wolverine," so that Deadpool can have a second shot at fighting Daken?

No plans currently, but another member of the Dark Avengers will be showing up in "Deadpool"...

Adding on to the above wish list, Taimur is hoping for an uncomfortable familial encounter.

Can we expect a family reunion of sorts between Daken and X-23 in either "Wolverine: Origins" or Daken's own "Dark Wolverine" in the not-too-distant future?

It seems destined to happen, doesn't it? And it'd definitely be weird - she is, after all, a clone of Wolverine, so she's like his Dad/Mom. But she's younger than he is.

I've been loving the "Deadpool" title so far, with all the great humor and pop culture references you manage to cram into every issue. With Wade about to make his big-screen debut in a few months (courtesy of Ryan Reynolds), can we expect some references to the upcoming "Wolverine" movie and Deadpool's new "look" in the film?

Nah. Well, I take that back - if, after seeing the movie, I feel that Deadpool should comment on the film, I'll let it fly...

Meanwhile, Deadpool will have a guest-starring role on the hit show, "Two Guys, a Merc, and a Pizza Place."

Like the rest of the country, Robert Jackson has his eye on the economy, so he's worried about Deadpool's finances...

Does Deadpool have higher aspirations than just getting paid? What does he plan to do with said money if he does ever get paid? I mean, there's only so many spatulas a man can have (or chimichangas he can eat)...

That's a great question, and one that I've recently asked myself. All I can tell you at this point is that you'll have to wait for the "Wave of Mutilation" arc to get the answer.

Something old, something new - it appears reader Jamal Sagaiar is in the mood for the latter.

How about giving Deadpool a major story arc or an over-arching villain that develops over the years? We have never had that in Deadpool before (besides T-Ray in the first run). I'd like to see a villain worthy of Deadpool that could be a serious threat! Bring it on!

As much as I'd love to bring in new characters, it's tough. Not everyone is as enlightened as you are, unfortunately - resistance to new characters is often extreme. I have several ideas, however...

Brad McClaren has some ideas too, which he happily passed along via the X-POSITION mailbag.

Thank you - and Marvel - for giving our beloved "Merc-with-a-mouth" a new monthly title. I've been following the new series since it started and have found myself gasping for air from laughing so hard. But enough of the brown-nosing, here are my questions:

With Bob back (finally!), will we start seeing more of Deadpool's other supporting cast like Weasel and Blind Al? If so, when?

They'll be popping in and out. Bob will be back soon, and I have definite plans for Blind Al.

Can we please have the story behind Deadpool's origin? It was hinted at with T-Ray, but I don't think it's ever been tackled.

As far as I'm concerned, Deadpool was born the day he escaped from the Workshop. Whoever he was before that is simply a figment of his warped imagination. Then again, we may do a double-sized origin issue!

With the events of "X-Factor" #39, is there any chance our hero could wind up getting rebound nookie from Siryn? C'mon, those two were made for each other!

Oh, there's definitely a chance...

Is that T-Ray stuck in Deadpool's head? They're obviously different personalities, if for no other reason than because one lacks yellow thought boxes. What gives?

Honest answer? I wanted to do Deadpool without a straight man or sidekick to bounce off of, so I simply internalized the chatter. Think of it like this: you know how we're supposed to have an angel on one of our shoulders whispering into our ear, and a devil on the other? Well, Deadpool has two devils.

Nik Hampshire brings things to a close with question, a tasty proposal, and a proposition:

Can we please get a Deadpool letter page? The letter pages where Deadpool answered questions in the old comics were outstanding and, honestly, almost as good as the comic itself. Pretty please?

Sure. Axel, can we do this?

Editor Axel Alonso: Okay, but no cussing.

That @^%#%#-ing rules! Once again, X-POSITION readers have spread their influence across the Marvel Universe - nice work, folks!

And thus ends this week's therapy session. Next week, we'll be doubling your pleasure with writers Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost. They'll be answering all those thoughtful questions you send our way regarding "X-Force," "Messiah War," and "Kingbreaker." Throw an "X-Position" in the subject line, and I'll be sure to treat your email as if it were my own. See you in seven!

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