Comic Legends: Did Storm Almost Form an All-Female Team in the '70s?

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Storm almost formed her own female superhero team called The Furies



In X-Men #96 (by Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum), the X-Men fought against the Ani-Men, including Dragonfly...

In X-Men #104, Magneto wreaked havoc on Muir Isle and Dragonfly escaped...

And Mutant X was also freed...

Mutant X was explained as Proteus, but Dragonfly's escape was essentially never addressed (Mark Gruenwald later had her show up in Quasar with other long-lost characters).

However, the reason that she was shown escaping is because Dave Cockrum had plans for her. He was going to have her join a new team called the Furies, an all-female team lead by Storm!

Cockrum explained to Tom DeFalco in the ESSENTIAL Comic Creators on the X-Men (which I just adore as a book) that...

When the team went to Muir Island (in X-Men #104, 1976), Wolverine notices that the insect girl from Count Nefaria’s Ani-Men, Dragonfly, had escpaped from confinement, and that was because I had worked up an idea for a spin-off book that I was going to call The Furies. It was going to feature Storm, Clea from Doctor Strange, Tigra, Namorita, Dragonfly and an alien girl that I had come up with called Moon Fang, who rode a giant bat. I had gotten a tentative okay to do the book, but I just never got around to finishing the first plot, so it never happened. That escape was left hanging. They never cleared it up.

How interesting would that have been?

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