The X-Men's Magic Native American Security Guard Was Likely a Bad Idea

In Remember to Forget, we spotlight comic book stories that I wish I could forget, but I can’t, so I instead share them with you all!

Today, we look at Tom Corsi, one of the stranger X-Men supporting cast members.

Tom made his debut in New Mutants #19 (by Chris Claremont and Bill Sienkiewicz). The New Mutants rush their friend and teammate, Danielle Moonstar, to the hospital after she was attacked by a mystical entity known as the Demon Bear. It had some connection to Dani's heritage as a member of the Cheyenne Nation.

Once there, they meet a cop named Tom Corsi...

and an ER nurse named Sharon Friedlander...

We later see Tom flirting with Sharon...

but then, at the end of the issue, the Demon Bear shows up, captures Tom and Sharon and then transports them and the New Mutants to another dimension!!

Once there, in the next issue, the Demon Bear transforms Tom and Sharon into demons, as well...

Eventually, Illyana's soul sword was able to slice through the Demon Bear and break free the fact that it had trapped within it Dani's parents, that she thought were dead for years!!

The problem is that even though they are no longer demons, Tom and Sharon are not permanently transformed so that they look like Native Americans now.

Already, this is a super weird plot, right? Why is this happening? Who thought that this was a good idea?

So, now that they no longer look like their old selves, Tom and Sharon take gigs working for the X-Men over on Muir Isle. Sharon is a nurse for Moira MacTaggert and Tom is, I guess a security guard? It's kind of vague.

However, we also learn in New Mutants #26 (by Claremont and Sienkiewicz), that Tom and Sharon are apparently SUPER-POWERED magic Native Americans!

Dude, Tom, why are you wearing only a speedo? And why is Tom now wearing a headband? This is all such a bad idea...

After the Legion storyline (which results in Tom and Sharon being in comas for the rest of the arc), we next see Tom and Sharon in New Mutants #35, where they have apparently returned to the United States and help the new headmaster, Magneto, run the school. Tom's role at the school is clearly "guy in the background who doesn't do anything," as seen here in New Mutants #35..

and then again in New Mutants #36 (Sharon is at least a nurse, so she can do medical stuff for the students. Tom is just sort of "there")...

This now leads to the weirdest storyline for Tom and Sharon. Yes, THERE IS SOMETHING WEIRDER ABOUT TO HAPPEN TO THESE PEOPLE!

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