X-Men: 10 Worst Anti-Mutant Groups, Ranked

While the X-Men often find themselves facing down powerful mutant threats to save the world, it's important not to overlook the dangers humanity can pose to mutants as well. This can be accounted for by some solo supervillains with grudges against mutantkind, but the biggest example of this threat is the numerous anti-mutant hate groups that have formed over the years.

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We previously discussed some of the worst things humans have done to mutants, and a lot of these anti-mutant hate groups popped up, so today we are going to take a closer look at these groups, their leaders and members, and how they've impacted the mutant community over the years.


The FOH is likely the most well-known group on this list, as they featured heavily on X-Men: The Animated Series in the 90s, alongside their leader, Graydon Creed. Creed was actually the human son of two mutants, Sabretooth and Mystique, which is likely part of the reason he first formed the Friends of Humanity.

It's interesting that this bigoted militia is actually the tamest anti-mutant group, but as each group further radicalizes and becomes more extreme in their actions, that is to be expected. Creed would use the FOH to support his run for President on an anti-mutant campaign, though he would be assassinated by Mystique before taking office.


It's never a good sign when the government jumps on board the anti-mutant bandwagon, yet that's what happened when plans for Project: Wideawake were created, which brought together an official committee to determine how to handle the "mutant problem."

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While their bigotry and plans to take out mutantkind were created out of fear and a desire to protect the American people, they allowed themselves to be manipulated into creating a Sentinel force by Sebastian Shaw, a mutant himself who was after financial gain and political power.


The Church of Humanity was an extremist splinter group of the FOH, though they shared the religious beliefs of other groups like the Purifiers (more on them soon). The Church of Humanity used many methods in their war on mutants, including creating the super-soldier known as Mr. Clean, who massacred a group of mutants living under London.

The Church of Humanity is probably best known for its gruesome statement made on the front lawn of the Xavier Institue, as a number of young mutants like Jubilee, Husk, and Skin were crucified and left for dead. A few were healed using mutant abilities, but the majority of the victims died in the attack.


The Sapien League is a terrorist anti-mutant organization that actively attempts to hunt and kill mutants, as opposed to the bigoted Friends of Humanity who attempt political protests and rallies. First appearing after the events of House of M left the mutant population near extinction, the Sapien League quickly made their presence known with a direct attack on the X-Mansion.

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The violent group was put together by the Leper Queen, whose vendetta against mutants would see her attempt to burn mutants on crosses, and she also used a modified version of the Legacy Virus to cause mutants powers to explode uncontrollably in planned terrorist attacks to incite further fear of mutants among humanity.


While the Reavers are not technically considered an anti-mutant hate group, they do hold a vendetta against the X-Men and Wolverine that puts them in the same class as some of these other groups. The Reavers are cybernetic mercenaries who have been led by other cybernetic characters like Donald Pierce and Lady Deathstrike.

However, Lady Deathstrike and a new version of the Reavers did work alongside the group known as the Purifiers during the Messiah Complex event, effectively turning that short-lived group of automatons into a radical and deadly anti-mutant kill squad.


Another organization that might not fit perfectly into the anti-mutant hate group categorization is Weapon X, which began as a part of the government-sponsored Weapon Plus program that was launched to create super-soldiers like Captain America.

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Weapon X took a darker focus on mutants and found a home with the Canadian governmental group known as Department K, where they were allowed to continue immorally experimenting on mutants. Weapon X also used imprisoned mutants for missions to further their own political plans with little regard to the mutants, treating them as expendable assets.


Cameron Hodge first appeared working alongside the first group to call themselves X-Factor, who were the original five X-Men posing as human mutant hunters. Hodge soon reveals his true colors as the founder of the anti-mutant organization known as The Right.

The Right equipped its members with weaponized mech-suits that would become known as "Smiley-Face Battlesuits" due to the mocking image printed on the armor's faceplates. Hodge himself would have his head attached to a robotic body and The Right would continue improving its battlesuits to deal with the growing mutant "threat."


One of the earliest examples of an organized anti-mutant group first appeared in God Loves, Man Kills, which also introduced Reverend William Stryker, a name that might be familiar to fans, as he was adapted as a military leader for the X-Men film franchise.

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Stryker believed that mutants were an abomination based on religious beliefs, and he organized his followers into a holy war against mutants. After Stryker's death, the Purifier's were taken over by the former assassin Matthew Risman and destroyed a bus full of de-powered mutants in one of many attacks against mutants.


The organization known as Orchis is the newest anti-mutant group that has formed in the Marvel Universe, having only recently appeared in the pages of Jonathan Hickman's House of X/Powers of X event that led to the current "Dawn of X" line.

Orchis is comprised of ex-members of S.H.I.E.L.D., H.A.M.M.E.R., S.T.R.I.K.E, S.W.O.R.D., Hydra, A.I.M., and Alpha Flight, so they are well-trained and well-resourced. Orchis created The Forge, a station orbiting the sun built using Tony Stark's Sol Hammer and a Master Mold to serve as the last weapon for humanity before it was destroyed by the X-Men. Orchis, however, lives on.


Not counting the more recent organization Orchis, the Human Council was comprised of the leaders of most of the groups we've discussed today. They were organized by the Sentinel/Nimrod hybrid known as Bastion, and in some cases, resurrected using the alien Technarchy's techno-organic virus that also brought them under Bastion's control.

The group featured the previously mentioned Graydon Creed, Rev. Stryker, Cameron Hodge, Matthew Risman, and the Leper Queen, alongside other anti-mutant characters like Bolivar Trask, Stephen Lang, Eli Bard, and Reverend Sinclair. The Human Council was responsible for a number of deadly attacks on mutants and humans alike before falling in the Second Coming event.

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