X-Men Red & Wolverine Explore Family and Identity Through Violence

Jean is secure in who she is, but Logan is anything but. The identities he’s adopted over the years are all locked away in his mind, none really itching to get out beyond the one seemingly linked to his hot claws. All he has to go on in terms of who he used to be are vague allusions about his reputation and a single story from Ava that only really covers a small part of his life. There’s a certain freedom in that, given some of the things he’s done, but also an underlying sense of foreboding as the Beast personality in his brain -- represented by a shirtless, scarred, overly-muscled brute banging his head against his cell bars -- knows that Logan will let that part of himself out in the near future. And it just may be when Jean and the X-Men arrive to find him.

Logan and Jean have been in one another’s orbit for years, even though both have been dead for some time now. After her death, Logan found himself the headmaster of a school named after her and was one of the few X-Men willing to stop the Phoenix from returning to Earth for her daughter, Rachel. Jean’s younger, time-displaced self frequently interacted with Logan and, following his death, an older version of him from an alternate timeline.

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It wasn't that long ago in X-Men Red’s first annual that the adult Jean met Old Man Logan and acknowledged that she wasn’t “his” Jean. Their upcoming reunion in next month’s Return of Wolverine #3 will be the first time either of them have interacted as their adult selves in years, making for a fascinating moment. Jean’s clearly fine with shaking up the status quo, and she may be what Logan needs to figure out both who he is and how he can move forward.

The X-Men have always needed one another, but Logan and Jean need each other at a more crucial time than ever. Between Cassandra’s machinations and everything going on in Extermination, there’s strength in numbers, and Jean and Logan are two of the heaviest hitters on the mutant team. Family doesn’t always have to be through blood, and these two are proof of that -- time and dimension-stranded doppelgangers be damned.

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