X-Men: 10 Buried Secrets Of The Summers Family, Uncovered

Scott Summers is one of the most famous X-Men from Marvel Comics. He has long served as one of the most important leaders of the team as the famous X-Man Cyclops, and his many decisions as a leader have helped shape the course of Marvel history.

Scott isn't the only Summers, however. There are many other members of Cyclops' family that have also played key roles within various Marvel stories. Here are ten buried secrets of the Summers family, uncovered.

10 The Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix

In The Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix mini-series, the X-Men duo traveled to the future to raise their son for twelve long years. This happened shortly after the two's honeymoon. While in the future, Scott and Jean are faced with many horrible villains they must defeat to protect their son and help make the future a better place.

After thwarting the plans of Apocalypse, Mr. Sinister, and a villain known as Stryfe, the two married X-Men made their journey back to the present. Unfortunately for Scott and Jean, their child was left in the future, where he would grow up to become the hero known as Cable.

9 Mr. Sinister Experimented On The Summers Bloodline

The genetic experimenting villain known as Mr. Sinister had somewhat of an obsession with the Summers family. A mad scientist and right hand of Apocalypse himself, Mr. Sinister has experimented on many different Summers and Greys.

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He has cloned both Nathan Summers (the child of Cyclops and Jean Grey), as well as Jean Grey. Mr. Sinister's clone of Jean Grey, Madelyn Pryor, was created with the sole purpose of breeding with Scott Summers. The mad scientists did this because of his obsession with the Summers' bloodline.

8 X-Man Is Part Of The Family...

The son of Scott and Jean Grey, Nathan Summers grew up to become the hero known as Cable. In an alternate universe, this wasn't the case. Instead, in this alternate universe, Nathan became known as X-Man.

Hailing from the Age of Apocalypse universe, this version of Nathaniel Grey was crafted by Mr. Sinister from the genetic material of Scott Summers and Jean Grey. He was meant to be used as a weapon against Apocalypse so that Sinister could overthrow him and take the mutant leader's place. Eventually, Nate and a mutant known as Holocaust were transported to the mainstream reality where they ran into the X-Men.

7 And So Is Stryfe

While Scott Summers and Jean Grey raised their son in the future, Mr. Sinister managed to get his hands on Nate's genetic material. Upon doing so, Mr. Sinister was then able to clone the powerful mutant child. This clone then became the disciple of Apocalypse, who hoped to one day transport his consciousness into the clone's body.

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Known as Stryfe, this mutant would go on to be the arch-nemesis of Cable, the original Nathan Grey. One little known fact about Stryfe is that he is actually a Summers. Albeit a clone of a Summers, but nonetheless, his DNA is that of Scott's son.

6 The Story Of Madelyn Pryor and Scott Summers

Early on in the X-Men's history, Mr. Sinister took a liking to Jean Grey. He understood the young woman's vast potential and sought to tap into a bit of that power himself. So, he cloned Jean, creating a new woman with the name Madelyn Pryor.

Cyclops fell in love with the clone, and the two even started a family together. It turns out the actual mother of Cable was actually Pryor. Although the X-Men eventually learned of her nature and defeated her, she will always be the real biological mother of Cable. Jean Grey was more of a real mother however, given the time that she put in raising him with Scott in the future.

5 Rachel Summers Is Scott's (Alternate Future) Daughter

In an alternate future where Cyclops and Jean Grey live together in a dystopia, the two have a family together. Among their children are Nathan and Rachel Summers. Rachel has since managed to transport herself to the past of the mainstream Marvel universe. Here she has reunited with her alternate reality father and joined the X-Men.

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Rachel has proven to be on the same level as her mother. Inheriting the very same telekinetic and telepathic abilities, Rachel has even bonded with the powerful Phoenix Force in just the same way her mother did.

4 Hope Summers Is The Mutant Messiah

After the horrible events of House of M, the entire mutant race was on the brink of extinction. Being the first mutant born after these events, Hope lived up to her namesake. Shortly after being born, several different factions raced to either save, capture, or kill Hope. Eventually, Cable ends up with hope and takes her with him back to the future.

In the future, Cable serves as the adoptive father of Hope, making her a Summers. Cable has helped Hope develop her powers to mimic the abilities of any other mutant she sees. This ability has made her one of the most powerful mutants of all time.

3 Cable Is Nathan Summers

After Jean and Scott returned to the past, Cable remained in the future where he became an incredibly skilled soldier. Destined to kill Apocalypse in the future, Cable traveled back in time before fulfilling this goal.

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In the present day, Cable has made a name for himself as a member of the X-Men, X-Force, and New Mutants. Most notably Cable became the longtime friend and partner of Deadpool. The two went on many grand adventures together during which they saved many innocent lives.

2 Corsair Is Scott's Father

During his childhood, while Scott was on a plane with his family, the Summers family came under attack by a Shi'ar spaceship. Hoping to save their sons, the parents pushed Alex and Scott out of the plane with parachutes on.

It turns out that Scott's parents, Christopher and Katherine, were kidnapped and taken into space. After the murder of Katherine, Christopher escaped his Shi'ar captors and became the space pirate known as Corsair.

1 Vulcan Is Scott's Brother

In yet another twist of fate, it turns out that Katherine was pregnant at the time of their alien abduction. This unborn child was removed from Katherine's womb upon her death and raised to be a slave.

Eventually making his way to Earth, this brother of Cyclops would become known as Vulcan. He became one of the most powerful enemies of the X-Men. An Omega level mutant with the ability to absorb and manipulate vast amounts of energy, Vulcan is a force to be reckoned with.

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