X-POSITION: All-New Wolverine's Tom Taylor Teases ResurrXion & Reunions

All-New Wolverine 20 feature

Wolverine just survived one major battle -- and now she's wasted no time jumping into a new one. With "Enemy of the State II" concluded, the star of "All-New Wolverine" has a major new problem to deal with in the title's new "Immune" storyline. Not only does "All-New Wolverine" kick off a new storyline from writer Tom Taylor and new series artist Leonard Kirk, it also brings Laura Kinney into ResurrXion -- a bold new era for Marvel's mutants!

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This week in X-POSITION, "All-New X-Men" writer Tom Taylor returns and answers all of your questions about "Immune," ResurrXion and more.

CBR News: Welcome back to X-POSITION, Tom! Let's start with a question from Greg about Laura's team membership.

With Old Man Logan now appearing in four X-books and (to the best of my knowledge) Laura only appearing in her own book, do you know of any plans for Laura to join an X-team as Wolverine in the not-too-distant future? It feels weird that she claimed the mantle of Wolverine but isn't interacting with the X-Men.

The Immune storyline keeps Laura separate from the X-Teams in the immediate future as you’ll understand when you read it. But there are certainly some other mutants coming to our book very soon. And some more guest stars. For now, Laura won’t be part of any X-team, but who knows what the future holds.

"All-New Wolverine" #20 variant cover by Helen Chen

Ambaryerno has a question about Laura's long lost family and their role in the book.

At long last Laura has finally gotten to reunite with her remaining family. Are we going to get to see more of Megan and Debbie in the future?

I really hope so. I wanted to give them a bit more at the end of "Enemy of the State II," but there was a lot to pack in. Our original plan was to give them some time together straight away, but the "Immune" storyline has thrust us forward very quickly. I am very happy we’re able to have Megan and Debbie come out of hiding though, and provide some more family for Laura and Gabby... and Jonathan.

I will say Laura has other family in her life who may be appearing soon.

On the topic of upcoming guest stars, Ambaryerno has another Q.

Are there any other reunions we can look forward to? In particular the New X-Men, who she hasn't really interacted with since "Second Coming." She especially had close friendships with Mercury and Dust, but only briefly spoke with Dust after "AvX," and hasn't really shared panel time with Cessily at all since "New X-Men" ended. And of course the inevitable will we ever get to see Laura and Julian at least mend their friendship?

There are no plans just yet. I think I mentioned in another interview that the messiness of Laura and Julian’s break-up meant that, if they do come back together, it needs to not be a throwaway thing. If Hellion reappears in her life, it needs to be important.

Next, Valamist wonders how you balance "All-New Wolverine's" tone.

One of the things I love about your book is the mixture of serious drama, claw-popping action and character humor. Is it hard to balance that out?

Honestly, I kind of do it naturally. I was professional juggler, fire-eater and street performer for a lot of years when I was younger, and I approach my writing the same way. First and foremost, I want to entertain people. That means shocks, emotion and humor.

"All-New Wolverine" #20 variant cover by Leonard Kirk

Marvel also has a storyline called "Generations" coming up soon, and Chad wonders how it might impact "All-New Wolverine."

Will "All-New Wolverine" show any of the impact of the upcoming "Generations" story? I read that Logan and Laura would be teaming up. Any chance to see that in your book?

I’m in the middle of writing Laura and Logan in our "Generations" story. I can’t say too much at this stage, but I’m really looking forward to it. There may be ninjas. Though, I guess you can say that about any story, because Ninjas are pretty good at hiding.

There's another wolverine that people are curious about, and his name is Jonathan. Here's a question from Paul about Wolverine's pet Wolverine.

Will there be any spotlight moments for Jonathan? He is the cutest addition to Marvel Comics in recent years and a small spotlight story would be fun to see. I know that he had an origin story that was taken out of the annual. Will that story ever see print?

Never say never. I’m glad Jonathan the Actual Wolverine has such a following. He won’t be seen for a few issues, but look for him in #22.

Beaubier has a question about the fallout from "Enemy of the State II."

Will we see some of the emotional fallout from Laura breaking her no-kill rule to finish Kimura for good? Or is that story over and done with?

I think that’s done and dusted. Kimura had enough of a hold on Laura for so long, that I think she’s due for some headspace without her. There are still elements of her past, which will always be part of her, her time on the streets, etc. However, Kimura and the Trigger scent, both of which were a constant threat, are finally gone.

"All-New Wolverine's" getting a new artist for "Immune," and MiddlePegasus wants to know what it's like working with Leonard Kirk.

So excited for the ResurrXion direction. What can you tell us about your new collaborator, Leonard Kirk? What has he brought to "All-New Wolverine" that you're excited for us to see?

Leonard is fantastic. I loved his art on "Agents of Atlas," and I was damn happy when I heard we’d snagged him for "All-New Wolverine." As soon as I saw his first sketches, and saw how much character he was bringing to Laura and Gabby, I knew we were in for something special. For a writer, working with a storyteller of his caliber is a joy.

"All-New Wolverine" #20 cover by Adam Kubert

And we'll close out this week with a few questions from healed1337.

Although I thought the end of the Laura/Kimura conflict was dramatically effective, it does kind of leave Laura without a dedicated rival or villain. Any chance we'll see the rise of someone else to take her place, even if it won't be quite the same?

It’s possible that’s exactly what we will see soon.

With both James Mangold and Dafne keen interested in continuing X-23's story in the movies (not to mention the very positive reception for X-23 in "Logan"), what do you hope to see for Laura's on-screen counterpart in the future?

I was pretty worried going into "Logan," but I can happily say it floored me. I was already emotionally close to the character, having spent two years in Laura’s head, and seeing her so well realized in the film I knew people would be screaming for more. I truly hope she takes over from Logan and becomes the All-New Wolverine on screen as well.

However, I think the name X-23 needs to be rethought. She’s left the name behind in the comics. X-23 was the name given to her by the facility who created and tortured her. She’s more than a successful experiment. She’s more than a letter and a number.

Special thanks to Tom Taylor for taking on this week's questions! "All-New Wolverine" #19 arrives in stores on April 5.

Next week, "X-Men Gold" writer Marc Guggenheim returns to X-POSITION to answer your questions! Have a question for Marc? Go ahead and send 'em in via e-mail with the subject line "X-Position". But get 'em in quickly, because the deadline's Friday. Make it happen!

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