X-POSITION: Asmus Gives "Gambit" a Big Score

Gambit's been a busy thief. Along with his companion and rival thief Joelle, Remy LeBeau set out to rescue Joelle's dying daughter, racing the villainous Tombstone to a hidden outpost run by Baron Von Strucker that supposedly unlocked the secrets of life and death. Unfortunately, the base was full of genetically engineered Hydra monsters, and the duo narrowly escaped with Hydra's secret-of-life formula that may not be what it seems.

With an appearance by Gambit's ex-girlfriend Rogue on the horizon, X-Position caught up with "Gambit" writer James Asmus to answer your questions about the series' integration into the greater Marvel Universe, the future direction of the series and some unlikely team-ups both in and out of the Marvel U.

AgentFelix starts off this week's X-Position hoping for some more "Gambit" integration in the greater X-Men corner of the Marvel Universe.

Have loved the book so far. Excited by the Rogue teaser at the end of issue #10. Personally I'm a fan of X-Solo titles having familiar faces in the background (like the Gambit/Bishop/Rogue minis of 1993-1995). Any more plans to have elements of the X-Universe in the background of the story?

The book will stay pretty light on X-Men. But I'm always trying to keep in the nods and light ties to what's happening elsewhere. From the papers Gambit was grading in issue #1 to Rogue's new position with the (RoShamBo-playing) Avengers, I hope these help anchor the story for folks reading other titles without distracting or losing the people who don't.

Purplevit wants to know more about the villains going up against Gambit and is hoping for a few spoilers as to future plans.

1) I really liked such villains like Tombstone, Cich and every dialogue with Batroc the Leaper. Can you tease which villains you plan to use in the future?

At least one of those guys will be back in a few months! And if you want a tease -- issue #14 is going to pull in a pretty new villain created by Joe Casey.

2) You are going to break new ground for Gambit in issues 15, 16, 17. Any hints what it can be?

Gambit will be getting set up by someone who knows him. We'll see some characters who have been in the series so far, but also some important folks from Remy's past who haven't appeared in this run yet.

Sharp-eyed reader Neko has some questions about a cavity in the snow, a poster and Remy's interaction with the snowmobile in a recent issue.

Hello James,

Hello, Neko.

In "Gambit" #10, it appears you were creative with Gambit's powers. Or he produces a ton of body heat to melt all that snow to the grass that Joelle and he were sleeping on. Was that an intentional show of his powers?

Ha! Between the two of them, they managed to melt a massive hole in the snow. Exactly how that happened might be best left to your imagination and your favorite fanfiction message boards.

I noticed the Black Cat poster in the apartment in Gambit #10. Who's the fan, Fence or Remy?

That's Fence's place. I think Clay was having fun with the fans who knew I originally wanted to put Black Cat in the series. It makes perfect sense to me that Fence would dream of being Felicia's dealer, though.

EXCLUSIVE: "Gambit" #11 art by Clay Mann

In Gambit #10, Remy had a typical guy response to the snowmobile, I would think he would love all sorts of gadgets and toys. Will we see more of this playful side of Gambit?

There's a bit of that if the next issue, too. But we've got some life-or-death issues coming up. Remy's had a lot of fun lately. But we're getting into the consequences of the fun he's been having.

Are Joelle's tattoos any indication of who she is, what she can possibly do? She must have some ability to do something -- she was breathing just fine in Dragon World when Gambit could not.

We'll be finding out a lot about Joelle (including just how she was fine when Remy wasn't) in the next two issues!

Thanks so much, I love your Gambit!!!!

And I love your love! Seriously -- your enthusiasm makes all the difference for us.

Juggs is hoping for some more shirtless Gambit and posits a hypothetical cross-publisher team-up.

Will we see more shirt-less Gambit and Gambit flirting with the ladies, good and evil?

Heck yes! Issue #14 is a seduction scam. My goal is to beat our record. I know we haven't had as much mansploitation lately, but I'm as anxious to get back to it as you are. Got to keep Tumblr fed, right?

If you had a change to write a team up of Gambit with Quantum and Woody, what do you think it would be like?

A lot of plans -- and things -- blowing up in their faces. I think Remy would envy their brotherhood, and they'd envy Gambit's skills and suavity.

Finally, cora reef wants to know whether your art actually imitates life as well as a potential crossover with Chris Yost's "Scarlet Spider."

Dear James, How much of the characters and plot in "Gambit" are based on personal experience?

Indirectly, a lot. Not so much the robbery and superpowered shenanigans, of course. But the emotional stuff, and the character texture pulls a lot from relationships and experiences of mine. Remy's not always me, though.

Considering Gambit's origin and past, is it possible there's a chance for a crossover with "Scarlet Spider" in the future?

EXCLUSIVE: "Gambit" #11 art by Clay Mann

Ha! This has come up before, but I don't think it'll happen now. Chris Yost (who's been doing great work in that book!) had introduced the Assassins' Guild into a plot and left Scarlet Spider owing them a "hit." We talked briefly about the possibility, but a lot of factors kept it from coming together. Chris ultimately set up a different story to resolve that plot, so I'd say it's unlikely.

And here's our Behind the X question for you: What was your favorite animated cartoon growing up and why?

That's tough. I watched way too much TV in my youth, cartoons in particular. "He-Man" or "Thundercats" probably had me the most loyal. Both shows had such an endless array of evocative villains that I wanted to see every episode for when they each get a spotlight.

Thanks to James Asmus for answering this week's X-Position questions!

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