X-POSITION: Cornell's "Wolverine" Switches Sides

It's a brave new world for "Wolverine" and the first issue hit the ground running last week, introducing new characters, a new costume and a new, villainous outlook on the Marvel Universe for Logan. Writer Paul Cornell and artist Ryan Stegman launched the series with a bang, identifying Wolverine as the Marvel Universe's newest villain, armed with a gun and clad in armor. Working as the leader of a squad backed by The Offer -- a villain with the ability to make anybody the best possible offer at any given time -- the first arc of the relaunched All-New Marvel NOW! series will help explain how Logan left the Jean Grey School and abandoned his heroic outlook to head to the darker side of the Marvel U.

With such a massive shift in the character's status quo, Paul Cornell joined X-Position to answer your questions about the new "Wolverine," how his relationships fare in the shift, Wolverine's new villain crew, how his code of honor has evolved and more.

Navarro is up first with a question about Wolverine's relationship with Storm in the new world order.

Mr. Cornell, while I loved most things about your first Wolverine run, what stood out for me was his relationship with Storm. This had been teased for decades, so I, and many others, were very excited to see it finally become canon, and how beautifully you wrote their scenes -- thank you for that. But I must ask, what made you decide to break them up so soon, barely a year after they became a couple in "Wolverine and the X-Men"?

Paul Cornell: This is one of those questions to which, horribly, the answer has to be "keep reading," in that, in the first four-issue arc, you'll see Storm again in the flashbacks, and get a sense of what Logan's thinking. It's only at the end of issue #4 that we see him walk out on his old life.

Cornell & Stegman Bring "Wolverine" to All-New Marvel NOW!

Renaldo's back with some questions about The Offer and guest-appearances from some of Logan's fellow heroes in the first arc.

1) Paul, given that The Offer is making their presence felt, and Logan's loss of his healing factor, do you see this as more Logan thrown into a volatile X-Force mix as a pleb on missions as opposed to a leader as in the past?

He definitely takes a leading role in the missions. Offer knows he's hired someone with a lot of experience.

2) With heroes like Thor bumping in as well as Spider-Man, with the latter, is this a chance to flip the roles where Wolverine was usually the advisor? Are you stripping down the leader that Logan became in recent years and scaling him back down?

Well, he's given up that structured life, and is now leading only a team of four. Thor is just furious with him. And it's true that Logan is the one seeking out Spider-Man, just for once.

cora_reef has a few queries about Wolverine crossing paths with an old protege and his choice of weapon.

Dear Mr. Cornell, I was very excited to hear that Wolverine will be crossing paths with Brian Wood's "X-Men" squad in "Wolverine." What was your favorite aspect of exploring the dynamic between Jubilee (who also lost her powers) and Wolverine (who just lost an aspect of his powers)?

Doing exactly that, really. These two have a lot of history, and Jubilee seeks out Logan in the flashbacks to find out what's up with him, to compare their situations.

Wolverine carrying a gun seems like it goes against the character's core. Historically, Wolverine has proven to be more efficient with bladed weapons. What was your reasoning for arming him with a gun rather than, say, a sword or knife?

He needs a ranged weapon, because now he can't just run into other peoples' ranged weapon attacks. Also, there's the shock value of him carrying something so ordinary. I think that says something about how mean and small his new situation is.

mr_infinite wants to know more about Wolverine-as-a-villain and the reaction both fans and heroes will have to the development.

Hi Paul! I was a big fan of your previous run on "Wolverine" and it's great to see the story continuing with major effects on the Marvel Universe at large. That said, he's still part of the Marvel U, so what happens when the rest of the Marvel U finds out he's a villain?

Thor tries to use him as a chew toy in #5, that's what.

Cornell Prepares for Act Two of his "Wolverine" Epic

I'm sure some comparisons have already gotten made to "Superior Spider-Man," especially due to the vitriolic fan response. What's the fan reaction so far that has most surprised you?

That they don't get that we haven't seen the full story of how and why he quit yet, that it'll take four issues to do that. For some reason, a handful of people (possibly those who've read the issue really fast) seem to think they've had all the explanation they're going to get.

JimTheTroll wants to know more about Wolverine's code and the new characters introduced in the first issue.

Wolverine as a villain? Say it ain't so!

It's a really interesting concept, but I was wondering about Logan's previous code of honor from when his time in Japan. To me, that's always been a really concrete aspect of the character. What would make him want to re-evaluate that code?

I'm interested in how he's never held himself entirely to it. As Sabretooth said at the end of the last volume, every time Logan makes rules for himself, he breaks them. I think, like most of us, he's just making it up as he goes along. Only Logan isn't comfortable with that, he needs a code to live by. This is him trying to find out what sort of code will actually work for him.

I'm also really intrigued by the new characters you and Ryan Stegman introduced in the first issue. Will Wolverine be getting to know the new characters in the same way the readers are?

Yes, I think so. They'll be here for a long while.

Cornell & Stegman Kick Off a Dangerous New Era for "Wolverine"

Finally, Logan's long association with the X-Men seems like it'll be under pressure moving forward. Will we get to see exactly what Cyclops thinks of Logan's change of heart?


Morgan wraps up this week's questions with a query about Sabretooth's long history with Logan.

Sabretooth is such a big part of Wolverine's history, and it's great to see that he plays some kind of role in the current series. What do you think make Wolverine and Sabretooth such good archenemies and foils to one another?

Because they're so similar, and yet the small differences mean everything. I'm playing up how much they're intertwined with each other, how much each bases who he is on what the other is like. Right now, Sabretooth has the moral high ground, and that's something that's rocked Logan to the core.

Thanks to Paul Cornell for taking on this week's questions!

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