X-POSITION: Chris Yost Reveals His "Amazing" Mission Statement

Along with his frequent collaborator Craig Kyle, "Amazing X-Men" writer Chris Yost has sent his team of all-star X-Men all over the globe in search of adventure. Now the team has traveled to Southeast Asia in order to prevent the all-powerful Crimson Gem of Cyttorak from bestowing the unstoppable power of the Juggernaut on another individual. The "Once and Future Juggernaut" storyline, which kicked off in "Amazing X-Men" #15, also finds the X-Men at odds with Colossus, one of their oldest members who just so happens to be a former bearer of the Juggernaut's power.

NYCC: Juggernaut Makes an Unstoppable Return in Yost's "Amazing X-Men"

Chris Yost joined us here at X-Position to answer your questions about everything from Colossus' falling out with Storm to the New Warriors crossover that almost became a reality.

CBR News: We'll get the ball rolling this week with a big picture question from DigsySlattery.

With all of the different ongoing X-Men series right now -- "All-New," "Uncanny," adjectiveless, "Spider-Man and the" -- how do you view "Amazing's" place within the line? Is there a tone or approach you go for that you might not necessarily go for if you were writing another one of the X-Men series?

While I'm sure all the other X-Men books are amazing in their own right, I really try to inject some larger than life elements into "Amazing" to try and live up to that name. So whether it's an outbreak of thousands of Wendigo, or what you're going to see at the end of the Juggernaut story (trust me, it's big), there's just kind of an "Oh, @#$%" moment or two that I'm trying to bring in. This is the X-Men dealing with the biggest of the big threats... not necessarily the 'oh my god this will change the X-Men forever' stories, but the popcorn stories.

Also, we're the book with Nightcrawler and Colossus.

Speaking of Nightcrawler, Kurt T wants to know your feelings about the fuzzy elf.

Are you a Nightcrawler fan? What do you like most about writing his character?

Aside from that one "X-Force" issue where it seemed like I wasn't a Kurt fan, I am very much a Kurt fan. He's fun! I write a lot of dark and angsty stuff, and Kurt is a lighthearted, adventure-loving guy.

Is he overly positive, trusting and forgiving? Maybe. Was the Scarlet Witch thing a bad move? Probably. But hey, everybody forgives Jean. Look for someone to call Kurt out on that, though.

Next up, Owen wants to know if you have any plans for a certain clawed mutant -- the one that's still alive, that is.

Can you please do what you can to get X-23 on the team? No one can write Laura better than you.

Well, Craig Kyle might disagree with that, as he created her [smiles]. But as much as I love Laura, I believe she's in good hands now with the Bendis guy. He might have a future at Marvel.

Chris Yost & Craig Kyle's "Amazing X-Men" Return

Wind Rider wants to know more about the rift between Storm and Colossus that was established in the first chapter of "The Once and Future Juggernaut."

Issue #15 was great and had a very intense conversation between Storm and Colossus. I'm glad that the recent past between these once close friends, which has been rocky at best, is being touched on. Can you elaborate on where both their heads are in terms of how they see each other right now? Frenemies? No chance for reconciliation?

Thanks, I really wanted to dig into everything that Colossus has gone through in the last few years and have him deal with it and the decisions he's made. Storm bluntly calls him out on it because she herself is in a bad headspace due to Logan's death, but it kind of needed to be said. Colossus is kind of a mess. That's going to change. Part four of "Juggernaut" will have them touch base again on their issues.

It wouldn't be an X-Men book without a little bit of romance. Bl00dwerK has a question about one of the X-Men's newer pairings -- Colossus and Domino.
Great job on "Amazing X-Men." I was really glad to see you kept Domilossus, one of the main things I miss about "Cable and X-Force." Any chance we see more of those two from you in the future?

Probably a nod to it here and there, like in issue #15. But beyond that... who knows?

Speaking of couples, Alucard2099 has a question about a potential pairing.

Will we see development in Iceman and Firestar's relationship? I know it was hinted at when she first joined the Jean Grey School in the first arc of "Amazing X-Men."

Probably not on my watch [smiles].

The latest issue of "Amazing X-Men" saw a pretty controversial guest star show up, and pixie_solanas wants to know if we'll see more of her in the future.
 Yost, your Amazing X Men #15 was one of the more enjoyable x-issues over the last couple of months. Are you planning to continue the Scarlet Witch and Pixie teacher/student relationship? I can't wait to see how this develops.

A lot of people at the school weren't so keen on Wanda's presence. There will be some fallout that may prevent further lessons.

Marc Livingstone wants to know if you have any plans for one particular purple teleporter -- one you have previously admitted a fondness for.

Do you have any plans for Blink?

I did as a matter of fact, but it didn't work out.

With your "New Warriors" series ending its run, James Hunter wants to know if those characters will pay Firestar a visit in "Amazing."

I loved your "New Warriors" series, which I was sorry to see go. Given the history between Firestar and Justice, are there any plans for a Warriors cameo? I would have thought, given what happened at the start of "Civil War" and in "Civil War: Frontline" #2 that Angelica would have an opinion on Vance and Robbie/Speedball restarting the team.

There were indeed plans in my head for an "Amazing X-Men"/"New Warriors" crossover, but alas, without the "New Warriors" book it felt a little self serving to just guest star them.
And yes, Firestar would have strong feelings about the team reforming, and seeing Vance again. Plus, the X-Men hate Scarlet Spider, so that would have been fun. One day...

Chris Yost Gives the "New Warriors" Fierce Foes & Animal Allies

Lastly, rutog98 wants to know if you have any plans to spotlight another member of the "Amazing" cast.
I was introduced to your writing through your incredible Storm mini-series, "Worlds Apart." Ever since then, I have been a huge fan of yours. I have been enjoying this series under your pen. Your first arc of "Amazing X-Men" was a Northstar-centric story dealing with his ties to Alpha Flight and the Great Beasts. This was followed by two Nightcralwer and Northstar-centric issues. The current story arc seems to be Colossus-centric. My question is, is there any chance of you doing a doing a Storm-centric story?

Thank you! "Worlds Apart" was fun, and I would love to do a Storm centric story -- but she does kind of have her own solo book, so I've been focusing on the team dynamic more, and Colossus obviously. Nightcrawler was an exception because of the event. But Storm's getting a bit of spotlight here in her relationship with Peter.

Thanks, guys!

Special thanks to Chris Yost for taking on this week's questions!

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