Marvel's Mystery X-Men Series Adds Rogue & Mystique to ResurrXion Team

Marvel has just announced two more X-Men characters for its as-yet-untitled "ResurrXion" series: Rogue and Mystique. The two women join Old Man Logan and Archangel, who were revealed in an earlier version of the same teaser yesterday.

Rogue and Mystique have a long history together in the comics, with Mystique serving as Rogue's adoptive mother. The two were a part of an incarnation of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants that involved Rogue permanently absorbing the powers of Ms. Marvel. The two mutants had a falling out, which led to Rogue joining the X-Men. Eventually, they would serve on an X-Men team together, which coincidentally also had Cable as a member.

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The reason Cable is of significance is because there appears to be two other blacked-out individuals on the image, both of whom are holding guns in the air — one a pistol and the other a larger rifle. Could these be Cable and Deadpool, who are set to co-star in the sequel to the 2016 hit “Deadpool?” If not Deadpool, the person holding the pistol may be frequent X-Force member Fantomex. Notably, the remaining blackout in the center of the image seems to form the shape of an “X.”

Marvel will release the standalone one-shot “X-Men: Prime” as a primer for the X-Men as they enter "ResurrXion." The issue will be written by many of the writers of the upcoming slate of X-books and illustrated primarily by Ken Lashley. “It’s a book that represents the X-Men line going forward, as everyone plants their seeds,” “X-Men: Prime” editor Daniel Ketchum said. “We’re just at the tail end of the war. They’re literally picking up the pieces.”

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“ResurrXion is all about embracing the [X-Men’s] original dream of coexisting with humans and fighting together to make a better world. All the books in some way, shape, or form, embrace that idea,” Ketchum said of the line’s mission statement. “We’re going to get back to flights, and tights, and capes, and all the classic X-Men tropes. We very much want to harken back to that era where it’s the most classic iteration of the X-Men.”

“Inhumans vs. X-Men” #6 goes on sale this Wednesday. "ResurrXion" begins with the release of “X-Men Gold” #1, “X-Men Blue” #1, “Generation X” #1, “Weapon X” #1, “Jean Grey” #1, “Iceman” #1 and “Cable” #1 in Spring 2017.

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