Comic Legends: Was Mariko Yashida Nearly the X-Men's Maid?

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Mariko Yashida was going to be the X-Men's maid at one point.


I'm Going With True

In X-Men #118 (by Chris Claremont, John Byrne and Ricardo Villamonte), the X-Men traveled to Japan and Wolverine met the love of his life, Mariko Yashida...

Obviously, the X-Men returned home eventually, but Wolverine and Mariko remained a couple. She visited the United States in Byrne's final issue of the series.

Byrne and Claremont had some plots in mind for Mariko, but when Byrne left the book, then those ideas fell by the wayside.

Dave Cockrum took over the series after Byrne left and Claremont kept trying to think of ways to work Mariko back into the series.

One of the ideas would seem quite familiar to X-Men readers. In Claremont's first solo issue of X-Men, X-Men #96, he introduced a news housekeeper for the X-Men, Moira MacTaggert...

Obviously, Moira was a lot more than just a housekeeper...

Therefore, Claremont thought about repeating that idea with Mariko. Have her come to the United States and serve as the new housekeeper for the X-Men.

Cockrum, though, was adamantly against the idea. He recalled to Peter Sanderson in the X-Men Companion, "I said, 'Chris! She's got housekeepers! She wouldn't become one!'"

So the idea was dropped. Obviously, eventually she was worked back into the series in the Wolverine miniseries and then the tragic wedding that never was (when Mastermind messed with her head to get her to call off the wedding).

It would be interesting, though, to see how things would have gone differently if Mariko had been worked into the regular supporting cast of the series.

Thanks to Peter Sanderson and the late, great Dave Cockrum for the information!

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