X-Men: The Animated Series - Which Scenes Never Aired in Reruns?

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Welcome to a special installment of Adventure(s) Time, where we look back at classic animated heroes of the past. This week, we're going to be reviewing an odd element of X-Men: The Animated Series. Only the most diehard of diehards will likely remember these moments. For viewers not there for the original airings, some of these details have practically been lost to time.

It's common knowledge that the original X-Men two-parter suffered numerous animation mistakes when it aired as a sneak-preview in 1992. (The DRG4 fansite has archived the changes made in the reruns.) Also, as covered by Brian Cronin in the past, issues with acting unions and concerns over the initial casting of a white actress led to three different actors voicing Storm.

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X-men Animated Series Wolverine and Storm Alternate Timeline

Iona Morris' work as Storm did air, unlike the original actress' performance. (Who knows if those recordings even exist today?) To avoid royalty payments, a requirement for American union voice actors, producers later cast a Canadian actress.  Alison Sealy-Smith dubbed over Morris' initial recordings and voiced Storm from Season Two until the show's conclusion.

Logan's Rather Subtle Demise

What's interesting is that other alterations occurred during the series' run. Who remembers the two endings to "Days of Future Past" storyline? When originally aired, the final shot of Forge in the future had him examining an android in what appears to be a sensory deprivation tank. On subsequent airings, we instead see Wolverine’s adamantium bones in the tank.

Showrunner Eric Lewald explains the change was made to indicate "that time/history had been affected, and not in a good way." Either there was a miscommunication or the idea came too late, leading to the original version. The official, re-edited version does leave more of an impact, certainly. It also works as a nod to the cover of Uncanny X-Men #142, the inspiration for the episodes.

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The very next episode also featured a closing bit that fans loved. As Cyclops and Jean Grey contemplate their future, the audience discovers a mystery man is spying on the couple. Declaring "Sinister knows what your future holds," hardcore fans were thrilled by this tease for the next season. The original voice used for Mr. Sinister in this scene, high-pitched and rather campy, was replaced when the episode re-aired.

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