X-POSITION: Aaron's on the Warpath with Wolverine

SPOILER ALERT: The following contains spoilers for "Wolverine" #62-65.

Wolverine can be a tricky character for some comic book writers. He's been around for quite some time, but the various and disparate aspects of his personality are sometimes difficult to mesh. Depending on the writer, Wolverine's a father-figure, a killer, a teacher, a samurai, a man without a past, a man with a convoluted past, a member of the X-Men, an Avenger, and, let us not forget, a Canadian.

How does a writer make sense of all that? Well, this question and more will be answered by current "Wolverine" scribe Jason Aaron ("Scalped," "Ghost Rider"), just off his popular "Get Mystique" arc which ran through issues #62-65 and will be available in trade paperback in August.

Also coming up for Aaron is June's "X-Force Special: Ain't No Dog," in which he and artist Werther Dell'Edera turn in a short story featuring the one and only Warpath. To give you a taste of this ferocious one-shot, Marvel Comics has provided X-POSITION with an exclusive artwork from Aaron and Dell'Edera's story.

Once again, be aware the following contains MAJOR SPOILERS for Jason Aaron's "Get Mystique" arc from "Wolverine" #62-65.

Let's start off with a "fastball special." Our first email for Jason Aaron comes from Daniel Bowen, who wanted to know more about your connection with everyone's favorite Canuck.

What attracted you to the "Wolverine" title? What attracts you to his character? Do you like writing him and Mystique?

Hey Daniel, I love Wolverine because he's one of those characters you can use to tell lots of different kinds of stories. I think the stories I've done with him so far are pretty different in focus and tone and the way I use him as a character, and if I get to do more stories with Wolvie, you can bet they'll be just as different.

I also loved writing Mystique in "Get Mystique." Some people seem surprised I didn't kill her off at the end, but honestly I never had any interest in doing so. She's too great of a character.

And now we've got questions of our own! Fans and critics have responded favorably to your take on Wolverine. What do you think is the key to writing this character? If you had to boil the character down to his bare essentials, how would you describe him?

I don't know; I just try to tell fun stories. And Logan is a hard character to boil down, because he has such a rich and complicated history. He's a samurai, soldier, assassin, the perfect anti-hero, The Man With No Name, Steve McQueen, Waylon Jennings...a little bit of everything.

You have a story coming up in "X-Force: Ain't No Dog." What is the story about?

It's a simple little character drama starring Warpath where we see him trying to come to grips with the fact that he's now taking lives on a daily basis as part of X-Force. And he also fights a bear.

As you write about Native Americans in your hugely acclaimed Vertigo series, "Scalped," are you integrating what you know about this culture into your characterization of James Proudstar?

Sure, there's a little of that, I suppose. James may be the last of his tribe at this point, but in times like this, when he's really at a crossroads, he still falls back on the teachings of his Apache elders.

Warpath seems very similar to Wolverine in that violence is a large part of his life. How do you feel these two characters are the same and/or different?

Warpath has been plagued by violence, sure, but he's never really embraced it like Logan has. Warpath has always seemed like a character who's still looking for his place in the world, while Logan found his niche a long time ago.

Our final set of questions today come from Philip A. Moore, and they seem to promise some intriguing answers.

1) Is there a chance we will ever see you write a series with a lady for the main character?

I sure hope so.

2) What would happen if Wolverine and Warpath visited The Prairie Rose reservation or guest-starred in "Scalped"?

Dash Bad Horse would die a painful death. And I'd get sued by Marvel.

3) Any chance you'll be [writing] more Warpath down the road?

Yeah, I'll probably be doing something with an X-Force member, but not necessarily Warpath.

4) If you could use an X-member for a MAX story, who would it be and what would you do with them?

Good question. Wolverine would be the easy answer, and Mystique would be great as well. But how about a MAX version of Longshot and the Mojoverse? I'd buy that.

I have a feeling many of our readers would agree with that sentiment.

Thanks to Jason Aaron for contributing to this edition of X-POSITION! For more from Jason Aaron, check out CBR's interview with the writer about his "Secret Invasion" tie-in arc in "Black Panther," a story he describes as nothing less than "total war." And for even more on "X-Force Special: Ain't No Dog," check out our own Dave Richards' interview with writer Charlie Houston, who with artist Jefte Palo tells a Wolverine story in the classic mold.

Did you get your fill of Wolverine today? Well if not, don't fret! Writer Daniel Way will be here next week to talk about "Wolverine: Origins" #25, on sale now. Pick it up, read it, and write us by this Friday. Don't forget to stick "X-POSITION" in the subject line. Snikt!

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