Jean Grey's X-Men Red Team Recruits a Surprising New Member

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for X-Men Red #3 by Tom Taylor and Mahmud Asrar, in stores now.

X-Men Red has framed the newly-revived Jean Grey as a mutant who is proactively attempting to make the world a better place. The powerful telepath certainly has the power to create lasting change, but she opts to go through the proper channels, to do things by the book, as much as she can. While her goals are noble, her methods immediately put her in the crosshairs of those who don't want to see the world change, those who are content with society's current status quo.

In order to protect herself, as well as other mutants who are subject to hate and anger, Jean has formed a new team of X-Men. Nightcrawler, Laura Kinney/Wolverine and Honey Badger are all on board, with a few more recruits that will later join the ranks of Jean's squad, like Namor, Gambit and Gentle. Plus, X-Men Red #2 saw the team travel to India to rescue a new female Indian mutant named Trinary -- who will also become a member of the team. And now, with X-Men Red #3, it appears as if Jean's not-yet-complete squad is getting another, massive addition in the form of a building-sized Sentinel.

X-Men Red #2 ended with the authorities of India dispatching a Sentinel to prevent Jean, Kurt, Laura and Gabby from rescuing Trinary, a technopath who is just coming into her powers. Issue #3 sees the civilian-garbed superheroes fight off the mutant-hunting robot, who is slightly out of their league considering the team's current power levels. But the fight comes to an abrupt end when Trinary puts her computer-controlling mind to work. With a swift move and a single command, she takes control of the Sentinel's programming, effectively turning it to their side.

Later, we see the entire team riding through the sky on top of the Sentinel, the most effective mode of transport at their disposal as they travel back to Wakanda, the only safe haven they have at the moment. "I don't see why you can't have your own giant robot," Jean tells Trinary, while the young Gabby seems enamored with the idea of having a private Sentinel chef to make her a nice meal. For all intents and purposes, it seems like Trinary's Sentinel is now a part of Jean's X-Men, and it's certainly one that dramatically alters the team's dynamic, scope and capabilities.

While it's quite surprising (and oddly satisfying) to see a Sentinel join the ranks of the X-Men, it's actually not the first time a young Marvel hero has formed a bond with one of the mutant-killing robots. Juston Seyfert, who had his own series, Sentinel, for a while and later joined Avengers Academy, once helped rebuild and befriend one of these malevolent robots, turning it into a force for good. Alas, he also met his end in Avengers Arena.

While X-Men Red #3 ends with the Sentinel receiving a shocking blow, dealt by a mind-controlled Storm, we're hoping Trinary will find a way to repair and reboot it. After all, taking in the team's worst enemies and making them close friends and allies is one of the hallmarks of the X-Men.

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