X-POSITION: Cornell Brings Accessibility To "Wolverine"

In the entire Marvel Universe, there's no character more ubiquitous than Wolverine. Starring in any number of X-Men books, Marvel NOW! saw the re-launch of the character's solo ongoing series under the steady hand of writer Paul Cornell and artist Alan Davis, which explores the adventures of the best there is at what he does beyond the bounds of a team or a school.

With his first arc wrapping up this week, Paul Cornell joined X-Position to discuss making the character accessible, bringing guest stars into the mix, Logan's return to Wakanda following the events of "Avengers Vs. X-Men" and more.

Dave opens with a question about the accessibility of your run, especially in light of "The Wolverine."

EXCLUSIVE: Alan Davis' "Wolverine" #9 cover

Dear Mr. Cornell, as the writer of the ongoing "Wolverine" series and "The Wolverine" hitting theaters next month in the States, do you feel any need to make sure your book is as friendly to new readers as possible throughout the series?

Paul Cornell: Absolutely. That's the thought behind the whole Marvel NOW! project, I think. I want this to be a Wolverine title people new to the character, the Marvel Universe or even comics can pick up and understand easily. Then we'll take those guys into the center of the Marvel U.

This new enemy continues to intrigue me only a few issues into the series. How much longevity do you think this character has in the Marvel Universe?

It'll be in the background, a secondary plot thread, for several arcs, and features heavily in our second, "Drowning Logan."

Marcus brings a question to X-Position about the possibility of Avenger involvement in "Wolverine."

Wolverine has a lot of friends in the Marvel Universe. Besides the X-Men, will Wolverine be coming to members of the Avengers to help him out in his time of need when his healing factor fails him?

If that's what's going to happen. Yes, we'll see friends from various different areas of his life appearing, with a major Avenger guest happening by in #7.

cora reef wants to know more about the process of writing Wolverine in a solo series and how change might come to the character.

1) Out of all the series featuring Wolverine in the Marvel library, "Wolverine" traditionally tends to get to the emotional core of the character more than most. How important was it for you to get to explore that aspect of the character?

That's my whole deal, really. I want to get the heart of whatever character I'm writing, and with Logan, there's so much there to work with.

2) In the last X-Position, you mentioned that "Change is good." For a character like Wolverine, who has been so well established, what kind of change can you enact?

You'll just have to wait and see.

Joseph wants to know more about Wolverine's return to Wakanda and their attitude towards mutants following "Avengers Vs. X-Men."

3) Considering that Wolverine will be in Wakanda for your next arc (where mutants aren't exactly welcome after AvX), what will Wolverine and Black Panther's inevitable encounter be like for the two of them?

Full of emotion, it turns out. I wanted to make use of the potential for conflict there.

4) Why do you think that Wolverine continues to be one of the most popular characters to take on in the Marvel Universe?

I think he's one of those rare comics characters who's been built on and built on, and the majority of what's been done with him has been welcomed and the layers have stayed put, meaning he's got this unusual depth and history.

Finally, monkeyjim wants to know more about how "Wolverine" will play into this summer's "Infinity."

1) As "Infinity" comes up this summer, will your "Wolverine" title have any involvement in what's going on, or have you planned for the series to be largely stand-alone?

It's not stand-alone in one sense, in that Wolverine will keep on connecting with other characters he knows, but no, we won't be crossing over with "Infinity." It happens in the middle of something huge for us, and, though I do want the title to take part in such events in the future, we all agreed that right now it wasn't the right way to go.

2) So far, your stories seem to focus a lot on Wolverine's present. Do you have any desire to go back into his past to explore some of his untold historical stories?

I think in general I don't want to, because that's been done a lot, and I'm all about going forward, but I have placed a flashback here and there to illustrate something, for instance in #9, where we re-visit Logan's past in Japan for a page or so.

Finally, here's our Behind the X question: What is your favorite Wolverine-themed memory?

Some of my hard times at school were made easier by the story arc of Logan being possessed by the Brood during the X-Men's time in space. I found that very relatable, as an expression of the frustration I was feeling, and I recall looking up from the comic and thinking "this comic has actually somehow made me feel better." That's worth its weight in gold.

Thanks to Paul Cornell for taking on this week's X-Position questions!

Next week, X-Position welcomes back a familiar face: "Savage Wolverine" writer Zeb Wells! Got a question for Zeb on Wolverine, Spider-Man, Elektra or even his run on "New Mutants?" Send over an e-mail with the subject line "X-Position" or if 140 character questions are more your speed, try Twitter. Either way, make sure those questions are in by Friday! Do it to it!

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