Comic Legends: Was An X-Men Villain Outed...and No One Noticed?

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The Blob was outed in an issue of X-Men Unlimited.



Last year, I talked about how John Byrne intended Pyro, of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, was gay and drew him with that in mind, but Chris Claremont decided to instead make him English...


Interestingly, a reader wrote in to ask if a DIFFERENT member of that Brotherhood of Evil Mutants was outed in a comic book nearly twenty years ago and no one seemed to notice! I can't find the original e-mail from the reader (perhaps it was a tweet to me? Argh! So annoying), but the question was about an issue of X-Men Unlimited #33, from 2001, where Steven Grant and Sean Phillips did a story featuring the Blob terrorizing a rodeo in Texas when a character that we saw getting picked on by some jerky guys early in the issue shows up and saves the day...

The reader wanted to know if this was Grant trying to slyly reveal Blob's sexual preference.


I asked Steven about it, though, and he said that yes, this was him outing the Blob...as a rodeo fan. Otherwise, he had not intended it to make any sort of statement about the Blob's sexual preferences one way or the other. He then noted that he had done a story years earlier in Marvel Fanfare #7 (with art by Joe Barney and George Freeman) about the deep friendship between the Blob and Unus the Untouchable and he was surprised that no one looked to that one if they were looking for a story to suggest that the Blob was gay.

He didn't intend that earlier story to read that way, either, but he just thought it was interesting.


Thanks for the information, Steven! And thanks to that anonymous reader whose e-mail I can't find! Maybe it was a Facebook comment? Argh! I hate losing stuff like this!

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