X-POSITION: Bunn Mulitplies the Merc with "Deadpool Kills Deadpool"

Whether it's the return of Bee-beard Deadpool or the introduction of Motorpool, Pandapool or Galactuspool, "Deadpool Kills Deadpool" scribe Cullen Bunn has scoured the Marvel Universe's many parallel universes for some of the most ridiculous and irreverent takes on the Merc With a Mouth in the character's history.

In order to get a feel on how far down the rabbit hole his "Killogy" goes for Deadpool, X-Position spoke with Bunn, who answered the multifaceted reader questions about the Deadpool-verse, Deadpool's healing factor and balancing story between so many different incarnations. Plus, Cullen takes on a few "Fearless Defenders" questions, professes his love for "Nextwave" and more.

cora reef starts off this week with a question about the many Deadpools in this installment of the Killogy.

Dear Mr. Bunn, It was really cool to see Deadpool takes on different things like pandas and Galactus. Will we see more Deadpool versions of Marvel characters in the book?

Absolutely! You'll be seeing some more very unexpected versions of Deadpool popping up in the third issue. Then -- in the fourth issue -- you will see dozens of Deadpools, some you've seen before, some that are altogether new.

I'm glad you liked Pandapool! Can we start the battle cry for a Pandapool ongoing?

I've often been annoyed by Deadpool, but I actually really like your take on the character. How do you approach the balance his annoying qualities and his more heroic, story-driven ones?

I've always tried to approach Deadpool a little differently than people might expect. I probably try to dial back just a little on the humor. He's still this comedic force, but often the threats he is facing are really terrible, sinister, and dark (especially in the "Killogy" books). In fact, I'd say Deadpool's zaniness is the balance, because otherwise the stories might be too gloomy. Even a book as bizarre as "Deadpool Kills Deadpool" is pretty dark when you think about it.

Marcus has a question about how one can actually kill someone with a healing factor.

1) When it comes to the events of "Deadpool Kills Deadpool," just how do you kill a guy with an insane healing factor, anyway?

Well, that's one of the big problems Deadpool (and Dreadpool) are facing in this series. They've found weapons that can counteract healing factors. There have been universal acid, flesh-eating nanotech, cauterization beams, muta-regenerative overload grenades, scarab beetle bombs -- and I'm sure dozens of others.

The healing factor -- and what it might mean in a meta sense -- actually plays a big role in the series. There are hints at this in the first and second issues. Keep a watchful eye.

2) Given the recent issue of "Fearless Defenders," what made you decide to go the route of the old Rick Jones/Captain Marvel skit for Valkyrie and Annabelle?

The inspiration was Thor and Donald Blake -- or maybe "Ladyhawke" -- but I wanted to give it a little bit of a twist. In this instance, it looks like wither party has the ability to trigger the transformation at a moment's notice. That will cause some headaches for both characters. But this is more than a mere resurrection. Annabelle has a role and responsibility in Valkyrie's life.

While the next arc of "Fearless Defenders" is really a series of one-and-done issues, we'll be exploring that a little more with every issue.

JimTheTroll chimes in with a question about both jugging huge casts and the possibility of Nextwave.

Dear Cullen, You're arguably juggling two casts of huge characters in both your books -- "Fearless Defenders" with the Valkyries of the Marvel U and "Deadpool Kills Deadpool" with the Deadpools of the multiverse. What's the challenge in keeping story balanced between all the characters?

For me, it's all about giving every character equal panel time -- to a degree. Every issue has a central character, really, and that changes to some degree. But beyond that, I try to make sure every character contributes to the story or has something cool to do. It can be tough in a book with a big cast, and in a book like "Fearless Defenders," there are sometimes characters who "sit out" of issues.

I know a few people reading X-Position might be upset that Dani isn't in issue #8 of "Fearless Defenders," but she is in following issues, and in issue #11 she is joined by a hot-headed friend from New Mutants.

Also, it was incredible to see Elsa Bloodstone in this week's issue of "Fearless Defenders." With Elsa, Boom Boom, Monica and Machine Man all with recent appearances in the Marvel U, any chance you've got some Nextwave possibilities up your sleeve?

Lord, I would love to write some Nextwave stories. That series is one of my go-to books for pure mayhem and enjoyment. I keep the trade nearby in my office and read it every now and again to get inspired.Maybe they should add Deadpool to that cast, though.

Themightytim wants to know more about the future of the Killogy and whether there are more plans for Deadpool's meta adventures:

1) "Deadpool Kills..." has been a great book to explore the more philosophical twists to Deadpool, which doesn't often get coverage. How far do you think you can take this meta look at comics and fiction with Deadpool as the star?

It's a good question. I've been asking myself that ever since the first of the limited series. I think it is something that could be explored quite a bit, but I take it pretty far in the fourth issue of "Deadpool Kills Deadpool." The end of the series blows a lot of things up -- literally and figuratively.

2) How do you feel about fans getting so attached to Annabelle Riggs that they had such a strong reaction to her death online?

I couldn't be happier that I made people cry.

That sounds heartless and mean, but it's kind of true. When I created Annabelle, I knew she was awesome. I loved her right away. But the reader reaction to her has been so overwhelming. I don't know that a writer can ask for much more than for readers to become so emotionally invested in a character -- in just six issues.

mr_infinite wants to know more about the emotional attachment inherent in creating Deadpools.

3) Has it been difficult for you to invent all these cool Deadpools with the sole purpose of killing them? Bee-beard Deadpool and Motorpool seem like they would have had an awesome buddy-cop series.

Well, I can't take credit for Beard-of-Beespool. He showed up (for one panel) in Deadpool #1000. But it has been such a blast coming up with guys like Ogrepool and Cesspool and Motorpool (I agree, he would be a great buddy for Beardy). I don't think it has been difficult, really, because it's been such a blast. That's heartless, too, isn't it? I take great delight in creating and killing these characters! There are some more favorites to come!

ConternallyEfused wonders if there's any idea that's too crazy for the Deadpool Killogy.

Is there any Deadpool you thought of that was just too crazy to include in the series?

Too crazy? Hmm. I don't think so. I would like to have been even more crazy. In some instances, though, I think readers really wanted to see characters that were Deadpool versions of other favorites -- Wolverpool and Galactipool, for example. There is a trio of these "fusion" characters in issue #3 and I am very interested in what people think!

Here's our Behind-the-X question for the week: If Becky from "The Sixth Gun" and Valkyrie could cross over into one another's books, what would happen?

Now that's a great question!

I think Valkyrie would instantly see that Becky's gumption and ass-kickery would brand her as a worthy member of the Shieldmaidens. Becky, though, would be a little put off by Valkyrie's high-falutin' ways. They'd probably realize that they were both too damn stubborn to hang around together for long.

Also, I think Annabelle would have an instant crush on Becky. Because -- how could you not?

Special thanks to Cullen Bunn for answering this week's X-Position questions!

Next week, it's a jaunt to one of the quirkier corners of the X-Men's backyard as Si Spurrer returns to X-Position to answer all your questions about Legion's journey in "X-Men Legacy." Got a question for Si? Send them over via e-mail with the subject line "X-Position or in a 140 character question via Twitter. Either way, make sure those questions are in by Friday! Do it to it!

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