X-Men: The 10 Most Dangerous Members Of The Starjammers, Ranked

Outer space is home to countless teams of roguish heroes in Marvel Comics. One such team is the Starjammers, a group of rebel pirates who modelled themselves upon Earth's buccaneers. Created by Dave Cockrum, the group originally formed when four slaves escaped from the Shi'ar Empire and swore revenge on D'Ken's tyrannical reign.

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Led by Corsair (a.k.a. Christopher Summers, long-lost father of Cyclops, Havok, and Vulcan), they have worked to destroy intergalactic threats, picking up new crew members along the way. Often fighting alongside the X-Men, a few of Earth's mightiest mutants have joined their ranks. Looking back at Starjammers' roster, here are 10 of the most dangerous members to have joined this ragtag crew.

10 Hepzibah

One of the founding members, Hepzibah's Mephitisoid heritage gives her the ability to emit pheromones that can alter her target's mind, as well as deadly retractable claws, and acute eyesight and smell.

Incredibly skilled in battle — with or without weapons — it's her drive that makes her so dangerous. After witnessing Vulcan kill her lover, Corsair, she was prepared to single-handedly murder the supervillain, and was the driving force behind resurrecting their leader. During her time with the X-Men, she piloted the Blackbird into a collision course with a rampaging Hulk. Hepzibah has proven time and again that she's willing to sacrifice everything to get the job done.

9 Cyclops

For years, Scott Summers believed his father was dead, so when they met at Jean's trial for her future self's crimes, he took some time out from the X-Men to bond with Corsair.

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Scott is a force to be reckoned with. An incredibly powerful mutant, he is capable of shooting optic blasts from his eyes, strong enough to "punch holes in mountains," and keeps these concussive blasts under control with his trusty visor. While he's one of the most powerful Starjammers, he uses his time with the team to go on a fun intergalactic road trip with his father rather than fight evil in space, lowering his ranking on this list.

8 Korvus

Descendent of Rook'shir, the second being bound to the Phoenix Force, Korvus was able to wield his ancestor's sword, the Blade of the Phoenix. Enhanced with a trace of the Phoenix Force and Rook'shir's own power, the weapon allowed Korvus to conjure deadly energy blasts and effortlessly cut through enemies. Combined with his superhuman-level of Shi'ar strength and agility, Korvus was truly dangerous.

Unfortunately, the Phoenix left the sword in X-Men: Kingbreaker, reducing Korvus' power. Still a member of the Starjammers, he acts as their mechanic and muscle — still able to hold his own in a fight, but with less ease than when he was armed with the magical blade.

7 Ch'od

The towering, lizard-like Ch'od has been with the Starjammers throughout all their adventures. A gentle giant with a friendly nature when with his friends, we wouldn't want to get on Ch'od's bad side!

Incredibly strong, he's been able to stand toe-to-toe in battle against Wonder Man, Vision, and countless Shi'ar armies, his surprising speed often giving him an unexpected edge. He can adapt to different environments too, able to survive on land and in water. His skills have allowed him to fight alongside the Hulk, helping the green rage monster defeat an entire alien empire. His sheer strength and intimidating stature quickly send enemies running!

6 Binary

One of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe, Carol Danvers has had an interesting history, which led her to the Starjammers for a brief period. She first encountered the group as a powerless Ms Marvel, but was still able to defeat the team in a friendly sparring session, proving her true strength.

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When she regained her powers and adopted the codename Binary, she left Earth to join the team. As Binary, she discovered she could tap into the energy of a white hole, adding to her already impressive Ms Marvel abilities. Channeling this energy, she was capable of manipulating and controlling stellar energy, opening near limitless possibilities when battling in space. If her time with the group hadn't been so short, she could well have topped this ranking.

5 Raza Longknife

Another of the OG Starjammers, Raza is the sole survivor of his alien race, with the rest of his kind being wiped out by the Shi'ar Empire. Fueled by rage and a thirst for revenge, he has stubbornly pursued D'Ken and Vulcan – the team's two greatest enemies.

Channeling this fury, and with nothing to lose, Raza has stood toe-to-toe with some of the toughest opponents in the Marvel Universe, including Hercules, Wonder Man, and Excalibur. Part cyborg, his natural skill in various forms of combat have been enhanced by technology, such as his bionic hand which can transform into a deadly blade at will.

4 Polaris

An alpha-level mutant, Polaris joined the Starjammers following her ordeal with Apocalypse, who connected mysterious Celestial technology to her spine, restoring her lost powers. This adjustment proved difficult to control, but Lorna quickly adapted during her time with the group.

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Able to manipulate metal, project force fields, absorb energy, and create powerful blasts, she was a valuable addition to the team. She seriously injured Vulcan by using his own metallic armor against him, crushing him inside, and even shielded the Starjammer vessel from an entire fleet of enemy ships while single-handedly destroying battleships with magnetic blasts! Her sheer, seemingly limitless power makes her a truly dangerous opponent.

3 Lilandra Nermani

Empress of the Shi'ar, Lilandra has repeatedly proven that you don't need to be a muscular brute or superpowered being to be one of the most threatening figures in the entire galaxy. Opposing her brother D'Ken's power-hungry plans, she has become a passionate rebel and freedom fighter, seeking a fairer world for her people, often with the Starjammers at her side.

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A skilled leader, Lilandra has made strong allies across the galaxy, including the X-Men and Avengers. She's a pivotal figure in the Marvel Universe's intergalactic politics, carrying significant authority. Constantly able to outwit D'Ken and defeat Deathbird, her fight to reclaim the throne proved there are few things more dangerous than a loyal following and influential outreach.

2 Havok

While Scott used his time with the Starjammers to bond with his father, Alex instead inherited Corsair's responsibility. An alpha-level mutant able to absorb cosmic energy and convert it into devastating blasts, he's got so much strength on his side.

It's Alex's defiant drive that makes him such a dangerous team-mate. While battling Vulcan, Alex survived being blasted into the sun, instead using the attack to absorb the giant star's energy with enough power to defeat his enemy. He has ruthlessly murdered enemy guards and plotted to murder his own brother in a fit of revenge; this cold attitude allowed him to lead the Starjammers to victory against Vulcan and his armies numerous times.

1 Marvel Girl

Daughter of Jean Grey and Scott Summers, Rachel Summers was always destined to be a powerful mutant. An omega-level telepath and telekinetic bonded with the Phoenix Force, she's gifted with incredible power which ranges from manipulating time and space to mind control and concussive blasts. With her cosmic powers enhanced to their maximum levels by the Phoenix Force, her abilities would be dangerous should she ever lose control.

During her time with the Starjammers (and relationship with Korvus), Rachel submitted to her darker side. She coldly killed opponents without second thought, going so far as to destroy Black Cloak's head! Even when the Phoenix Force left her, she proved strong enough to handle powerful foes, making her the top-tier threat of the heroic pirate group.

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