X-POSITION: Bunn Guides Magneto & Deadpool Into "Secret Wars"

Marvel's upcoming "Secret Wars" event is so massive that not even the Master of Magnetism and Merc With a Mouth will remain unaffected. Magneto will confront the end of the world as he knows it in the pages of his own ongoing series, which will receive a "Last Days" story kicking off in "Magneto" #18. Deadpool, on the other hand, will retroactively get involved in the line-wide shakeup's 1984 namesake event. In "Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars," ol' DP will find himself inserted into the events of the original 1984 "Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars." As different as these two series seem to be, they come from the mind of one writer: Cullen Bunn.

Bunn Explains "Magneto's" Fight to Stave Off Marvel's "Last Days"

This week, "Magneto" and "Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars" writer Bunn joins us once more at X-POSITION and answers your questions about everything from Ren Kimura's close call with Magneto to Polaris' interaction with Briar and Deadpool's surprising role in the original "Secret Wars."

CBR News: Hello again, Cullen! Our first question this week comes from Justinian who wants to know how Magneto will adjust to the impending events of "Secret Wars."

It seems Magneto doesn't intend to "go gentle into that good night." With the universe ending, what does Magneto have to come to terms with?

Magneto is definitely not facing the end of existence without a fight. As far as he's concerned, he thinks he can save the world. That means he has to fight not only for mutants, but for all of mankind. This entire series has dealt heavily with Magneto's legacy -- how do people see him and how will he be remembered -- and as he faces the apocalypse, that's something that will be weighing heavily on his soul.

Next up, Magneto -- but probably not the Magneto -- has a question regarding the Master of Magnetism's daughter and, also, his ex-girlfriend.

Mr. Bunn. First congrats on keeping the quality high...great twists in #15 and #16. My questions are...will there be any prolonged interaction between Lorna and Briar?

Yes! I'm glad you asked! Briar has a hand in bringing Lorna and Magneto back together and we'll see quite a bit of interaction between the two of them. It will reveal a lot about Lorna's relationship with her father, but even more about Briar's mysterious motivations!

And do you still have plans for Rogue showing up again?

I would love to see Rogue show up again in the series, but I don't think that's in the cards until after "Secret Wars."

DurararaFTW wants to find out as much about Magneto's post-"Secret Wars" status quo as possible.

Are you expecting Magneto to make it through "Secret Wars" or do you expect us to get a more traditionally villainous incarnation of the character?

I like to think that it will take more than the end of the world to stop someone like Magneto. That said, I believe there are plenty of surprises in store of readers. Even if Magneto makes it through to the other side of "Secret Wars," though, you can be there will be big changes in store for him!

After recent events over in "Uncanny X-Men," Alucard2099 has a question about Magneto's powers.

Magneto's powers -- have they returned completely, as Emma Frost has revealed [hers have] in the recent issue of "Uncanny X-Men," or are they still broken?

Magneto's powers are still broken. He's using MGH to enhance them to greater levels. That said, the challenges he's facing are so great that he's going to need to find ways to increase his abilities to even greater levels.

Now that the Inhumans have taken a bigger role in the Marvel Universe, blanchett wants to know if there's a crossover coming up.

There were several Inhumans on the island when Magneto closed down the concentration camp. Could we see Magneto attempt to broker an alliance with Medusa's Kingdom?

That's something I would have liked to explore. Drawing from a recent version of my outline, we would have seen a few Inhumans -- including Ren Kimura from "Fearless Defenders" -- joining the mutants who follow Magneto. Sadly, I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon. But never say never!

Looking back at Magneto's five-decade history, Tazpocalapse has a question about the character's more offbeat deeds.

I would love to see an issue with Magneto thinking back to just how crazy some of the things he did back in early issues of the "X-Men" were. What do you think is the most insane plot he came up with?

There are so many great Magneto stories, it's a little hard to choose. I like the mutate story from the Savage Land quite a bit, but his plan to use an EM Pulse to knock out all power in the United States was pretty wild. That was during the "Magneto War" crossover, I think.

Cullen Bunn Uncovers the "Secret" of "Secret Wars" with Deadpool

In addition to "Magneto's" "Secret Wars" issues, you're also writing "Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars." MiddlePegasus wants to know how you handle pulling double duty.

Magneto and Deadpool are really different characters tonally. How do you juggle writing comics with them as leads at the same time? Do you have "Magneto" weeks and "Deadpool" weeks, or can you switch up that mindset more often?

I switch the mindset a little more often than that, I think. When I'm outlining, I don't worry about sticking to one character. I'll jump from a "Magneto" outline to a "Deadpool" outline to an outline for a creator-owned series in the same day. When it comes to scripting, I try to only work on a specific character in a day. I don't feel like I have problems switching gears. Sometimes, if I need to get into the mood to write a character, I'll read a comic or two to get me into the right mindset.

Gulch_Rock is curious about the interesting idea at the heart of "Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars."

How long has the idea for "Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars" been around? Was it always tied in with the big "Secret Wars" event?

"Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars" is tied into the current "Secret Wars" event only very loosely. A couple of years ago, after I wrote "Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe," my editor and I were trying to think up a cool sequel. At that time, I suggested a story where Deadpool was thrown into the original "Secret Wars" limited series. We decided not to go for that story at the time. Then, several months later, after the new "Secret Wars" project was getting underway, my editor called me and said, "Hey... what do you think of writing a story where Deadpool gets involved in the original 'Secret Wars' series?" I'm still not sure if he was pulling my leg or if he had forgotten the earlier conversation.

The original "Secret Wars" series is beloved by fans but also has some aspects ripe for Deadpool to ridicule. astrakhan has a question about one of them.

Will you mock the original writer Jim Shooter's overuse of exclamation points in the original "Secret Wars"?! I still find myself slipping into them whenever I talk about the series! Help!

Any mocking I do (and there's quite a bit!) comes from a place of love!! That original limited series meant a lot to me when I was a kid!?! Yeah, it's a little dated and it doesn't hold up that well, but I still love it dearly!!!

Lastly, weaselzzz has a question addressing the "Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars'" place within the multiverse.

We know that Deadpool as we know him has met his end in the ongoing "Deadpool" series and now we have "Secret Wars" coming up, which pulls from all corners of the Marvel multi-verse. What can you tell us about the Deadpool in "Secret Secret Wars"? How does he compare to the Deadpool you've written before?

I guess this is a little lighter in tone than many of the Deadpool stories that I've written, although there will be plenty of darkness in the book. I can tell you that this story does not take place during the current "Secret Wars" story. Rather, it takes place in the original limited series. Deadpool is not time traveling or entering a parallel dimension. This is in-continuity. Deadpool was always on the first Battleworld. We just don't remember it. He had a huge role to play in how the events of the original "Secret Wars" played out.

Special thanks to Cullen Bunn for taking on this week's questions!

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