Comic Legends: Did Rogue Nearly Die in Morrison's New X-Men?

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Grant Morrison wanted to kill off Rogue in his "New X-Men" run.



When Grant Morrison first pitched Marvel on giving him control of their "X-Men" titles, most of what he asked for he was given. However, there was one significant difference between Morrison's pitch and what actually happened. That was that the members of the teams in the three major books, Morrison's "New X-Men," Joe Casey's "Uncanny X-Men" and Chris Claremont's "X-Treme X-Men," would only be in those three books. Morrison's idea was to have all of the X-Men available for his book, so if he wanted, say, Nightcrawler in his title, he could use him. However, Marvel wanted the books to each have strict casts, which led to problems when Morrison later wanted to have Beast on his team, so he had to be taken out of "X-Treme X-Men."

In any event, had he been given control of Rogue, Morrison's intent was to kill her off.

His reasoning was given in his famous "Morrison Manifesto," where he noted that he didn't like how bombastic Rogue's personality was.

He thought that she should be more like the Rogue in the "X-Men" movie or the "X-Men Evolution" cartoon.

You might notice that the Gambit scene described above ultimately popped up in the pages of "New X-Men" with Cyclops and Wolverine instead...

I can see Morrison's point, but honestly, I think Rogue works well because she was so outgoing despite her self-esteem issues. So I'm glad Marvel wouldn't let Morrison kill Rogue off.

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