X-POSITION: Craig Kyle & Chris Yost

Every so often, a writer will pen a storyline for which they become famous - no, scratch that. For which they become infamous. Whether it's bringing a character back from the dead, cloning them, breaking their back, or killing them, this reputation lingers no matter what else the writer may do.

This isn't necessarily a bad thing, though. After all, as writer Brendan Behan once said, "There's no such thing as bad publicity..."

As a matter of fact, in the case of writers Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost, their reputation for killing characters in the pages of "New X-Men" probably helped them land their current Marel Comics gig, "X-Force," about a team of mutants that kills and maims in nearly every issue. Thankfully, the writers seem to enjoy the notoriety and are good sports about the ribbing fans give them - at least, those fans that do intend their barbs to be just "ribbing."

Yost and Kyle join us to answer your questions in today's X-POSITION. Let's hope we all make it out alive...

CBR: Our first email of the day comes from Sami Dawed and isn't about "X-Force," but it does involve Wolverine and a powerful little mutant.

In the story written by Christopher Yost in "Runaways" #10, Molly Hayes briefly spent time with the X-Men. I was wondering why Molly angrily leaves the X-Men at the end, though? I understand it wasn't the trip she'd been looking for, but how exactly did her goodbye with Wolverine end up making her so mad?

CHRISTOPHER YOST: That's a good question. It was a rough day for her, emotionally, and because she went through such an emotionally traumatizing experience there in San Francisco, she didn't want any part of the town - let alone the X-Men - at that point.

You know, she was only with the X-Men an hour before the car she was in got blown up...which is a common occurrence with X-children. Molly is a pretty smart little girl, and she just decided to get the hell out of Dodge.

Caleb Warren is up next, and he's not worried so much about the dead; his concern is about the living.

If Hellion and Surge survive, won't they have to join X-Force like Elixir did? I guess my real question is - how can X-Force keep saving people if that's what they're going to have to do every time?

CRAIG KYLE: Let's just hope they make it out of there. As the fans know all too well, when it comes to New X-Men, we're not too forgiving. When, and if, one or both of them should survive - us willing - that's going to be an issue. That's one of the ongoing questions of the book - how do you put the toothpaste back in the tube as it continues to spill all over the X-universe? Cyclops is keeping a lot of secrets, and there's no way to keep it all contained. It's going to be a problem for Scott and X-Force should they succeed in rescuing those kids. Can it be dealt with? Possibly, but how is a mystery?

YOST: The other thing is, even if they were to survive, what would they be seeing? They'd be seeing themselves get rescued. They're not necessarily going to put together that this is a wetworks team that goes out and kills the enemies of muntantkind.

The other option is the fact that they have the Cuckoos on their side. Even though there is kind of a big dust-up about mind-wiping, it's still a pretty good option.

Speaking of the Cuckoos, RoguishGurl was wondering...

In "Uncanny X-Men," we recently saw Elixir flirting with the Cuckoos. Does this mean his relationship with Loa is on the rocks, or is he just being a regular teenage boy? And would Loa be likely to make an appearance in "X-Force?"

YOST: There is going to be something happening in the near future in "X-Force" where we will have a lot of guest-stars. But whether Loa makes the cut, well, since she does have a connection with Josh it's pretty likely. Regarding the Cuckoos' interest in Josh though...I don't know. If you can control your biology in every single way imaginable, I'd think that would make a pretty good boyfriend.

KYLE: Yeah, that's a good guy to party with.

Is it possible to get any more hints about the "X-Force: Sex and Violence" mini that is coming out in August?

YOST: We've seen some art on it (by Gabriele Dell'Otto), and my hint is that it's going to be awesome.

KYLE: The work we've seen thus far is extraordinary. For people who have enjoyed the Domino/Wolverine interaction in the book, this will hopefully exceed all their enjoyment so far. I think it's safe to say that this story was actually inspired by that delicious Choi/Oback cover that was done for issue #9...

YOST: Absolutely. They're two of the deadliest people on the planet. She's freaking hot, and Wolverine, well, he's kind of ugly, but he's got that sexy animal thing going for him. Those two are just sex and violence incarnate, and they're fun.

KYLE: It's not a MAX title. We go right to that edge, but in the most fun way possible. I think once you cross the line, you tend to lose the fun of dancing right on top of it. We deliver on the book's title. (Artist) Gabe is bringing his best to the book, and Chris and I are working to do the same.

Taimur Dar wrote in next and wanted to check up on a plot point or two...

Will Simon Trask learn that his brother Bolivar has been resurrected, and will the Proposition X plot enter into "X-Force?"

YOST: I would say "not necessarily" about Proposition X, but the Trask bit we will definitely be addressing.

It was great to see a Cable and Deadpool reunion of sorts in "Messiah War," but what fate lies in store for this Deadpool from an alternate future? Any chance of him making it through the story alive and possibly meeting up with the current Deadpool?


KYLE: I would not hold your breath for that team-up.

YOST: There's actually a Deadpool and zombie Deadpool team-up going on, I believe.

KYLE: Ooh! What a trio they'd make!

YOST: Yeah, Deadpool, zombie Deadpool head, and future Deadpool in a book together - it'd be magic!

On the topic of the "Messiah War," Joshua was curious...

Have you guys and the rest of the X-writers started planning the third chapter of the "Messiah Trilogy" yet?

YOST: Yes.

KYLE: We plan first, and write later.

YOST: But first we had to check on Galactus' availability. And then, secondly, where the Beyonder is right now...

KYLE: It's a love story I don't think anyone will forget.

Would you guys ever do a follow up mini or ongoing series to "New X-Men?" I miss them...despite the high mortality rate.

KYLE: I will say I love those kids, but looking at our future and the amount of work we have, there are a couple of other things that I personally would look to before we returned to the kids. Although, that said, we are bringing them into our current "X-Force" run.

YOST: Obviously, we both love those kids. But to me, the way you make characters like those stick is to see them in "Uncanny" and "X-Force" - to see them as actual parts of the book as actual people. That's how you get to know those characters and cement them as actual parts of the X-Men's lives.

You know, if there was an opportunity to tell a great story with those kids, I'd absolutely do it...or just kill more of them.

What did you guys think of the "fresh meat" of the Young X-Men, specifically Ink, Greymalkin and Cipher?

KYLE: Being guys who brought new characters in and experienced the wrath and eventual joy of doing so, I think it is a necessary part of building the great library of characters that Marvel has. It's always a challenge, because people want to see the characters they know. But if Marvel only did that - and then with guys like me and Chris running around - they'd eventually be down to only one guy.

It's always great to see new blood put into the books. I think the work done with those new characters was great. I bet you'd find quite a few fans who are excited that those characters joined the ranks of the mutants that exist out there. Chris and I always applaud those who take the gamble and try to widen the very small pool of heroes and villains that are out there.

YOST: The bottom line is, if nobody is out there creating new characters, then everything becomes stagnant. If they didn't create new characters, we never would have Wolverine, Rogue, or Gambit.

Chickrockguitar seems to be pleased with what's going on, but needs to know what's next...

With the X-23 stuff that will be upon us after "Messiah War," are we likely to be revisiting her past at all? Also, are there any plans for Kimura and/or Megan and Debbie to make a reappearance at some point?

YOST: I would say that the arc following "Messiah War" will be very X-23 intensive. And I can't say who's going to be showing up, but I wouldn't be surprised to see at least one of those people.

KYLE: Every book and series that we've worked on - including the minis - have been building since our X-23 days. Her saga is ongoing, just like our "New X-Men" run is ongoing, just as our "X-Force" run is ongoing. Any of those stories we've told - until we step away from X-23 and the X-books - is part of our ongoing saga in comics. We haven't forgotten about X-23's past, and it's always exciting when fans haven't either.

YOST: And you could say this arc will be important to her future too.

KYLE: Interesting. I would also agree with that.

Piotr Pacyk dreams of big men flying. Can you make his dreams come true?

What's with Warpath and his long-forgotten ability to fly? You mentioned it twice during "Messiah War" - was there some specific reason for this?

YOST: I think that Warpath is a tough guy and the thought of him just flying around like that is embarrassing to him, so he doesn't do it and he doesn't talk about it. And he doesn't like it when other people talk about it, like, "You just look like a goofball up there. You look like you should have tights and a cape, and it's weird."

So he doesn't mention his flying, but he can do it in a pinch...like one coming up.

Giselle loves a good love story and wanted to share a favorite of hers...

Will Psylocke guest-star in "X-Force" at some point? I think she is the one person that can really relate to what Warren's been through lately (as she just got body-swapped again) and they have such a beautiful story together. Please, make it so!

YOST: No, they had a weird story together. They had that weird "Crimson Dawn" thing, and then he slept with Paige, who was like, twelve.

KYLE: That's inappropriate. We didn't write that, did we?

YOST: Nah.

KYLE: Phew.

Lance closes up today's X-POSITION. While he really enjoys your comics, he's hoping to see more animated endeavors (like the "Hulk Vs." DVD). Can you help him out?

Are the two of you working on any more animated films together?

KYLE: Sadly at the moment, no. Chris is overseeing our animated "Avengers" series as the head writer, and I'm working full-time (as co-producer) on the "Thor" live-action feature. We are only joined at the comic book hip.

Next week, writer Daniel Way comes to play in the X-POSITION sandbox. As the writer of "Deadpool," "Dark Wolverine," and "Wolverine: Origins," there are a ton of X-topics to be covered, so think up those questions and email them to me as soon as you can. And be sure to put an "X-Position" in the subject line, or else I'll have Kyle and Yost eliminate you in a bloody fashion. Just kidding! (I think...)

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