X-Men's Iceman Ongoing Series Creative Team Announced


Though his ongoing series -- the first ever for the original X-Man -- was announced in mid-October, Marvel Comics has just now announced the creative team on "Iceman."

Launching in Spring 2017 as part of Marvel's ResurreXion initiative, Bobby Drake's solo adventures will be scripted by Sina Grace, with art by Alessandro Vitti.

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The creative team, announced via an interview with Nerdist, also included the first look at Issue #1's cover, illustrated by series cover artist Kevin Wada.

The first look at "iceman" #1, featuring cover art by Kevin Wada

Iceman has appeared in numerous cartoons (including a starring role in the ’80s series “Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends) and feature films (played by Shawn Ashmore). Over fifty years after his debut, Iceman came out as gay in 2015’s “All-New X-Men” #40, making him one of Marvel’s most prominent LGBT characters -- a fact that will be at the center of the new series' focus on the hero.

"I think the tension of [Bobby recently coming out] is what makes this the most interesting and fun project to work on. Because it means that he’s been keeping something not only from his friends and colleagues, but also from himself," Sina Grace told Nerdist. "And if you even just look at his powers, it’s always just sort of been there, for the entire history of the Marvel universe. And leaning into it makes working on the character and understanding all the decisions he’s made to date that much more fascinating. And what he does with that information moving forward is going to inform not only his personal life, but also how he sees himself as a hero."

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"[T]his part of his identity is going to effect the people around him, including some of his ex-girlfriends,” Grace continued, explaining that the fact that Bobby has dated women in the past will be explored. “Part of the story and the adventures he has moving forward include the space where he does have a very touching interaction with one of the ladies, and we might have some more sprinkled in when it’s organic to the book. But that’s something that everyone can relate to, when you’re holding onto something for a long time, and that decision can have an impact on everyone around him.”

Another aspect of Iceman the series will address is the fact that he's an Omega Level mutant, one of the twelve most powerful mutants in the world -- potentially.

"With this series, you’ll see how much knowing yourself and understanding yourself helps inform the scope of your abilities, both as a human being and also as a superhero," Grace says. "We are gonna play with it to be sure, because this guy is an Omega Level mutant at the end of the day."

"Iceman," by Sina Grace and Alessandro Vitti, with covers by Kevin Wada, debuts in Spring 2017 as part of Marvel Comics' RessureXion initiative.

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