X-Men: 10 Times An Omega-Level Mutant Was Defeated By An Alpha-Level

Since the recent introduction of the House of X and Powers of X series by Jonathan Hickman, mutant classifications have become a hotly debated topic. Among the most powerful mutants we've come to know over the years, they typically fall into two categories: Omega and Alpha levels. While an Alpha-level mutant simply classifies those that resemble normal human beings with combat-effective powers, Omegas are described as something much more powerful.

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An Omega-level mutant is one whose "dominant power is deemed to register - or reach - an undefinable upper limit of that power's specific classification." Although those mutants sound like they're too powerful to stop, there's been plenty of occasions in which their own kind has taken them down. This list will detail 10 times in which Omega-level mutants were defeated by Alphas.

10 Gambit, Rogue & Bishop Defeat Proteus

Kevin MacTaggert, better known by either Proteus or Mutant X, is the powered son of reoccurring X-men character Moira MacTaggert. In the X-Men universe, he's one of the most powerful beings, with the ability to manipulate reality. The extreme range of his power made him a no-brainer for the Omega classification.

In the latter half of the Astonishing X-Men (2017) storyline, Proteus finds himself pitted against Charles Xavier in one epic psychic battle. Fortunately for Professor X, he's got a legitimate team behind him. With the combined power of Rogue, Gambit, and Bishop combating his power, Proteus is ultimately defeated.

9 Psylocke Defeats Magneto

It's no secret that Magneto is one of the most powerful mutants we've ever seen, making his Omega-level status undeniable. With his magnetism powers, he's usually one of the harder villains to bring down. However, there are definitely other mutants capable of doing so.

Seen in Uncanny X-Men Vol. 4, Psylocke is one of those mutants. Making good on a promise she made long ago, Betsy Braddock ends up killing Magneto with the sword made from her psychic powers. Although Magneto ends up being healed of his wounds, it's relieving to know that he can be defeated.

8 Nightcrawler Kills Iceman

Most wouldn't associate Bobby "Iceman" Drake as an Omega-level mutant. However, according to Hickman, his temperature manipulation abilities have granted him that status. Although he typically fights for the side of good, a.k.a the X-Men, we actually have seen Iceman taken down before.

In Age of Apocolypse, Nightcrawler kills Drake by shoving him into an incinerator due to the frosted hero showing villainous and murderous traits after having his consciousness practically destroyed.

7 Colossus Destroys Magneto

On plenty of occasions, Magneto finds himself in a fight thanks to his own actions. That's no different in the Ultimate Marvel Universe. In yet another fight that pits the X-Men against the magnetic strength of Erik Lehnsherr, Colossus is surprisingly the one to break free of his power and deliver a deafening blow.

Surpassing Magneto's magnetic field, Colossus, in all his metallic beauty, lives out the wish of any X-Men and actually just gets to beat up their longtime rival.

6 Psylocke vs. Storm

Ororo "Storm" Monroe is yet another X-Men favorite classified as an Omega-level mutant. Once again turning to the Uncanny X-Men story, Storm finds herself under the brainwashing power of X-Man.

With no salvation in sight, Psylocke again takes matters into her own hands and stabs Storm through the back of the head with her telekinetic sword. Although this looked like a fatal blow meant to kill Storm, it ultimately was done to release her of X-Man's mind control.

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5 Professor X Takes Down Magneto

In the epic Fatal Attractions crossover event, Professor X is successful in taking down his longtime rival Magneto. He doesn't do so traditionally by killing him or defeating him in battle. After ripping the adamantium out of Wolverine's body, Magneto has his mind wiped by Charles Xavier.

While this doesn't kill him, leaving him open to being healed or saved, it does leave the villain in a coma and essentially lifeless.

4 Psylocke Takes Down Her Brother

In the midst of Uncanny X-Men #474, Psylocke is forced to use her telekinetic powers against her own brother. Jamie Braddock, commonly known as Monarch, is categorized as an Omega mutant for his ability to alter and manipulate reality.

Trapped in Singing City by the cosmic entity the "First Fallen", Jamie Braddock is lured into a plan to obtain "perfection" by the entities' control. In order to free both her brother as well as several other X-Men, Psylocke plunges her psychic blade through her brother's head, freeing him of the First Fallen's control.

3 Havoc Kills Storm

After being captured by the Reavers, a collection of cyborgs known for killing mutants, Havoc falls under their control via an armor that controls their every move. Utilizing the controlled mutants to attack their friends, the Reavers threaten both Storm and Colossus.

After Havoc releases a plasma energy beam, Storm is killed in the explosion. Although his mind and body were under the control of something much more powerful, Havoc was forced to face the consequences of killing his friend.

2 Wolverine Stabs Magneto

In X-Men: Eve Of Destruction, Wolverine finally ends one of his most elusive enemies. On most occasions, Magneto has a little issue dealing with Logan as he typically has control of the adamantium in his body. In this storyline, we once again see Magneto square off against the X-Men.

Once he realizes he is overpowered by the team, Erik tries to make peace with them. Wolverine, however, doesn't fall for this and instead drives his claws through Magneto leaving him slain in a pool of his own blood.

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1 Wolverine Kills Jean Grey

The relationship between Wolverine and Jean Grey is one of the most treasured in the X-Men canon. While their romance is typically put at bay, there are several times where it meets in a climactic clash. While we saw Logan forced to kill Jean Grey in X-Men: The Last Stand, there is actually another instance in which he is forced to kill his longtime love.

In New X-Men, Jean and Wolverine are trapped in a metallic asteroid created by Magneto sent hurtling towards the sun. In order to stop Jean's suffering and pain, Wolverine stabs Jean through the stomach similar to the way he killed her in the film, thus piling on to the lifelong pain he's endured.

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