Resurrected Jean Grey to Star in New X-Men Red Series

Fans already knew about adult Jean Grey's comeback as part of Marvel's current Marvel Legacy initiative, but now it's clear the founding X-Men member is sticking around -- complete with her own team of X-Men.

On Thursday evening, Marvel released a video titled "X-Men: Jean Grey Through the Years" via YouTube, a minute-long retrospective of the character from her days as part of the original X-Men, to the Dark Phoenix Saga, X-Factor, New X-Men and her upcoming return in the Phoenix Resurrection: The Return Of Jean Grey miniseries.

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The video ends with a newsworthy surprise: The announcement of new series X-Men Red (a companion to the current X-Men Blue and X-Men Gold), from writer Tom Taylor and artist Mahmud Asrar (both veterans of the X-titles), with covers by Travis Charest. The series is billed as featuring "Jean Grey's new team of X-Men," and is scheduled to debut in February 2018.

Along with the new series, it looks like Jean Grey will get a new outfit -- one reminiscent of her classic '90s look, but with some appropriately red touches. While Phoenix Resurrection marks the return of the adult Jean Grey for the first time since being killed off in New X-Men circa 2004, the time-displaced teenage version of the character has been a prominent part of Marvel's stories the past few years, and currently starts in her own ongoing Jean Grey series.

Phoenix Resurrection #1, written by Matthew Rosenberg and illustrated by Leinil Francis Yu, is scheduled for release on Dec. 27. No further details on X-Men Red are currently available, but are likely to surface later this month, with the release of Marvel's February 2018 solicitations.

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