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X-POSITION: “All-New X-Men’s” Hopeless Teases Mutant Cohesiveness Post-“Apocalypse Wars”

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X-POSITION: “All-New X-Men’s” Hopeless Teases Mutant Cohesiveness Post-“Apocalypse Wars”

Following battles against the surprisingly capable Blob and Toad, the “All-New X-Men” are about to wade into the “Apocalypse Wars.” The story arc will see one particular member of the team, Genesis, come face to face with his destiny. Before the time-displaced teens and their allies jump into “Apocalypse Wars” in tomorrow’s “All-New X-Men” #9, however, there are a number of questions that X-POSITION readers want to know the answers to.

X-POSITION: “All-New X-Men’s” Hopeless Reveals the Genesis of “Apocalypse Wars”

This week in X-POSITION, “All-New X-Men” writer Dennis Hopeless joins us and answers your questions about everything from the team’s relationship with Jean Grey, the status of some “Avengers Arena” characters, possible “Secret Wars” callbacks and more.

CBR News: Welcome back to X-POSITION, Dennis! Let’s start this round of X-PO with a question from TruDivination.

Since we get to focus on Evan’s Apocalypse Angst now, are we going to see how he (and the rest of the world) moved past his actions in “AXIS” when he was hosting Apocalypse? Like how he went from a fugitive hiding in Deadpool’s house to traveling around with these guys?

TruDivination! Actually, no, we are going to skip that explanation altogether. One of the nicest things about the post-“Secret Wars” eight-month time jump is that allows us to propel character stories forward without being bogged down by what they were up to before. The world has moved on and so had Evan… for now.

Before we dive into “Apocalypse Wars,” though, Dante has a question about something from a previous issue.

Back in issue #7, Hank mentioned using Pickles to teleport over to Jean’s university to seek her aid in locating Scott. I was wondering if this meant that the O4 were simply unaware that Jean has joined the “Extraordinary X-Men” team, or if this series has been taking place prior to that?

Dante! Great question. I thought a lot about this when I was writing that scene. How much interaction has the team had with Jean lately? The decision we came to is that everyone has been very busy. Last anyone knew Jean was in college. They assume she’s still there.

Anduinel has a question about Iceman — and one of your “Avengers Arena” characters.

Throw the Bobby Drake Dating Pool a bone: What are the odds looking like for folks with money on Cullen Bloodstone?

Anduinel! We have very specific plans for Bobby’s love life. That story line is coming right up. Whether or not those plans include Cullen… you’ll have to wait and see.

Dabid also wonders if we’ll get to see an “Arena” character in “All-New X-Men.”

Your “Avengers Arena” series made me a big fan of yours for life. The way that you abruptly wrote Reptil out at the end of that series always seemed like there was more follow-up with Reptil you had in mind for down the road, however. Are you planning on revisiting that character in “All-New X-Men” or elsewhere?

Dabid! We don’t have any current plans for Reptil, but you’re right that we left that door open on purpose. Reptil is a great character with a lot of potential and while we felt like his heroic sacrifice was right for the story, we didn’t feel right writing him off for good. We did the same for a few other characters who died in the series. Down the road if some other writer wants to bring someone back, there’s wiggle room available.

Next, Ben is curious about the X-Line’s dynamic after “Apocalypse Wars.”

I’ve been enjoying this X-Men crossover so much. At the moment it feels like every single thing isn’t directly connected, but it is building up to that. Are there plans for the books to be connected in a similar way, post-“Apocalypse Wars”? Cheers.

Ben! Well, frankly, the three team books will connect much more after “Apocalypse Wars” than during. The event was always meant as a thematic crossover, not a full on team-up. That said, we all have big plans coming out of the event, some of which will allow us to crash our characters into one another.

As “All-New X-Men” stars some time-displaced teens, Kamose1234 has a time travel question.

In issue #8 of “All-New X-Men,” Beast teamed up with Dr. Strange while seeking help to find a way to get himself and his fellow time-displaced X-Men home. This got me wondering, how much of a concern is this for the team and the X-Men as a whole? I had assumed that, given all that’s happened to the group and their disdain for their present future, this was no longer a concern. Will your series still be dealing with this problem?

Kamose1234! The conceit of our series had been that the team moved on. They gave up trying to get home and decided to focus on a new mission statement: heroism in the here and now. Then they got the crap kicked out of them several issues in a row and Scott almost died. Issue #8 is Hank throwing his hands in the air and deciding maybe they do need to go home, by any means necessary. We follow up on all of this during “Apocalypse Wars” and beyond. When Hank sets his mind to something, look out.

Doctor Strange also gave Hank a gift, and Kamose1234 wonders about that as well.

At the end of issue #8, Dr. Strange told Beast to keep the third eye as it “might come in handy.” We’ve seen the time displaced Hank McCoy use new inventions and technology in your series, like his van, but will the third eye play more of a role again as the Sorcerer Supreme hinted?

Yes! It plays a big role very very soon.

We’ve seen a number of classic X-Villains in “All-New” so far, and Gary wants to know if we’ll see an ’80s bad guy in the series soon.

Any chance of Teen Scott meeting his ex-wife, Madelyne Pryor?

Gary! If I can convince [editor] Daniel Ketchum to let me bring the Goblin Queen Madelyne Pryor (who merged with Darkchild at the end of my “Secret Wars” “Inferno” miniseries) into the main Marvel Universe, the chances are great. I mean… she rides a BAMF dragon and commands an army of Goblins. Come on!

Speaking of “Inferno,” here’s akiresu_’s first question.

Any plans for elements of the “Inferno”/“House of M” Battleworld tie-ins to move on into “All-New X-Men”?

Akiresu! Great timing! I answered this question above. I’ll add that I would love to bring in post-Zemo Death Locket. She was a teenage arms dealer in “House of M” and I think that vocation would work for her in the main universe as well. Just need to find the space for it.

And we’ll close this week out with another one from akiresu_.

If you could write any X-Men story, disregarding brand and editorial, what would you do?

“X-Men Season 2” with Jamie McKelvie and Matt Wilson. “Season One” is the book that built my Marvel career. It was also an absolute blast to work on because the art team was brilliant. I’d do that sequel in a heartbeat.

Thanks to Dennis Hopeless for taking on this week’s questions!

Stay tuned to CBR for information on next week’s installment of X-POSITION!

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