X-Men: The 10 Oddest X-Men Villains Of All Time, Ranked By Weirdness

The X-Men have always been one of the greatest superhero teams of all time. Over their long and storied history, these mutant heroes have come across many strange and terrifying villains. Some of these villains are the strongest characters we have ever seen on a comic book page.

From deformed mutants to other-dimensional enemies and even aliens from outer space, the X-Men have faced their fair share of strange foes. Here are the ten oddest X-Men villains of all time, ranked by weirdness.

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nimrod from uncanny x-men #194
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10 Nimrod

nimrod from uncanny x-men #194

Created in the alternate future of Days of Future Past, Nimrod is the evolved descendant of the mutant-hunting sentinels. When a rogue mutant from this dark future traveled back in time to the present, Nimrod followed her into the Marvel world we are used to seeing.

During his time in the present, this deadly android made it his sole purpose to find and defeat "dangerous" mutants such as the X-Men. His shapeshifting abilities and incredible strength make him one of the deadliest X-Men antagonists. His strange appearance, however, makes him one of the weirdest.

9 Bastion


Bastion appears to be human, but appearances can be deceiving. He was actually created when Nimrod and Master-Mold were transported through a magical crystal called the Siege Perilous. After passing through it, the two entities were merged and reincarnated as a new human-like creation with no knowledge of his past.

This origin is by far one of the weirdest in X-Men comics, making Bastion easily one of the weirdest characters the mutant team has ever fought.

8 Legion

The son of Charles Xavier, David Haller is by far one of the strongest mutants in all of Marvel lore. David, also known as Legion, has multiple personality disorder. Each one of these personalities has their own power. Some of them are insignificant, while other personalities have god-like abilities.

With Legion, you never know what you are going to get. As he shifts personalities, you may find yourself fighting a clown, dog, little girl, or something else entirely. This leads to a lot of very weird moments with this utterly weird character.

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7 The Brood


Most likely inspired by Ridley Scott's Alien movie, the Brood is an alien race that pesters the Marvel universe. Over the course of their history, the X-Men had found themselves allied with the alien Shi'ar Empire. One of the Shi'ar's greatest enemies is the Brood.

These insect-like creatures are disgusting and terrifying. They are ruled over by a Queen Brood, who is even larger and scarier than the typical foot soldiers. Much like in the movie Alien, they implant embryos inside of living hosts, who are eventually killed by it.

6 Toad

Toad Secondary Mutation

Although probably the least intimidating foe on this list, there is no doubt that Toad is just as weird as anyone else on this list. While many mutants seem to be a higher evolved form of humanity, Toad appears to be the opposite.

It is almost as if he devolved into a disgusting amphibian creature. His long tongue, hunched back, and beady eyes add quite a bit to his gross appearance. It doesn't help that he always seems to be smiling.

5 Marrow

Although she has been an X-Mean for some time now, Marrow was originally a member of the Morlocks. During her time there, she was a formidable enemy of the X-Men.

Most of the mutant Morlocks are quite weird looking and have somewhat disturbing powers. Marrow may, in fact, be the weirdest and most disturbing one. Her accelerated bone growth allows her to protrude excess bones from her skin, break them off, and use them as weapons. Definitely weird.

4 Bloodstorm


The strangest thing about Bloodstorm is that she is nearly normal. She looks just like the Ororo Munroe we are used to, but something is slightly off. This version os Storm came from an alternate dimension where she was captured by Dracula.

After her capture, Dracula turned Ororo into a vampire, intending to make him one of his brides. This gave Storm all of the powers of a vampire along with her mutant ability to control the weather. At times it seems pretty cool, but it's just plain weird to think of Storm as a vampire.

3 Onslaught

X-Men '90s Villain Onslaught

Created from the merged consciousnesses of Professor X and Magneto, this entity was one of the most powerful foes the X-Men ever faced. Onslaught is made out of pure psionic energy, yet his abilities are so vast that he can actually create a physical form for himself.

Not only was Onslaught a combination of the two mutants' consciousnesses, but it also embodied all of their worst emotions and suppressed negative feelings. Such a character had never been created in the comics before and probably never will be created again. It was just way too weird and not quite as cool as the writers had intended.

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2 Sauron

Sauron X-Men

An energy vampire that takes on the form of a humanoid pterodactyl, Sauron comes from the Savage Land. After being bitten by some mutant pterodactyls, Karl Lykos discovered he had the ability to drain the life force of other beings. He also later gained an ability to change into a monstrous new form, taking on the name Sauron.

Lykos is one of the more sadistic and evil opponents that the X-Men have ever faced. He seems to be part energy vampire, part dinosaur, and part Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. It would be hard to think of a stranger combination.

1 Mojo

When it comes to weirdest X-Men villains, there really is no contest. In the end, it has to be Mojo. An alien from an alternate dimension, Mojo's race is known as the "Spineless Ones," who are all physically immobilized, using advanced technology to move around. Mojo's mechanical apparatus looks like the lower body of a scorpion, adding a whole new level of creep to the character.

This X-Men villain was created as a parody of network executives. He runs his own television network and often captures heroes and villains so that he can showcase them on his show. Everything about Mojo is strange, form his appearance to his character motivations. No X-Men enemy is weirder.

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