X-POSITION: "All-New X-Men's" Hopeless Reveals the Genesis of "Apocalypse Wars"

The teenage superheroes of "All-New X-Men" may have escaped their run-in with the Ghosts of Cyclops, but that in no way means things are getting any easier for the team. Right now they're embroiled in a slugfest with the massive X-Villain known as the Blob and another classic bad guy (Toad) is waiting for his turn. As if that wasn't enough conflict, there's also a little thing called "Apocalypse Wars" looming just over the horizon -- and remember, "All-New X-Men" counts the teenage clone of Apocalypse as one of its cast members. Things aren't gonna be easy for these teens, but whose teenage years were really easy?

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This week, "All-New X-Men" writer Dennis Hopeless joins us for another round of X-POSITION, touching on everything from potential romance for Iceman to the future of Evan Sabahnur and the impact "Civil War II" will have on the series.

CBR News: Welcome back to X-POSITION, Dennis! Let's start this round of X-PO with a question from TooFlyToFail.

Any chance we get to see Warren come to terms with the fact that him trying to chose his own destiny actually put him in very much the same situation as Archangel, and that in the end despite their ripples of dissent, their futures are set in stone? I mean, can't they see that nothing has changed despite their current feelings?

TooFlyToFail! This is the Marvel Universe and these are the X-Men -- there's a chance literally anything could happen. There's a chance Wolverine will start having sleepwalking night terrors and accidentally cut off everyone's hair. There's a chance teenage Beast will have a stress-induced secondary mutation that turns him into a purple chicken. So, yeah, Angel might very well figure out his destiny isn't so easily avoided. Or maybe not. Only one way to find out I guess.

Next, TruDivination has a question about Evan Sabahnur and his codename.

Hey there! I'm really excited about the upcoming "ANXM" "Apocalypse Wars" story arc, but I'm really curious as to why Evan is being listed as "Kid Apocalypse" in the solicits and the book openings themselves when his code name is Genesis. Seeing him being listed as Kid Apocalypse seems rather odd to many as that was the nickname that bullies gave him at the Jean Grey School, not to mention a nickname he has always seemed to detest, so it seems unlikely to a lot of people that he would willingly adopt that moniker now. Can he be called Genesis again?

TruDivination! I'm going to tell you a secret... Just between us... I don't write the solicits or recap pages for my books. Why not? No clue. It never came up. If I had to guess, I'd say my editors know how long it takes me to write a script and would prefer I spend my time meeting deadlines.

I don't know for sure why Evan is called Kid Apocalypse in the recaps and promotional material. Probably because that name is a clearer representation of the character's situation. He's a young version of Apocalypse. New readers can read the recap, see the blue kid and understand what's going on there. Evan obviously doesn't care for that name and wouldn't want to go by it, but he doesn't go by it in the actual story. Ever. Try not to overthink this stuff. Evan is Evan. Evan is Genesis. Evan is Kid Apocalypse. Just depends on who you ask.

Speaking of Evan, Darth Phoenix has another question about everyone's favorite kid clone of Apocalypse.

Kid Apocalypse had a strong relationship with the adult Warren when he was at the [Jean Grey] school. Will he have any reaction to him reverting to Archangel [in "Uncanny X-Men"]?

Dark Phoenix! Possibly. Cullen Bunn and the "Uncanny" Team have big plans for Archangel that need to play out before Evan and I can poke our heads in. So... probably not anytime soon. That said, Cullen and I are good friends. We've co-written two X-Men books in the past. A collaboration or crossover would be fun.

And we'll conclude the Evan section of X-Po with a question from Jeanpaul123.

Evan is an awesome kid that had a lot of friends in the JGS besides Idie. My question is, will we see cameos of some of his friends in "All-New X-Men"? Like Sprite (who I believe had something of a relationship with Evan), Broo or Eye-Boy?

Jeanpaul123! Yes. The opening scene of "ANXM" #9 involves some of Evan's JGS friends. That issue is jam-packed so it's not a huge thing, but cameos for sure.

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Blob's made a big comeback in "All-New X-Men," and Ambaryerno wants to know more about his status quo.

Is Blob still on MGH, or did he somehow get his powers fully restored?

Ambaryerno! Because we don't address the issue within the issue, I can't say for sure. In my mind Freddie has his powers back (maybe a post-"Secret Wars" gift?) but canon only happens in the books. The next writer to use Blob might have different ideas. You can choose to read it however you like.

Ambaryerno also wants to know if "All-New Wolverine" will affect your book.

We know that Laura's "little sister," Gabby, will still be around after the first arc of "All-New Wolverine." Could she turn up here, as well?

Never say never but my preference would be to let Tom Taylor and Company tell that story in "All-New Wolverine." Solo books are a different animal than team books (and that is a great one). "All-New Wolverine" is laser focused on Laura and they're building her a cool world and supporting cast. In "ANXM," Laura plays a specific role within this specific team. The character arc we're building for Wolverine revolves around her relationship with Warren and her other teammates. We'll keep our focus there for the time being.

Marius665 has a compliment and then a question.

First, I'd like to let it be known that "Cable & X-Force" is one of my favorite series and I was sad to see it go. But now that you're back in the X-Men universe, do you have any intentions or plans on writing Cable again? We still have yet to see his response to Evan/Genesis who is a clone of his immortal enemy or his now teenage time traveling father. Thanks!

Marius665! Thanks for the kind words. "Cable & X-Force" was a blast and I love hearing from fans of the series.

We don't have any current plans for Cable or Hope to appear in the book but I definitely agree. There are lots of potential stories to be told there. Let's see where things fall coming out of "Apocalypse Wars." Maybe we can find a spot for the Askani'son.

Next up comes a question from Time Like Lightning about the book's cast.

Hi, Mr. Hopeless! Love what you've been doing so far, especially with Iceman. Any chance of some trans characters becoming part of your cast?

Time Like Lightning! That's a definite possibility. Growing the cast of a team book can be tricky because you're already trying to keep so many plates spinning, but diversity is very important to us. I'm a supporter of the LGBTQ community and think comics should be as representative as possible.

And ExodusCloak has a question about one of the book's core concepts.

Will we find out the extent to which the young O5 have damaged the timeline? Or has that been fixed by the Fantastic Four, and are the young O5 killable without having any repercussions on their counterparts? I'm hoping to see this hypothesis tested on panel.

ExodusCloak! Timeline paradox questions are tricky and it's easy to strangle your characters by pulling too hard on those threads. But we can't ignore the fact that time travel is an integral part of the "All New X-Men" DNA. We're about to start tackling some of these questions head on... and may even answer a few of them.

We've seen teen Bobby flirt -- and seen boys flirt back -- so far in "ANXM." TheMac05 wants to know more about Iceman's potential romances.

Will we get to see Bobby go on a date any time soon, or will any of the boys we've seen him flirt with appear more in future issues?

TheMac05! Bobby is working things through right at the moment. Coming out may not be difficult or complicated for everyone, but it is for Bobby. He wants to date. He wants to be happy. He wants to feel comfortable in his skin. He's just not there yet. Getting there is a major part of his story. We're getting there.

And on that note, Kamose1234 wonders how teen Iceman's journey compares to adult Iceman's journey.

The younger Iceman as demonstrated through his conversation with Evan in issue #5 seems more uncomfortable with his homosexuality than his older self is as shown in Extraordinary X-Men #6 during his conversation with Anole. Older Bobby seems more at peace with himself while younger Bobby says he has "no desire whatsoever" to talk about it but I found this confusing given that technically both have been out for the same period of time. Will Iceman have to manage more situations where he has to confront this part of himself like Scott did with the Ghosts of Cyclops in the first few issues or Hank McCoy and Warren given what's happening to their older selves in "Uncanny Inhumans" and "[Uncanny] X-Men"?

Kamose1234! I don't know about you, but teenage me was a lot more emotionally volatile than adult me is (thank God). It took me longer to come to terms with change. Socially awkward situations were much more upsetting. Older Bobby is an adult. He was in the closet much longer, yes, but he's also lived a lot longer and has more experience. They're both struggling with a big, complicated life change. That struggle just looks different with younger Bobby.

And lastly, Kamose1234 asks the question on a lot of people's minds...

In previous X-Positions other writers have confirmed that despite the teams neutrality in the original event, the X-Men will play a role in "Civil War II," including Laura. But given that the "All-New X-Men" have struck out on their own, will this apply to them as well?

The series itself won't be tying into "Civil War II," but I wouldn't be surprised to see members of the All-New X-Men getting sucked into that conflict.

Thanks to Dennis Hopeless for taking on this week's questions!

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