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X-POSITION: Bunn Teases Surprising Stability & Cruel Change In “Uncanny X-Men”

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X-POSITION: Bunn Teases Surprising Stability & Cruel Change In “Uncanny X-Men”

Between “Uncanny X-Men” and the upcoming “Civil War II: X-Men” tie-in series, writer Cullen Bunn has a lot of trials and tribulations in store for Marvel’s mutants. “Apocalypse Wars” just kicked off in “Uncanny,” bringing a massive problem (re: Archangel) to a book already filled with tension and mayhem. As if that’s not enough, Magneto has a whole “Civil War” thing to worry about, which will bring him in conflict with the Inhumans and other X-Men But things aren’t all apocalyptically grim for Bunn; he’s also the mastermind behind the newly announced “Deadpool and the Mercs For Money” ongoing.

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This week in X-POSITION, writer Cullen Bunn answers your questions about the evolving characters of “Uncanny X-Men,” the new “Deadpool and the Mercs For Money” ongoing series and the civil war on the horizon.

CBR News: Welcome back to X-POSITION, Cullen! Let’s start things up with a question from txogohan, who might have missed something.

Did I miss an issue? I don’t recall M losing anyone to the M-Pox. Was this revealed earlier or something we are supposed to find out in the next story? Btw I love Monet! Her toying around with Creed is half amusing and half creepy.

You did not miss an issue txogohan! We haven’t revealed who M lost just yet. I just like toying with your emotions. Also… I can’t reveal what happened just yet because of the Secret Illuminati to which I swore a blood oath. All I can say is that you’ll find out soon.

Glad you like Monet. She’s been a really interesting addition to the book for me, and I’m excited for the story ahead for her.

Next up, Tim has a question about a continuing continuity puzzler: Magneto’s age.

With Old Man Logan and Old Man Cap out there, I am wondering if Magneto’s chronological age will be addressed. It’s been a while since he was de-aged in the 80’s and with his origin so closely tied to actual history, this is always a point of intrigue I’ve had with the character.

Tim, Tim, Tim. When I read this question, all I see is “Cullen, how would you like to jump into a pool of judgmental psychic piranhas? Not only will they eat you alive, but they will do so while berating you for your opinion on the subject, and all the while your brain will be melting as it meanders down the paths of the unanswerable.”

When you discuss the age of any Marvel character, it gets really weird and headache-inducing. That’s just the nature of a universe like this. Best not to dwell on it too much. While I personally see Magneto as being in his late 40s, I know some folks have a real problem with that concept. Some say “Gasp! He’s older!” and others say “Gasp! He’s younger!” My response to both camps would be… a shrug maybe? I think it’s better if he’s just the age you prefer him to be.

Moving on from Magneto, AbnormallyNormal wants to know what you can reveal about Sabretooth’s arc.

Am I correct in perceiving Sabretooth already beginning to “un-invert” from the effects of “AXIS” back into more of a bestial villain?

C’mon, AbnormallyNormal. Creed has a rare second chance here. While he can never be redeemed, he can try to make amends for some of the terrible things he’s done. Why would I be so cruel as to strip that away from him? I mean, that would just make me the biggest jerk on the block.

BeardedDevil has two more questions about two other members of Magneto’s X-Men squad.

I feel more than a little yo-yoed concerning Warren — Angel, Archangel, Half of both, Archangel, Angel with amnesia, now Archangel apparently without any/much consciousness. Can we expect to see some stability with the character?

Hey BeardedDevil. Is your name a reference to the classic Advanced Dungeons and Dragons monster?

Anyhow, are we talking “Around the World” yo-yoed or “Lindy Loop” yo-yoed? Either way, I totally get it. Honestly, you’re supposed to feel that way a little bit. That way, when you get some stability (at the end of the “Apocalypse Wars” arc) it’ll be even more awesome! Now, “stability” doesn’t mean you’re going to get a version of the character you’re used to. He could be something totally new.

I know that Eric has some extensive telepathy resistance and defenses. But, even so, Betsy is no slouch concerning bypassing defenses. How much does she know about Magneto’s motives and secondary missions?

We’ll actually be looking into how many of Magneto’s secrets Betsy knows about in the next issue or so. The answer, though, is not many. Between Magneto’s telepathic resistance (honed, I feel, over years of resisting Professor X) and Betsy’s unwillingness to break the trust Magneto has for her, she’ll be caught fairly unaware when those secrets reveal themselves… and they are totally gonna starting in the next few issues.

One last question about “Uncanny X-Men” from Kamose1234 about an unresolved cliffhanger.

Before the Uncanny X-Men got caught up in the “Apocalypse Wars” event at the end of issue #5 Magneto stopped partners-in-crime Mystique and Fantomex saying “we need to talk,” but neither character appeared in the following issue nor was there any mention of this discussion. Will this “talk” be revisited?

Do you just have to know every little detail, Kamose1234? Maybe Magneto, Fantomex, and Mystique need a little break from you. Maybe they just can’t stand how you’re always right there, hovering over their shoulders, trying to listen in on every little conversation!

But that can’t be it, because Magneto, Fantomex, and Mystique love you.

So, while you may not see that conversation, you’ll find out what they were talking about in issues #8 and #9… with even more details in issues #11 and #12.

And now let’s switch gears with a “Deadpool and the Mercs for Money” question, also from Kamose1234.

As a fan of all your Deadpool miniseries over the last few years, I’m ecstatic that the “Mercs for Money” is going to be an ongoing series come this July. What similarities or differences can we expect to see between the miniseries and the ongoing? And how much will “DATMFM” tie-in to Wade’s solo series or adventures with the Uncanny Avengers?

I think the new series will be very different from the miniseries in terms of tone and scope. I have big, surprising plans for this book and this team. New dynamics between the team members. New supporting characters. New enemies. A longer story in which to really dig into the team. For those reasons, I definitely think the right move is to do a relaunch with a new #1. There will be elements from the miniseries that may carry over somewhere down the line, but the new series is its own beast.

And I know you didn’t ask, but I’ve been asked a lot if there are going to be any women joining the team. To those of you who have asked, I’ve got your back. Let the speculation begin!

As for crossing over with the main “Deadpool” book and “Uncanny Avengers,” Gerry Duggan and I have talked a lot about when and where there might be some opportunities. There are certainly stories to be told where the books connect!

Speaking of female characters, Shaun is a big fan of “Fearless Defenders” — and one superhero in particular.

Anyone who knows me knows that “Fearless Defenders” will always be near and dear to my heart. Given the latest connection between the X-Men, the Inhumans, and the Terrigen Mists, is there any chance for a Ren Kimura cameo? Even in a “blink and you’ll miss it” Easter Egg in the background kind of way?

Hey, Shaun. What I can tell you is that Ren Kimura is still out there and very much in my thoughts and plans. Keep your eyes peeled. You’ll spot her. If I have my way, you’ll be seeing a lot more of her.

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Moving into “Civil War II: X-Men,” Anduinel wants to know more about Magneto’s strategy.

Does Magneto view the Inhumans and the Terrigen Mist as more pressing threats to mutantkind than baseline humans, or is he fighting a war on multiple fronts these days?

Good question, Anduinel. I think he definitely sees the Terrigen Mists as a pressing threat to his people. While the Inhumans aren’t necessarily a threat, he does think they are a little too blase in how they are reacting to what the Mists are doing. But he also thinks there are other enemies of mutantkind who are going to take advantage of the dire situation mutants are facing. So he is fighting on multiple fronts. You’ll soon see how he is preparing to deal with those various threats and concerns.

“Civil War II” is all about choosing — and possibly switching — sides. Wiccan615 is curious how that will affect the X-Men.

After the events of this [“Civil War II”] tie-in, will some of the team line-ups change? Will we see some characters switch sides?

Hey, Wiccan615. I hate to say it, but you win the “wait and see” award for this interview. It’s a lot like a No Prize, but with fewer spoilers. I’d love to tell you how things will shake out in terms of the teams. The line-ups may or may not change. No matter what happens, though, there will be ramifications that will shake relationships within the teams to the core. In some ways, the current line-ups might not be able to survive… at least not for long.

And we’ll close out this week with a question from Knives, also about “Civil War II” and the impact on the mutants.

So far we know Storm will oppose Magneto in “Civil War II,” which will bring a conflict between the mutant teams, but I wonder if we will have the participation of other teams confronting Magneto — like the Uncanny Avengers or the Inhumans?

Hey, Knives. In the “Civil War II” tie-in, we’ll be much more focused on the X-Men teams and the Inhumans. We might see what others around the world think about what’s going on, but they’re gonna be pretty busy themselves. I still think an Uncanny Avengers/Uncanny X-Men meeting/clash makes perfect sense down the line, but not quite yet.

Thanks to Cullen Bunn for taking on this week’s questions!

Next week, “X-Men ’92” writers Chris Sims and Chad Bowers return to X-POSITION to answer your questions! Have a question for Chris and Chad? Go ahead and send ’em in via e-mail with the subject line “X-Position”. But get ’em in quickly, because the deadline’s Friday. Make it happen!

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