Wait, When Was Wolverine a Slave?

In Left Unresolved, I spotlight storylines that have been, well, left unresolved.

Our adventure begins in Uncanny X-Men #235 (by Chris Claremont, Rick Leonardi and P. Craig Russell, where Madelyne Pryor is flying a nurse, Jenny Ransome, on an aid mission. However, it turned out to be a trap! Jenny was born in Genosha and now her country wanted her back!

The X-Men tried to stop the bad guys from taking Jenny and Maddie, but not only did they not achieve that goal, Wolverine and Rogue were also taken prisoner!

The next issue (by Claremont, Marc Silvestri and Dan Green), Wolverine and Rogue raged against their captors in Genosha, a country that uses mutants as slaves to keep the tiny island nation prosperous. However, the ace up the sleeve of the Genoshan government was that they had someone who could cancel out mutant powers!

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We then meet Jenny's boyfriend, Phillip Moreau, who seems like a nice enough guy, but also clearly oblivious to the horrors of his home country (led by his own father!)....

Back in prison, Wolverine is in bad shape without access to his healing factor. His adamantium is poisoning him. Rogue is so traumatized that she cuts a deal with the Carol Danvers personality within her (from when Rogue absorbed Ms. Marvel's powers all those years earlier) to let Carol take over, as Carol posseses a certain set of skills that are perfect for this situation...

In the next issue (Leonardi back, now with Terry Austin on inks), we see David Moreau, the head "Genegineer" and see him sadistically being willing to make a slave of his own son's girlfriend!

Later, during a chance encounter when Rogue and Wolverine had stolen some Genoshan magistrate outfits, they run into Phillip Moreau and they decide to confront his father with David as their hostage.

Of course, they're quickly captured, but Phillip is willing to step up to his father and explain why this whole deal was so messed up...

Then, out of nowhere, Wolverine just drops that he can sympathize with the Genoshan mutates because he was once a slave!

What the what?

Look at Carol's reaction! She's also all, "What the what?"

This isn't addressed again.

Phillip stands up to his father and keeps him from killing Maddie (whose clone powers had kicked in under torture)...

He and Jenny convince the X-Men to leave the country alone for now while Phillip and Jenny will travel the world and turn the people against what is going on in Genosha and dealing with the change in power peacefully...

Of course, it did not work out that way (as seen in a later X-Men crossover, The X-Tinction Agenda).

So that's it. The only reference to Wolverine's time as a slave. Now, could he be referring to his time at Weapon X? I guess, but it sure doesn't seem that way, right? You'd think SOMEone would have addressed this one by now!

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